Saturday, February 26, 2011

Myla TOOTH!!! Tyler Dentist Appt

She has a top tooth! and the bottom one is starting to break though too! At her 9 month appointment she was 23 lbs at 97% (dropped back onto the chart!) and her height still skyrocketing off the chart at 31"! At Tyler's 9 month appointment he was 30" and 24. lbs.

Tyler went to his first dentist appointment! he did so good! I will post a picture as soon as I learn how to get it off my phone? All was A-OK. wow all that hard work of making him brush his teeth and doing it for him is paying off so far...but man i can't even get myself to brush my teeth...ick, i's just not my thing, unlike Scott who brushes his teeth 5 times a day it seems!

I finally finished my Christmas blog, but thought I'd catch up on some other happenings in 2011. My dad made his annual trip down here in January. It was the best trip yet. He was so willing and offering to watch the kids (all by himself!). Scott and I got to go play 9 holes of golf one afternoon and had a date night Saturday night (we went to church and dinner). My dad said he made the mistake of telling Tyler that we went to Church and he had quite a fit that we went without him! Dad had to send him to our room to cry it out because Myla was sleeping. We never would have known because when we walked in tyler was on top of granddad's head climbing over the couch and Myla was on granddad's lap just laughing away. it was priceless. it will be in my memories forever! I love it when we have visitors from my side of the family because it's perfect excuse for JJ and us to plan out an actual week and we get to see them practically every day! I love setting up the itinerary, making dinners, watching shows, playing with the kids...etc. So please come visit us more....before JJ leave us and head back to the midwest!!! They have their house on the market and from what I read have buried Saint Joseph in their it shouldn't be too long before they are out of here. I am most sad for Tyler's sake, he LOVES spending playdates with his Aunt Jenny and is looking forward to growing big enough that he can go golfing with Uncle Johne (as I did last week with Johne). Johne and I have set up Wed golf and I am getting babysitters so I can walk 9 holes with him, hoping to work up to playing 18 with him, but man I was tired after walking 9 the other day. the weather has been great and it isn't even March yet! Myla is getting her 9 month pictures done this hopefully they will at least be here in May still to get her 1 year pics done and then we'll have to work out her 2 year pics somehow. But I am so grateful for all these pictures I get of my kids...they change so much in their first year it's crazy!

I'm still plugging away at it's an exhausting but so rewarding! I love being with the kids and just knowing that I am with them and am here for them. Scott has been working a lot of crazy hours and sometimes takes calls and works at night so it's good that I am pretty stable...unless I plan a girls thing out! Scott is only doing Real Estate stuff as of today pretty much! He resigned, more or less, from his medical sales job. Here's to taking a leap of faith, trusting God to provide for all of our means. What I'm most thankful of all is that Scott can go full force 100% with his passion! We purchased an individual insurance plan for medical, the premium low enough that I didn't have to go back to work, that may change one day, but I trust this is where God wants me and we'll make up the rest later. Scott is amazing at Real Estate and has learned so much and has great investor clients and I know he'll get so much more. I am so excited for him I can't stand it. I love him so much and am so proud of him! This is an answer to prayer and God's timing is perfect!