Monday, August 27, 2007

90 Day Plan

Only about 90 days to go before baby Tyler comes into this world. So of course Scott and I have made a list, some of it is completely out of our control, alot of it is hard work and we have started and I am excited. And just so you all know, I am also taking it one day at a time and not letting any hiccups stress me out. Maybe over the next few months you all will see the progress on some of the big projects. This weekend we tackled 1/4th of our yardwork. Our plan is to trim everything down to the bare minimum, rake out the mulch, and see if they grow back. They were all out of control and we need to start over. Here Scott is saving the palm branches to one day build a tiki hut and place to put his fishing stuff.
Other items on the list are too big to discuss, but we will update as things get accomplished. I'll give you a hint...a jackhammer is involved!

So, things have been going really well here in Savannah, just working and getting plenty of rest.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My amazing trip home to Des Moines

Where to begin...a few months ago I decided that I wanted to get home before baby Tyler came. (yes, I thought I'd get that out there as well, baby's name will be Tyler Scott) So, I jumped on the internet and searched for tickets, knowing that a flight from Savannah to Des Moines was not going to be cheap. Yep, it was $500 per ticket, so I searched a nearby airport of Kansas City, only 165 miles away. Sure enough $177. On top of that I had a $100 voucher. So all in all my trip only cost $92, so I thought nothing of making my parents drive almost 3 hrs to pick me up. Well, Delta's crew came in late Thursday night and due to FDA regualations they had a mandatory crew rest and could not leave Savannah until 7:20, all in all I would have missed my 9:00 flight to Kansas City. I then asked if it would be possible to make the flight to Des Moines instead. The lady at the Delta desk could not figure out why I would want to go to Des Moines when I reserved the flight to Kansas City, I said well, about $320 worth of reasons. Anyways, she then went on to say well, you won't make the 9:30 flight either, and I asked her with my sad pregnant eyes, can I try? In the end I made it! Got to Des Moines at 10:15 (2-3 hrs earlier than I was planning) AND a bonus on Sunday when it was time to go home, I made a quick call to Delta, said YES to take a survey, and Mr. Montgomery got the outbound flight changed also from Kansas City to Des Moines, another 2 hrs added to my trip home. OK...enough about the flight situation, but I have to say that was the best flight experience I've ever had! Thank you Delta!

Friday when I got to Des Moines, my dad picked me up (my parents live 2 miles from the airport!) and we went home, my brother was home as well and we just hung out for a few hours. My brother showed me a Gumball Fish Tank he was engineering for my mom. It was pretty amazing, I never knew my brother was so smart. Here is a picture of his little work shop in my parents basement. Next, I was off to meet my grandma for lunch. I wouldn't say the restaurant is my favorite place in Des Moines, but their signature dish is my favorite pasta meal ever. It is amazing and I keep telling myself that the only reason I ate the whole thing is because it was a lunch size portion, but it doesn't matter because it WAS GOOD! It's called Ziti Cocina and the restaurant is Cosi Cocina's. It's ziti pasta, spicy sausage and sun dried tomato's in an orange cream sauce. SO GOOD! My grandma said at lunch, "now that you're here, it's like you never left!" She is so sweet and I loved spending time with her this weekend. After lunch I went over to my best friend Jill's to hang out with her and see you new baby daughter, Karly. She is 5 months old and beautiful and such a good little baby!

Friday night was family night, ordering Casey's General Store taco pizza (another favorite, but I was so full after lunch I only had 1 piece) and watching tennis. It was my dad, mom, brother, and me just sitting around talking, oh and did I mention I think I fell asleep around 8pm! It felt so good to be home, Saturday morning I woke up with a smile on my face at 5:30am! I couldn't fall asleep because I was starving, so I went upstairs and found some Lucky Charms! Then went back for a nap (my favorite Saturday morning routine!)

Saturday Jill met me at the Super Target in Des Moines to help me register for baby stuff. I've been putting it off, because I can't imagine we need anything after my brother and sister-in-law gave us LOTS of great baby items, but 94 items later I have completed my registry at Target. It was so much fun, Jill knew the in's and out's of everything from baby nipples to baby bibs. She had a reason for everything and it was so helpful. I feel like I've taken my first child class! Sorry for the blurred picture, that is Jill taking the picture with her baby in her arms...multi tasking! Thanks so much Jill...I had a blast!

I spent some more time at my Grandma's showing her all that I registered for and ate a chicken sandwich from a gas station (another favorite). We did a devotional and I checked out her basement and organizing and de-cluttering process.

My mom hosted a family gathering Saturday night and I think there were about 20 people there! All of my family was there, including all the women in the family on both sides. We took a few family shots and Jill and Tricia also came! The food was great, but the conversation and pictures were even better! Here are a few group shots.All of the Women on my mom's side.

My dad's side of the family.

My best friends.

Sunday I went to early church with my Aunt Debbie and then she treated me to a nice little Bread and Breakfast breakfast in Norwalk. It was the best Cinnamon french toast! We had great conversation and I really enjoyed the extra time I was able to spend with her. She also took me on a tour of Norwalk which was hit by a tornado a few weeks ago and the changes at the middle and high school. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I was in high school....where does the time go?

Next, I proceeded to tell my parents that I could walk 9 holes of golf if they wanted to go. Well, at 11am-1pm it is really HOT. I lasted 3-4 holes and then dad had to take over the push cart. We had a great time, I came in last place, but I did par 2 holes! It is a memory that I will never forget.

Wow, what a weekend, are you all still there? It was a fun family and friends filled weekend and it was totally worth $500 if that is what I have to pay next time.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Babymoon with a Lobster Theme

Standing by the Big Lobster in Islamorada Key, Fl. There is a curse on this famous picture spot for us, we both lost our camera cases at this spot? I lost my in 2004 and Scott lost his this year 2007, the only 2 times we've taken our picture here?

Anyways, we had a great time again this year. This year I stayed off the boat while Scott played on the boat, fishing and lobster diving. I did make it out on the water for a boat cruise on a 38 ft Cabin Cruiser and also another day to do a little snorkeling. I read the book The Testament by John Grisham, sat by the pool and under the Tiki Huts on the beach and even took a nap under tiki cover during an afternoon rain storm. It was FANTASTIC! These are the newly built docks after a hurricane destroyed them 1-2 years ago. We did make it to a Par 3 Golf course up in Marathon Key, the course took less than a hour for 9 holes, but that was enough for was really hot! On the golf course there were iguana's running back and forth through the fairway, it was really cool! Sorry no pics of the golfing!

Scott says he learned a lot fishing and had a great time keeping busy. We ate well every night with plenty of snacks to go around. The best was the lobster! My favorites are steamed lobster and Lobster Pasta. Thanks to everyone who dove down and tickeled those little creapy things out of their rocks! Scott said he was close snagging one, while just snorkeling!
Doesn't that look good? Just the other day Scott said 1lb of Lobster was $29.99! I'm glad I got my Lobster fill for awhile. Overall it was a really relaxing vacation.