Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patty's Day 2007

What can I say, another fantastic St. Patty's in Savannah! I have been in Savannah for this day 3 years in a row. The first year (2005) was freezing cold and raining. My brother was with us and we barely made it to the parade. The second year (2006) was absolutely beautiful, 80 degrees and sunshine. The square we camped out in was comfortably packed and the food and drinks plentiful, it was also very easy to get to a restroom. This year had its own characteristics. It was sunny and about 60 degrees and slight breeze, the square was completely baracaded off, it was packed full, it was tough to get across to go to the restroom. River street smelled like a giant porta' potty, and there was no getting into a restaurant to eat. We did get to see the famous 5 gallon bucket drummer down on river street. Of course this is all contributed to the fact everything fell on a Saturday this year (~750,000 people). My mom blessed the children and nighted the men with her magic wand, my dad went to the bathroom, Tim posed as Russel Crowe for some Australians, and little kids were shocking their parents with a miniture toy gun. Anyways, after a fun filled day we ended up at Loco's Sportsbar watching the basketball games, which was quite refreshing even though 3 games went into overtime as I was trying to leave and go home! Obviously, my parents made it to Savannah really late Friday night in time for the festivities downtown and then my brother and Jenny left Saturday night really late. We had a great family day here in Savannah! This may mark the end of my desire to be downtown for St Patricks Day, but who knows we'll have to see who is visiting next year!