Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is Scott's birthday. We tried out the new "Japanese Fire" but WAIT...there was no fire. Miyabi is the newest Japanese Steakhouse in Savannah and they do not do the fire tricks! Can you believe it? Tyler was still pretty entertained and since we had 2 tables worth of family we had a shrimp tail food fight from across the tables. Then we went out to Scott's parents where we sang Happy Birthday and Scott opened presents. He got lots of good stuff including a cast iron grill weight and Staples gift go towards a new laser printer....someday....some shirts and Balderdash board game.

For the 2nd time I attempted a caramel cake for Scott. He requested a 6 layer caramel cake, but I only made a 4 layer. It actually turned out pretty good, well at least they told me it was good. I even made extra frosting for Scott and his brother Rob...both have the biggest sweet tooth's I've ever seen! I have some tweaks I will do for next year...but Thanks to Paula was a success!

Well, Happy Birthday honey...I love you! and so does Tyler!!

Hopefully I'll get some pictures up soon.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas in Savannah

We were able to celebrate our family Christmas at home in Savannah on Christmas night (we only have video of Tyler getting his basketball hoop from Santa and here are the Refrigerator magnets from us. We also had a few extra gifts from Santa for all of us. Scott and I got to enjoy the excitement of opening 2-3 gifts each from Santa. Scott and I both got a book, a weather stick, a ceramic dip bowl, and Tyler got a new outfit, a ceramic molding kit, and a stuffed camel and even Chance got some Friskies Steak Dinner! On the 26th we headed to Scott's parents to exchange gifts (before dinner) and then a fantastic Turkey dinner. It was good to be with another loving family. Tyler got many new toys and outfits. It was a little overwhelming opening the gifts for Tyler and for myself...don't get me wrong, it was fun...but easy to loose track who they were all from. Our family was definitely blessed this year.

I don't know what happened in Des Moines as far as family pictures go...but we didn't get one. BUT we did in Savannah.

Scott's camera alows him to take 3 pictures in a row on timer. He didn't quite make the first one...and here is the result...him flying through the air. I think it's pretty funny.


Saturday night we got together with Johne and Jenny and her mom, dad, and brother who were visiting for Christmas since Jenny's work didn't let her have any holiday time off this year. They weren't able to go to Des Moines for Christmas but we ironic is that?

Jenny gave us our first gift from was a clay hand print that she helped him do one day when she was babysitting him. It was really sweet and my favorite gift this year!

This year had a basketball theme for Tyler...he got a mini Leap Frog counting and letters basketball hoop from Santa in Iowa and then a real basketball hoop from Santa in Savannah and then this bathtime basketball hoop from Aunt Jenny and Uncle John-e.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas Highlights

Let me begin by saying this was the best Christmas I've ever had! Not because of the presents, but the time spent with family. And because we traveled to Iowa this year we got to celebrate 2 more Christmas celebrations that we don't get to when we stay in Savannah. I will highlight some of the best moments with pictures. My favorite part of Christmas this year was my dad. He made our stay in Iowa so wonderful, I can't thank him enough. He cooked "made to order" breakfast every morning and dinner every night...except one night when Scott and I had a date night.

Tyler did great on the plane...we lucked out with the entire back row for the long flight from SAV to Chicago. Here are a few cute shots.

Tyler, Grandma, and Max playing in the snow. (video in an earlier post) We visited Greatma's new senior living apartment. She sold her house of 52 years in December after having a sign in front of her house for 5 days (FOR SALE BY OWNER). If that's not God's calling I don't know what is! Anyways, Tyler spent quite a bit of time there when Greatma and Cousin Perri babysat while I went to the Drake vs. Iowa basketball game. They all had a great time and were even successful at getting Tyler to take a nap. Very impressive. When we got back he was happy as can be playing with a ball in the living room. I am very happy with where my grandma lives now, she is safe, has a garage, neighbors all down the hall, the apartment is spacious and all one level. We are very excited for her.

Greatma wanted a day to spend with both of her Great Grandkids and so we took a trip up to Great Aunt Carla's farm and spent the day. Here is a special picture of Great Grandma, Lindsay and Tyler all on her lap. They played catch with a ball, watched the hopping snowman fall off the table, played "This little piggy" with Tyler's toes, read books, and went sledding. It was really fun seeing my cousin Andy and his wife and talking about parenthood. Lindsay is 17 months so only 4 months or so older than Tyler. So they are just steps ahead of was fun to see what we can look forward to. Lindsay speaks both English and Spanish and I think that is so cool. Tyler received his first kiss...yes, from a cousin.Both Lindsay and Tyler went sledding for the first time. I think Lindsay liked it better than Tyler. Daddy and son in the open country on sled in Iowa. POOPED OUT! What a fun time at the farm!We are all ready for Christmas Eve celebration at Great Aunt Chris and Tony's. But first we must stop at Pal's.Christmas Eve Night: Recently we have changed from giving many gifts to everyone and opening them 1 AT A TIME to a White Elephant Gift Exchange. I miss the old way, but maybe that is because my brother and I were the only kids and the ones that always had the most presents. When John-E and I were really young the gift opening would last hours and had snack intermissions. Then as we got older and the family started drawing names and now we are down to only white elephant gifts. Anyways, it's a smart way, none of us NEED anything and the fun of family is all that really matters anyway. I will still treasure those memories forever. Especially a themed Christmas like when Uncle Chuck got a ton of boxer shorts and grandma a ton of ear muffs. I think my grandpa got a ton a one thing one year, but I can't remember what it was...any help family?

So this year Tyler and Lindsay got the illegally bought gifts...since they are just babies. They both got a monkey and lots of books. And a few others gave out small gifts as well. It was fun...and I sure hope we continue to break the rules.

The youngest families. We were both married in the the same month and had our first child 4 months apart!

Below is the pile of White Elephant gifts. I drew the best number of all...the last one!! I ended up getting to unwrap 2 presents and choosing one for my parents to keep and one for my parents to keep. One was a dirty ol' picture frame with bugs and cobwebs on it (Thanks Chuck), and the other was another laptop bag with a $1 bill inside. This year there were 3 laptop next year we may just have to ban them! We ended up with a cheated bought gift that Great Aunt Chris bought that was a toy for Tyler...a baseball tee ball and bat. He loves it! Uncle Chuck got our one of our gifts that was a cordless phone with answering machine...and the joke was it had all my recorded messages on it. And then it was time for the annual Girls against Guys Trivial Pursuit. Guys win again. OOPS clarification...Guys won this year but Girls won last year (I wasn't there...maybe that's why we won?). It was a little tougher this year concentrating...with Tyler and it getting late for him. Christmas Day Dinner at my parents with my Grandma, Aunt Debbie, cousin Jimmy and his girlfriend Ginny.And then soon after dinner...we were packed up with 1 extra suitcase and headed back to the airport for a day of uneventful travel. We had 3 quick flights with 3 quick layovers. Tyler slept the first flight and the last flight and was really good on the middle flight. Scott's parents picked us up at the airport on Christmas night. We made it!

Next post...Christmas in Savannah.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Here's to a great 2009. Farewell 2008!

We were blessed to spend the evening with friends, watching fireworks from our dock, and toasting in the new year. I'm really excited for 2009, especially my brothers wedding in May. And everything that Tyler will have in store for us in his toddler years.