Thursday, November 29, 2007

I love Daddy

Tyler had his first Dr.'s appointment today and he did great. He is on the way back up to his birth weight and my milk just came in today! The Dr. says we can skip the 2 week visit and come back in a month! He has perfect color and of course he is just the cutest little peanut! Like I said before my milk came in today and we have experienced lots of hiccups, drunk naps, and spit up. I just snapped this photo of the first bib that he's worn due to his exessive eating. He is just too excited about having real food. So here we go, the true fun of a new baby begins. eat poop poop poop sleep.

Tyler loves his Daddy!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tyler meets himself

More Tyler pictures.

This was Sunday night at the mom, dad, brother, soon-to-be sister in-law, Scott, Tyler and me (looking a little worn out!).
Grandad John and Tyler having a chat Monday night at the hospital. Boy do they look a like!

We made it home with his NEW onesie!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tyler Scott's Birth Day

We have been blessed with our first child.

Tyler Scott Shippy

November 25, 2007 ~ 11:51a.m.

9 pounds 9.2 oz ~ 21.5 inches
(and mom is still alive!)

Proud Parents,
Carrie and Scott

Friday, November 23, 2007

Due Date, Thanksgiving, and More Yard Work

Scott says I can't start complaining until 12:01am. I think this stork (pelican) sitting on our piling is holding out on us. Also my belly shot at 40 weeks...where are you Tyler?We had a great Thanksgiving is the family shot taken at our house and a few shots taken at Rob and Amy's where we had an amazing Thanksgiving meal. Today the whole gang was out in the yard on a I didn't round these folks up at the big Keller's Cow, they are my family! The yard looks twice as big and so clean! It really is amazing...even my dad had a reaction!
Anyways, I've tried everything today including a long walk, spicy chicken wings, and soon to have spicy enchilada's (prepared by Jenny). I'm now on the hunt for a jump rope...ummmm. Stay tuned, the arrival of Tyler is imminent!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

John-E and Jenny made it to Savannah

My brother and Jenny made it to Savannah. They also surprised us with a HUGE bag of goodies for Tyler...I would list everything out, but they are sleeping in Tyler's room right now. Anyways, I had a rough night last night thinking that our whole house was being gased. I then got scared and was throwing up, but it didn't spawn any contractions...darn it! My mom and Scott stained some stairs and I guess the fumes ended up reaching our bedroom. I was OK in the morning after we aired out the house all night. My mom worked out in the yard all day while my dad played with the chiminea. He later helped Scott install some windows in the guest bedroom. I took my mom to Home Depot to get a new rake (she was working so hard she broke ours) and then we picked up a Honey Baked Ham for tomorrows celebration. I was a little drained/emotional from last night's ordeal that I took a nap in the afternoon. The boys all went golfing again and as soon as they got home John-E and Jenny showed up! We had a great Lasagne Dinner, thanks to a friend that prepared it for us!
Now it's time for bed...Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

1 least now I am.

At our Dr's appointment today the Dr. had a little joke saying, "do you even have a cervix?" WHAT! (for those that don't know, the cervix has to open for the baby to come out!) Anyways, my cervix is still tilted all the way towards my back (and excuse the graphic detail) so he had to dig. Anyways, it was painful but by the end he announced that I am about 1 cm dialated and the cervix is definitely soft. He said he didn't strip any membranes but his poking around may spawn some contractions...we'll see about that. OH...and in my anticipation for the labor to begin I have gained like 5 pounds this week??? OOPS!

In other news, my parents have been put to work and I am so grateful that they're here to help, even though they are acting like I am a slave driver. (I made a volunteer help list, my mom is very motivated to cross off things as we go). Everything looks great. Yesterday my dad painted the hallway leading into our bedroom from start to finish. Primer, trim, color, and both doors!!! It is beautiful. My mom spent the day in the yard cutting down 6-9" wide trees and cleaning up nasty thorny vines and bushes. Luckily we dragged everything to the front before the garbage pick up came and sure enough they exceeded our expectations and picked up the whole pile! It was pretty amazing, but Scott still took a pile to the dump this morning. And there is a lot more to do.

Other things are being checked off the list including this fabric cover for the ironing board.
We continute to wait for the arrival of baby Tyler. But we are having a lot of fun here down in Savannah with 75-80 degree weather...don't you want to come?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My mom and dad are here!

My parents made it to Savannah (this morning) around 12:30am...leaving Des Moines at 5:15am. YAY! The morning started out with my mom piling 4-5 boxes of memorabilia in my living room that were hidden away in an upstairs closet at their house. At first I just wanted to put them in the attic and not start that mess, but then we decided we really needed to condense the boxes, which I'm glad we did because there was so much junk. I did separate the pictures, dolls, yearbooks, old trophies, and tennis tournament t-shirts. I was glad when things were put away again and my living room back to normal. My dad then headed to his post to watch football, Scott washed all the cars and then pulled out the boat (very gross, it had been in the water since July), later met up with my dad, and my mom and I ran some errands. Earlier she also helped me organize the spice cupboard (another nesting task). Tyler is still hanging out, I think my dad is in disbelief about how BIG my belly is. He just keeps staring. Hopefully not too much longer. My brother and his fiance (Jenny) will be here on Wednesday night. Keep checking mom seems to think it will be soon. Next Dr's appointment is on Tuesday.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Single digits. 9 days 'till Due Date

Well, not much going on here, except it's really hard to sleep at night with severe backaches. It is so hard to get comfortable and rolling this 30 pound belly out of bed every hour to go to the bathroom is getting to be really annoying...almost to the point I dread the night time. Is this God preparing me for what is about to come? I look forward to being able to move normally again, but I know at the same time I will really miss being pregnant.

I am officially off of work and trying to force myself to rest/sleep whenever I can. I have been walking 15 minutes a day as well and only doing light housecleaning. I'm really trying to enjoy our last few days alone in the house. Tonight we treated ourselves to our favorite stuffed crust pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut. IT WAS SO GOOD! Also Scott's mom surprised us with a little trip to the grocery store and brought us some MILK (and Pepsi, fruit, juice, and chocolate)! If I haven't mentioned it before I am now up to more than 2 gallons of milk a week! We were out and I knew I had to go get some tonight, but Scott's mom beat me to it! It was really sweet and came at the most perfect timing. Now I will be able to have my 3 am bowl of cereal!

Here is another belly shot, this time in the nursery. It's going to be a good picture to reflect back on when I am wishing Tyler would just go back in my belly! J/K.

We'll keep y'all updated!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nesting, Nursery Updates and More

Well, if I wasn't sure what nesting really was, I think I do now, because I have been cleaning, organizing, re-organizing, cleaning, dusting, hanging pictures, dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, goes on and on. And I figured out what keeps me motivated...the thought that "what if I were to go to the hospital right now!" Then I'm like a machine! Poor Scott has to do the BIG projects, while I just do little things that he thinks are pointless, I'm sure! Today we spent the day doing just that, he tiled the entrance to our house/office and officially installed the windows in our new office/bathroom. It has been getting rather cold at night here in Savannah and those windows were letting in quite a draft. Anyways, he did a great job! Here he is in action.
Yesterday, in the mail, from a very special person in the family, we received a very special, touching gift. This gift was at such perfect timing and so perfect for Tyler's room that I can't even express my excitement. I had planned on putting "this" up in some way or form, but couldn't figure out how big, what color, what on and so on. Anyways, here it is and it is exactly what I had in mind and am so thankful that I didn't have to bring out my creative genes (which I'm not really sure I have any) and come up with this myself! Thank you so much Abby...we LOVE it! (and this picture doesn't do it justice!)
We made some other changes to the Nursery and continue to change as I figure out what needs to be out and what can be stored. I've organized all the great things Rob and Amy are letting Tyler is really overwhelming how lucky we are to not have to go purchase all of these things...Tyler is already so spoiled with all the greatest baby toys, swings, clothes, and blankets most of them from his cousins. Thanks again Rob and Amy, it is such a HUGE help!Chair rail explanation: Those palm tree branches are from our backyard, yep you read it right. Scott my ever so creative, smart wonderful husband came up with the idea and of course me, the ever so skeptical "what are you thinking, this will take too much time" wife was hesitant. Of course everything that Scott takes on turns out great and everyone has noticed them on the blog and just loves them, so I had to give credit where credit is due. They look great and add so much character to the room. Oh and by the way, my neighbor's son named the giraffe for us: George the Giraffe. (another awesome gift from my mother-in-law!)
My mom called today and said she's worked it out so she can be on her way to Savannah next Saturday (she's driving from IA!). I am very excited, I'm hoping we have few pre-baby days left to get everything ready. My dad may come with her or with my brother and his fiance Jenny on November 2oth. We are going to have a houseful, but I can't wait! I hope Scott is up for all of this!
Tyler seems to be just hanging out in my tummy, still very active and giving me some extra backaches as I keep carrying 30 extra pounds in such an awkward place. My mom's friend told her it looks like I need a tripod to help hold my belly up. That's exactly what I feel like!
Anyways, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, the countdown is on!

Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm about to POP!

Tyler is officially considered Full Term Today (37 weeks). Even though my due date is still 3 weeks away. At my Dr's. appointment on Wednesday, the ultra sound predicts that he is already 8 pounds! And they say they gain about an ounce a day until born! OUCH! Everything is looking good though, the Dr. informed us that my cervix is still closed, so no action there. We are happy with that, we need him to stay in a few more weeks. I'm hoping for November 20th. Are there any predictions out there??? Go ahead guess the weight too. My guess is 9lbs 4oz.

Here is my 37 week photo. At this point I'm getting the scared concerned faces of those around me saying, "you're about to POP!" Tyler is really sticking out there these days and likes to turn and stick out his bottom near my belly button. His feet and arms are hanging out on my left side (side shown) with his face facing the camera down on my bladder. I am always curious as to how he is laying and the ultra sound tech helped us out. A lot of the time the movement I feel is his knees and when he stretches out is when I feel his feet up in my left ribs.
Well, from here on out it's weekly visits. We'll keep you all updated!