Thursday, December 25, 2008


We made it back to Savannah! We had such a wonderful time with family and friends back in Iowa and even in the cold and snow. I really enjoyed a good ol' fashioned Iowa Christmas.

More on our trip later...need sleep!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's COLD here!

This is Tyler's first experience actually playing in snow and he is with Grandma and our 15 year old dog, Max. She even attempts to make a Tyler Snow Angel. I think he is thinking, "What are you doing to me? Get me back inside!"

We are having a great time here, today I went to the Drake vs. Iowa men's basketball game with my mom. It was an exciting game as Drake won 60-43. My grandma and cousin, Perri babysat Tyler while Scott and my dad lounged around home all day. The temp dropped 10 degrees and the wind picked up 20mph while we were inside during the game. We are under a wind chill advisory. We are definitely getting a change of season from sunny mild temp Savannah to wintery COLD Iowa! It really makes it feel like Christmas time though!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Off to Iowa for Christmas

I can't believe we are leaving 70 degree weather to go to 9 degree weather and a snow storm in IOWA. We must really love our family there...and Scott must really love me! However, we will miss everyone here in Savannah for the Christmas Eve celebration.

Here is a preview of Aunt Jenny's Christmas photo in place of card of Tyler are mailed. Very simple this no expectations.
Christmas with Tyler will be exciting. I think Tyler will have a more interesting Christmas, having fun opening new toys and walking around...and he may even get to play in snow. We've really enjoyed listening/reading/singing to Little Town of Bethleham book that Tyler received for his birthday. When you open the book stars light up to the tune of Little Town of Bethleham...mommy tries to sing's a little rough but Tyler likes it! It will be going on the plane with us, so I'm sure everyone else will enjoy it too...except I won't be singing...maybe someone else will!!!!
I'm sure there will be plenty of updates from the Iowa homefront. stay tuned.
Please pray for safe and uneventful travel and for us traveling with a newly walking 1 year old!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Stockings

ALL 3 FOR UNDER $10!!! I did it myself. There is hope for this semi-crafty mom...getting to be more crafty....but still was really dizzy inside AC Moore yesterday. It was fun!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tree...DEAD

Yep, only 1 week in and I've already killed it! Funny thing's still sucking up water but the branches are turning brown and the needles are all over the place. I'm so disappointed, but hey, maybe it's a sign that we are going to get a great deal on a fake tree after Christmas and from now on I won't have to worry about killing the tree and traveling every other year. Now we really do have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Tree...DONE

Tonight I spotted our Charlie Brown Christmas tree from the road and bet Scott that it would only be $$20. It ended up being $28.95 plus tax...but when I told the guy I bet my husband that it would only be $20 he gave it to me for $25 including tax! YIPEE! I just love getting a deal.

So here it is...sitting on top of the table....with 3 strands of WHITE lights and pretty much all the ornaments we own...except the gold balls...we only used the silver. This will be our last year (for a while) with a real tree. We are going to get a "deal" on a faux tree after the holidays. Mainly because we we only be here for Christmas every other year and with little ones running around I thought it might be easier to keep clean, put up and take down. But who knows what next year will bring???

I got to make every decision this year and not a word of protest from Scott (aka he was "under" on the decorating this year).

And then the fireplace mantel with the nativity scenes, the wooden one passed down from my grandma and of course last years family Christmas picture!

This picture shows the beautiful christmas boxes that are nice and decorative...whenever I try to give one away as a present, Scott gets really stingy and wants to keep them!

Anyways, we enjoyed some sparkling wine, Christmas music, and William Sonoma hot chocolate.

It's Christmas the city!

PS-this might be a record as far as how early we got the tree up...last year may have been close because my mom was here to help. We leave Dec. 17th for Iowa and are staying until Christmas day. THEN having Christmas in Savannah on the 26th.

Love to all!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


We have so much to be thankful for. We love and miss everyone in Richmond, Annapolis, Atlanta, Des Moines, Ohio, Florida. Hope you all have a wonderful Turkey Day!


Scott, Carrie, and Tyler
OOPS that's not Tyler in the Picture...but he is our little turkey that came 1 year later!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1 Year Review

This past year has been the most wonderful year of my life. Even though I have been truly exhausted at times, being with Tyler each and every day watching him grow and his personality come through more each day has been a true gift from above. I will be forever grateful for the time alone with Tyler. I spent a mere 3 years in the work force and accomplished many sales goals, but this job has an unattainable goal. I think that is the most challenging of any job out there on the market. You can always be a better parent and there is no pats on the back. I've truly tried to learn from my mistakes and work with Scott to agree on our differences in parenting. I do know that I wouldn't give this job up for the world, God has provided for our family and all I can do is bow down to him for this great honor to raise my child.

I can already tell the next year is going to be the challenge of a lifetime, this seems to be the time that the true sinful nature comes out in full force. I'm feeling a little nervous about how to discipline and how to be strong and stern. I want a fun loving but well mannered and respectful child. Please pray for us!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We love you so much Tyler! You are such a joy to our family, friends and even people at Kroger!

May God bless you and keep you safe always!


Mom and Dad

Monday, November 24, 2008

First Birthday Party Successful!

The Table: baby book, photo albums, 1 year old picture, and 11-25-07 Newspaper.
Where to begin? I have truly enjoyed this process of getting ready for the party! I planned the party (games, menu, invitees...etc) a month in advance, sent invitations, was on the hunt for party favors, cake ideas, decorations purchased, honey do list written (which we didn't start until last week and things kept getting added to it), games were set up, groceries, mom showed up to help decorate! In the end the house looked amazing, the perfect amount of people came, the food was perfect, Tyler was SO HAPPY, his friends had fun, adults played Pin the tail on the Lion and guessed Tyler's current weight and height, prize basket passed around, and of course the gifts were so generous and wonderful. I truly believe everyone that was there...was glad they came. I love that my friends without kids came just because they love Tyler so much, and my new friends with kids came and had a blast and were complementary on the party (I had a few parties to get ideas this summer/fall!).

The itinerary (from Scott of course) explains it all and video and pictures will follow! I hope you enjoy a snipit of the day we all enjoyed so much!

Welcome to the 1stBirthday for future President: Tyler Scott Shippy

Happy Birthday Day Agenda menu
Early bird starters:
• Roasted Baby Tyler in his Lion Halloween Madness outfit served over farm fresh home grown Pine Straw and Yard Leaves...
(Pin the Tail and WIN a prize)
Tyler Turkey Surprise:
• Today’s 1st feature-
o Born 11-25-07 at just 9lbs. 9.2oz..
Topped with 12 months of Gerber, Oatmeal, and cereal. Can you guess todays weight and height???
• Today’s 2nd feature-
o introducing:
The first ever dungeon of Balls. Since BALL has been declared Tyler’s first and currently only word.

Dinner de Tyler:
One Lyon Cake and Tyler encrusted Chocolate Chip Cookies
This specialty with 8 Tyler created spices Topped with Tyler mule hand milked
sour cream Frosting and spiced with Tyler field Chocolate Chips.

Dangerous Tasks to Complete in the Jungle of Tyler before you leave:
• 2pm to 2:15 View Baby Video
• 2pm to 2:50 Kids in Ball Pit
• 2:20 to 2:50 Pin the Tail/ GuessWeight
• 3:00 to 3:30 Cake/ Ice-cream
• 3:30 to 3:45 Award Ceremony
*Please leave your customer satisfaction card with management

At first he didn't like the cake...but all he wanted was a spoon!



(a very tired mom after slaving all night in the kitchen!)

Tyler in the tunnel.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Knee Walker...BALL

Tyler's first word (which he knows what it is and where to find it!) BALL! Also I'm pretty sure he's going to be a pitcher someday. And no walking yet...just a few steps to mom or dad but no full on walk mode. I'm thinking he'll be walking by Nov 25th...his actual birthday.

Grandma and Granddad almost made it to Savannah from IA tonight...but about 140 miles out hit some good ol' country fi'woood in the middle of the road and blew out both driver side tires. They won't make it 'til the morning now. Just glad they are safe!

Here is our little knee walker....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rings and Brushing Teeth

Tyler is very proud of his RING skills. One day Scott said, "shouldn't he be putting these back on by now?" So we rounded up all the rings last week and with a little help in sequence he can do it! It's really amazing how fast they learn. I shut Tyler in the bathroom with me while I took a shower and when I got out he had the rings all out of order but completed as much as he could. And then he started being silly. And now that Tyler is on his 6th tooth coming's time to buckle down and start brushing. This is going to be a challenge for me because sometimes I can hardly get myself to brush my teeth! Any advice out there? So far it's not going well, either I forget or when we do nothing really gets accomplished.

We have been just gearing up for Tyler's birthday party next weekend. Scott came down with the same bug that I had last he's out for the count. It looks like it's going to get chilly here in Savannah next week (in the 60's) so the outdoor events may have to be cancelled. I'm really excited...this has been one of the funnest years of my life. I can't believe that I've been a full time mom for a year now! I just love my job...I hope my annual review goes well and I get to keep it!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Productive Weekend

We just finished a very productive weekend. It all started when I had a fever Friday and told Scott I just didn't have the energy, and I handed off Tyler to him and I fell asleep in our room for 2-3 hours. Finally, I took some Tylenol to help with the fever and just hung out in our room. Around 8pm or so I decided to have Scott look in my throat. It was not pretty...nasty red and white blister type bumps...I was thinking the worst: hand foot mouth. But then Saturday I felt better and today like I was never sick. So who knows if it was just the tail end of my cold/flu I had all week or what. It doesn't matter, I needed the rest, and all is well now. Thank God it wasn't any worse.

Then comes Saturday, my neighbors had a garage sale...that was fun...I scored 3 new dresses, a spaghetti noodle jar, a mini wooden bowling set (for Tyler), and 2 marinade brushes. I didn't even get to pay for these items, my neighbors said my money was no good at their store. It was really fun and such a blessing. Scott caught us some lunch off the dock again...not trout this time but sea bass. Bass is not as tasty as trout, but anything tastes good fried, right? It was good! Then Scott decided to tackle the brick hole we have in outside our bedroom wall, and organizing tools, cleaning up and organizing all his toys in the yard...etc. Then today he put together a 5 shelf book case for me, installed light fixtures, one in the kitchen and one on our front porch. We made a short trip to Lowe's and he poured an extension to our front entrance to be able to install our new white column (we've had for a year now), and we got a piece of carpet for our living room as a huge/cheap area rug (12x17)...oh the list goes on and on. In the meantime I'm working on Tyler's baby book, and cleaning and organizing the house. And Tyler spent a lot of time outside today playing in the yard and helping daddy in the shed.

The "honey do list" is getting done! YIPPEE! Thanks HONEY!

Two more weeks until Tyler's birthday Party...I wonder what else I can come up with?

It's so exciting getting the HOME that you plan on living in for the rest of your life exactly the way you want it. If you can't tell, I really LOVE my life!

I'll leave you with bath time with Tyler tonight...enjoy! He is so much fun!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


We did it! Scott and I both caught 1...we had several others...but either they stole our shrimp and got away or they were too little. Nevertheless, We can have dinner tonight...YIPEE! Nothing like fresh trout right off our's only taken 2 years (minus one small instance where Scott caught 1 and we shared it for dinner)! Fishing is a science though...I caught myself yanking the hook right out of their mouths trying to hook them...poor fish now have injuries because my poor fishing skills...sure wish we could have eaten it for dinner though! We're getting better. It's a beautiful day here in Savannah! Sunny and 76!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Church Pumpkin Patchville

Tonight was our churches HUGE Pumpkin Patchville. Our small group has volunteered the last 2-3 years and so we went. It was many people! We dressed Tyler in his lion outfit, he was such a cutie...and as you'll see in the video he LOVED the bubble machine. I was a clown and daddy was just a daddy. (a great one at that!)Hope you all have a safe's on a Friday this year...eek!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We'll Miss You!

We loved having you here! Come back soon! Love, us.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Grandma water skiing

It's Friday night, we just had a wonderful meal of good o'l fashioned Iowa Steak and Potatoes at JJ's. It was really good and to top it off my grandma made us her famous pumpkin pie. I eat mine with lots of cool whip, how do you eat yours?

Anyways, earlier today on the agenda was either River Street or boat ride. Since today is supposed to be the last warm day of the season (86 degrees) we decided to take a boat ride. And look who decides to jump in the slightly chilly water? My mom! She went in very confident that she could do it and she did! She was up on the first attempt! Here is the video to prove it!

We have a slight issue with the boat with some possible water in the gas causing it to sputter out...but it's still pretty fun! My mom's arms and legs were like jelly coming into the boat. I think she'll be sore tomorrow!

Oh, and we also found a great deal on a small, starter Phantom Sail Boat...this should be interesting!! We don't have the sail up or anything yet, but it will look something like this? We have a lot of learning to do...but it will be fun!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Last week I had the pleasure of helping plan a treasure hunt for my neighbors son, Alex (who turned 9)...and we learned a few things:
1. Tips for preparing Treasure Hunts: ALL clues must go in sandwich baggies in case it rains: it did rain...HARD right as the boys started the hunt, however I only placed the clues that were outside in baggies. The instructions were to KEEP every clue or else you won't know where the treasure is...impossible! As soon as the kids figured out the clue they THREW the clue on the ground and sprinted for the next spot.

2. Slumber parties need to be from 5pm-11am NOT 3pm-3pm!

I came up with one of the clues:

Your neighbor at #6
Has things he likes to fix
This ski is purple and pink
Put it in the water, it just might sink.

It was really fun...and I can tell we'll have fun times ahead with Tyler.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guests with guest bedroom

Saturday night my mom and grandma arrived after driving 1200 miles from Des Moines, IA. They delivered a pool table to my brother's house in my dad's truck. Can you imagine? Two grandma's driving a pick up truck down the interstate with a pool table in the back? Anyways, my grandma had a step stool to get in and out of the truck. Since they've been here...we really haven't stopped. Grandma stayed at our house for 3 nights and then will transfer her stuff to JJ's and my mom will stay here (and thye both have their own room and each of our houses!). This is so fun!

Sunday: Church, lunch, mall, chipped beef gravy for dinner at JJ's (Johne and Jenny's).

Monday: Make week's schedule, which includes Carrie and Grandma sleeping in on Friday!! YIPPEE!! Tybee Beach-VERY windy but really nice, Lasagna dinner at our house, mom and grandma helped me make Waldorf fruit salad and an impossible Bisquick pie for me to bring to MOPS. Tuesday: I went to MOPS and my mom and grandma babysat Tyler, trip to Tuesday Morning, and then everyone had my grandma's meatloaf and apple pie for dinner at JJ's! I was at my bible study, so they saved the smallest piece of meatloaf and a little au gratin potatoes...they were hoarding the leftovers!
Johne setting up his pool table...Thanks DAD! FREE pool at JJ's!

Wednesday/Today: Aquarium at Skidaway Marine Institute, homemade pizza at our house with Scott's parents, Andrew, and not Jenny or Scott.

Thursday: My grandma will watch me play tennis, Mom and Jenny babysit Tyler and take Halloween pictures of Tyler in his lion costume, mom and Jenny shopping for house warming gifts, and all of us going to Greek Festival in downtown Savannah.

Friday: Day on River Street, and cookout at JJ's.

Saturday: mom and grandma leave.

WOW the week is only halfway over and I'm exhausted, oh did I mention that Tyler has been sick this whole time? He has a cold, cough, croup, possible ear infection or just stuffed up, upset stomach, won't eat, AND getting 2 more teeth to add to his 4 that came in the last 2 weeks! AHHHHH...but for the most part in a pretty good disposition. A little fussy tonight...but it turned out he just wanted to go to sleep.

I have to find some pictures....more later! We're playing Debate Bingo thanks to Jessica...and it's our house vs JJ's. I have all the wrong words...where is this debate going...there has been a lot of wasted time.

Grandma, Tyler and Me walking down the Tybee Pier.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tyler at Kroger (grocery store)

I just love this picture, tell me what you think he's saying? I think he's saying, "so what, I love Kroger! You got a problem wit dat?"Kroger is one of Tyler's favorite places. He loves seeing all the people at Kroger and flirting with everyone! I'm sure they will all soon know him by name. It entertains us all.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Clapping and dancing

Tyler finally put his hands together and started clapping on Monday (9-29). He is changing and learning so much everyday. It's amazing how much they learn in just 1 year. He even knows what the remote to the TV does and points it to the TV. So cute! He's saying mama and dada, when I ask him to say mama he gives me a HUGE air kiss. He loves walking around the living room in his walker (that I got from down the street). Scott says that he has also found his rhythm, he is bobbing his head side to side to music. It is really a kick! I really don't think this kid can get any cuter! We attempted some family pictures last week, but I wasn't happy with his too small 18 month old polo I bought him that day(I think it was a size mistake). I think we're going to have re-do next week. It's nice having a photographer in the family...I hope I don't wear her out though! So maybe you'll have them in the next few weeks
Tyler has 3 teeth coming in. The top 2 teeth and 1 bottom tooth. He seems to be handling it well...I think I'm spoiling him feeding him twice a night. So I think we'll have to address that situation this weekend and let him cry it out again. It's just hard thinking that he is in pain. It would be really nice though to get 8 hours of straight sleep. Wish us luck.
Here is a multi video of Tyler. He is dancing, clapping, and his favorite thing opening and shutting doors? Enjoy!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Uncle Doug

We had a wonderful evening Thursday Sept 25th celebrating Tyler's Uncle Doug's 30th Birthday. Sadley Doug wasn't with us, he was killed by a drunk driver in Sept. 2002 (being that Sept is his birthday month and the month he was killed makes it a really tough month for our family). Anyways, we had a night of reminiscing and watching old video's. Although I never met Doug, Scott's family keeps him alive in my heart with many great memories. Some of Scott's memories that he's shared with me include playing drums while Doug led worship, going mudding in the jeep and Doug getting scared and running home, and Doug always wanting Burger's for dinner and his mom serving up hamburgers when Doug really wanted Burger's "the candy" Store for dinner. One video we watched was Doug driving to the property where our church, Savannah Christian's main campus is at today. It was neat hearing his voice and how much he was in love with Jesus. He wanted to know if the drivers next to him were Christians and you can tell he was praying for them at the same time and wanting them to have the same relationship he had with Jesus. Scott's parents still have a website for remembering Doug. As I visit this site I can feel the love he had for everyone and how much he wanted everyone to feel the love he felt for Jesus and more importantly be saved. Here is a special picture of Doug leading Worship and Scott playing the drums behind him.Then today at church they did Cardboard Testimonies. Scott's parents held up signs with one side saying Son Killed by a Drunk Driver, Rob, Scott and I held up signs saying Brother/Brother-in-law Killed by a Drunk Driver. After we stood up on stage showing that side of the sign, we turned it over and it said Family now Closer to God than Ever. It is so true. Scott's family and their example of what Christian life is about brought me to Jesus, them remembering Doug and hearing about his passion for Christ played a HUGE role in my being saved. My life has done a 180 and I am more happy now than I ever could have imagined. I pray that Tyler will be the way Doug was, always seeking the Lord and not giving in to the ways of the world. An example in a bible study book I'm doing called Power of a Praying Parent reminds me of what I picture Doug was like. The example is of a boy in high school who is good at everything, sports, school, and was popular but there was also something different about him. (directly from the book) "His words and his actions reflected his deep respect for God and His laws." Never laughing at off color jokes, he didn't smoke or drink, or curse. When I read it I thought of what Doug may have been like and in the back of my mind thought that I wished I was that way not only in high school, but even now. I still struggle with giving into the ways of the world acting like it's no big deal, but I know that it is a big deal to God. The book uses this Scripture, "Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity" (1Timothy 4:12) I hope Tyler will be that way and surround himself with people that are bold in their faith and love the Lord. I miss Doug like I knew him, and I am looking forward to finally meeting him one day in Heaven!Last Thursday night we were able to snap a few shots of all the cousins sitting together...this is the best one of them at least looking up, although not at the camera. It is very exhausting taking pictures of little boys! From the left it's James (5), Matthew (7) holding Tyler and Andrew (3 in Nov.). I see lots of fun times ahead as Tyler grows up and gets to play with his cousins.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Garage Sale!!!!

There was a huge garage sale in the mall parking lot this morning. After I nursed Tyler at 6:30am I went up there to see what was going on. It opened at 7am and it was packed! But I came out only spending $26 and we got a bunch of clothes for Tyler (pants and a few shirts) and all of this:

The famous POPPER and baseball striker.

Pedicure Spa treatment...only been used once (looks brand new) and it will be sanitized. We have something similar but it sprang a leak, so it's going in the trash. For only $5.
And a push golf cart for $4!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tyler crawling up the stairs...

Roseola and 1st tooth coming!

Two nights ago Tyler was making some strange noises in his bed...Scott was watching him closely on the baby monitor and asked me if there was something he could have been chocking on in his crib. I went to check on him and he was BURNING UP! Just an hour ago he was fine. So being this is the first significant fever (thank the Lord) we were a little nervous. We stripped him down and let him crawl around while we researched the fever on the Internet. I could not find the ear thermometer so Scott got out his commercial take a temp in 1 second....the result 103! So we gave him some Tylenol dressed him in light clothes and Scott gave him some water and rocked with him for about a half an hour. He slept for about 3 hours and was up again. He wasn't really fussy, just making some strange noises and tossing and turning. I let him lay by me for an hour or so and then gave him another dose (the fever hadn't really changed) then put him back in bed. He woke up around 6am...I nursed him and he slept until 7:30...with no fever at all! We were very thankful. He was fine last night and then when I was out doing errands today I noticed he had a rash all over his legs and arms....and then everywhere! He is fine and just as happy as can soon as I saw the rash I remember a couple of my friends that have experienced this with their kids. So just in case you are unaware of Roseola here is a good website describing what it is. The worst part is the high fever and making sure you can break it. Unfortunately it is spread when there is no symptoms so no mom can ever be at fault. It's just a part of life.

THEN today as I was nursing Tyler before his 2nd nap he started biting me (OUCH) and I stuck my finger in his mouth and felt a tiny sharp piece of tooth just breaking through! I don't know if I'm excited about that or not...but it's going to be cute...another milestone for Tyler!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Very Blessed Week

(this picture was taken by my friend Elisa when she was over helping me with Tyler)

We are very blessed to have so many great friends, family in Savannah, and awesome neighbors. Everyone has helped us out so much this week, it has been amazing. We had food brought to us for every meal, Tyler even got some cereal and puffs, there was fruit, tons of flowers and chocolate, and best of all lots of prayers and support. Thank you to everyone and to God for always being there with us.

Last night Scott and I were able to go out on a date night: dinner and a movie. We really treated ourselves. Our friends came over to relieve us of our nightly routine with Tyler and we headed out. We went to Tangerine's and then saw Ghost Town...which had us laughing a few times and that felt really good. We had good conversation about the last week and I am ready to move on past all my sadness and my body is coming together, I'm still a little slow and the 3 places they entered my body are a little itchy, but over all I'm doing great!

Scott is out on the golf course this morning, which he deserves...he's been working so hard this week and has helped transport Tyler and watch him in between my rest periods. Tyler is working on settling down for his nap...I love our video monitor! It is so fun to watch him, he's growing up so fast!

This is Daddy and Tyler playing...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ectopic Pregnancy

Well, the last few weeks has been a roller coaster of events. Aug 26th I had a positive pregnancy test! We were so excited and was even more excited to keep it a secret between us until 12 weeks or so...just to enjoy the excitement of it all. Sept 3rd I had some spotting and because of my past (2 miscarriages before Tyler was born) I went in to give blood to check my HCG levels. I went back on Friday and the numbers decreased meaning that sadly I was having a miscarriage. The next few days were tough. The strange things started when I never started bleeding anymore so I called the Dr's office and made an appointment to see what was going on. The whole time I was praying that my body would do it's thing and naturally miscarry. The ultrasound didn't show anything good or bad but we decided to give blood again and then would follow up a month later to make sure everything returned to normal non-pregnant levels. The next day the Dr. called and said my levels increased, meaning that my body was still supporting a pregnancy. We scheduled another ultrasound for the next week (tomorrow). Saturday night while Scott and I were watching a movie I started having really bad cramping and it never let up and bleeding started again at 4am. I called the on call Dr and explained to him everything and he gave me warning signs for an ectopic pregnancy. I waited it out until yesterday at 2pm and decided that the pain I was feeling was unlike my previous miscarriages and I wanted to make sure everything was OK.

It turns out it was an ectopic pregnancy in my Right Fallopian Tube. Last night I had surgery and all is well. The surgery was a success and I even got to see pictures of my insides. They saved my tube and the Left tube is free and clear. The Right tube should heal and we can start trying again in 3 months. My chance increases for another ectopic (from 2% to 15%) so everything in the future will be closely monitored. I am doing OK, I was able to vent all my "pity me" thoughts yesterday and thankfully my sister-in-law Amy was there to set me straight. I still have a good outlook on our future family. I told the Dr. 100 times that I want more children and to take care of my stuff!! It's been a hard couple weeks, but Tyler has kept me busy and smiling and reminding me how blessed I am to have him. I also have a wonderful loving husband, amazing family, and awesome support from our church and small group...and most of all I know that God is always with me and he is always good!

God only gives you what you can handle and the best part is, I can feel my faith just getting stronger and stronger. I love you Jesus...thank you for everything! I know you are taking care of my 3 precious babies in heaven and I will see them someday!

A friend of mine sent me this verse: Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

9 Month Check-up

Tyler is growing and sitting on his new push toy (bought it for $7.50 at Once upon a Child)!

Height= 30 inches (92 percentile)
Weight= 24.6lbs (92 percentile)
No teeth yet, and as you can see on the video he is cruisin' along the couch and coffee tables trying to get into anything that is NOT his toy. He also giving air kisses on demand. Very cute! He loves going on errands with me and being pushed around the grocey store. He is the biggest flirt in the store! However he did have a little stranger anxiety with Dr. Stone yesterday and screamed the whole time he was in the room. But as soon as the nurse came he was all smiles again (at lease until she gave him his shot).

We both have a little cold right now...I'm learning how to suction the gunk out of his nose...he HATES it....but I know in the end I am helping him. He did sleep a lot better last night. I only had to go in and reinsert paci and pat him twice. Once at 1am and again at 3am...then he slept until 7am! I was even up at 6am and was able to do my bible study!