Tuesday, January 29, 2008


(Jenny The Professional took this picture!)
We woke up this morning and got the gang together for a special Web Cam Birthday Card for my dad on his birthday! Here is what it looked like...and we sang to him as well.

Love you DAD! From all of us!
Jenny, John-E, Carrie, Scott, and Tyler

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Five Immunizations

Tyler survived his doctors appointment today...I thought he was only getting 2 shots...nope he got 4 shots and one oral vaccine. The look on Tyler face when he realized what was going on was heart breaking. He was so at peace sitting on daddy's lap with his pacifier in his mouth and as soon as the nurse took out the first shot his eyes shot wide open and then his face went beet red and he started screaming. After the 4th shot went in I couldn't get to Tyler fast enough to pick him up and hold him. Thankfully he calmed down right away on mommy's shoulder. That really made me feel like a mother. It was definitely an experience to remember.

He weighed in at 15 lbs 1 oz (totally naked) and 24.5 " long. Here are some pictures of how fast he is growing. Remember he's only 2 months old! He has officially out grown the changing table on the pack 'n play/bassinet. (Weight limit 15 lbs)

Tyler next to the bear on 1-21-08.
Here is how we have to swaddle him at night...he's outgrowing this miracle blanket, so now we just swaddle his arms and leave his legs out. He also has been wiggling and squirming around the bassinet...he likes to be close to the side...good thing they are mesh sides.

By the way, he's been totally knocked out all day. Last night he did sleep from 11-5am and then again until 8am. It was really great. We'll see how tonight plays out though...I remember those days of booster shots in the thigh and being pretty sore...hope he just sleeps right through it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tyler and Granddad

My dad came to Savannah last week to help my brother drive the moving truck 18+ hours from Des Moines. He also got to spend some quality time with Tyler. It was fun to see him deal with Tyler's fussiness and to have "talks" mainly about who was going to win a football or basketball game. I even heard my dad say that he was a cutie. Unfortunately we kept Tyler sleeping the whole time and now we have to deal with the consequences. (see below).

Tyler up close. The last two nights have not been so great with the hours of sleep. Tyler has decided to revert back to newborn days. Actually it's probably our fault because we are getting pretty good at getting Tyler to go to sleep to prevent daytime fussiness (for our own benefit), and we may have confused his little brain into mixing up his days and nights again. OOPS! So it's been a challenge trying to keep him up the last two days. Today I was able to go see a movie with some friends, thanks to Jenny for babysitting. Tyler slept the whole time (1-3:30pm). I'm glad he was good for Jenny, but I am worried about tonight. Luckily I did get a quick nap!

I love you DAD! Thanks for coming and staying with us...please come back soon!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott (Jan. 18th)

We spent Friday evening at Scott's mom's house for a delicious meal and great times with family for Scott's Birthday. Aunt Rose and Uncle John were in town as well! I made the cake, couldn't get the caramel cake (Scott's #1 favorite) recipe off the internet because our internet was down. So, I made his second favorite yellow cake with fudge frosting. It was nice to have my dad, John, and Jenny at the house to help with Tyler so I could get everything done in the kitchen. But I think Scott had a great birthday this year...he walked away with a new driver (I'm expecting scratch golf from now on!), a filet knife (for all those trout he's going to catch off the neighbors dock where the oyster beds are), and a HUGE Home Depot gift card to purchase a shower door for our master bathroom! Tyler also got a new outfit on dad's birthday (Thomas and Friends overalls that he will get to grow into). We all had a great time.
And the shower door was installed tonight with the help of my brother. Great job you guys!

Love you honey, thanks for all you do...Happy Birthday...again!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life without Internet

For the past 4 days we have had sporadic Internet and life has been tough. No blogging, no emails, no researching burning questions, no craigslist shopping...but we've got a lot done around the house! Scott has completed tiling the bathroom floor and shower (which was very tedious) in our master bathroom. Still has to grout and seal but we are getting there. This is all thanks to my parents providing us with a nice gift card to Home Depot for Christmas (don't worry we've insulated the attic as well!) It's getting so close...also Scott should have the roof over the office completed today with the help of our neighbor. I'm taking care of Tyler in the endless routine of nursing, trying to get him to sleep in his crib and then oh look...it's time to nurse again. My mission has been to organize the closet and our bedroom (we have too many clothes and shoes!) and keeping the house tidy when Tyler is sleeping. So far this nap I have blogged and ironed 4 of Scott's work shirts!
Here are some before and after of the great work Scott has done tiling....look at that shower!
My brother, his fiance, and my dad are arriving in Savannah today. My dad just to visit and my brother and Jenny to stay. So, good thing we have 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms(almost) because it's about to get crowded at our house. We are very excited for them coming and hope they can put up with Tyler for a few months while they look for a house to buy here in Savannah. Jenny is a photographer so she'll be looking for a job at a Photo Studio and Johne got transferred to the PetSmart here in Savannah...and will eventually get his masters in Marine Biology.

More visitors coming...my Aunt Chris will be here at the end of the month and my grandma for 11 days in February. We are very excited for everyone to meet Tyler...he is growing so fast! He's only 7 and half weeks old and 15lbs already! He is wearing me out because he loves motion. Yesterday we took a short trip to Target and he cried until I took his car seat carrier and began pumping him up and down...when I'd stop he'd cry again. People were cracking up, but one mom said her child was the same way! Anyways, so much for needing to go to the gym! Here is the latest on swaddling a 15lb boy...it lasts 5 minutes.
Sometimes I need a reminder that despite all of Tyler's crying...he loves me!
Tyler has had some recent trips to the Dr. for various things, but all turned out just fine. Praise Jesus and thanks to those that lifted him up in prayer. His next visit is next week for his 2 month visit including 2 vaccinations. :(

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tyler Happenings

We've had a busy week being parents. It has been determined that Tyler has some colic in him...crying for no reason....WAIT! We just found out that his clavicle was broken during delivery. Can you believe it? You can see the calcium build up on the broken bone. (It's his left clavicle, but the right side of this X-Ray).How sad that a newborn entering the world has a broken clavicle while at the same time trying figuring out what this world is all about. With new parents and people constantly holding and juggling him around. OUCH. Anyways, it's pretty sad and I think that is a pretty good reason to cry...I would! So Tyler at this point is pretty much is either sleeping, eating, getting his diaper changed, or crying. Well, we get maybe 2 hours a day where he is in active alert...play mode. And that is worth everything! He is now smiling at us and following us with his eyes. He is already over 13 lbs and over 23 inches long! He is definitely into 3-6 month old clothes already! (he is 5 weeks old). He does have the night time routine down...around 11pm it's time to go to bed and he sleeps in his bassinet. Usually a feeding around 2am and another between 5-6am. However he usually doesn't go back to sleep after that. My wonderful husband gets up with him at that time and gives me an hour or two of good solid sleep. Here are some pictures from today and another to compare with the teddy bear.

1-2-07 (~5 weeks old)

12-17-07 (~3 weeks old)

Tyler doesn't really fit very well in the Moses basket...I don't think this would be a safe place for him to take a nap. But we had some fun play time in it tonight! He seemed to enjoy it!This is when Tyler gets finished eating and rolls over in a drunkin state. Chance is feeling a little left out these days and we captured him loving on his little bro.