Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tyler's new toys...

We finally pulled this new toy out of the attic this week. Another awesome hand me down from Tyler's cousins. It's amazing how one day you look at your son and say maybe he'll fit into this outfit and bam he's in 9 month old clothes...then you think well maybe he'll play with toys and next thing you know he's putting everything he sees straight into his mouth with the force...(insert analogy) not so good at those. Anyways, here he is playing with his slider first he was terrified of all the noises and really wasn't sure himself if he could handle it...but day by day he's getting better with it...he still gets pretty frustrated with some of the toys but we've learned to just switch him around. It's pretty funny to watch and listen to him "work out his frustrations." He is so temperamental!
Next we have a jogging stroller. Yep, I'm going to get into shape with Tyler. I've already tried some baby have started that when he was only 9.9 lbs! Anyways, the Baby Bjorn is getting too tiresome for my back and I think Tyler gets uncomfortable as well. So we decided on this far Tyler really liked it...and I've already learned that you must lock the swivel wheel before jogging with it! I only jogged for like a minute and my legs about died! Wow, I've got a long way to go!

Doesn't he look so grown up! He'll only be 5 months old on the 25th! And by the way, I removed his sweatshirt before we was pretty warm in Savannah today and quite beautiful!
And his 3rd new toy for the week! His toes! Tonight was the first night I've seen him put his toes in his mouth without the assistance of me or Aunt Jenny. We've created a monster! It was really hilarious and despite losing a few tablespoons of oatmeal cereal he had a fun to the bath we go!
PS-today was his first taste of oatmeal he tries barely cereal and then on to his 1st foods of peas, greenbeans, squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. You are supposed to only introduce 1 new food every 3-5 days to make sure there is no allergic reaction. So far Tyler is taken really well to eating like a Big Boy. Tonight he even sat at the big boy table and ate dinner with all of us.
Speaking of dinner...I've been meal planning with posted meals for the week on the refrigerator. I've been having a blast. This week I've made oatmeal cookies, homeade biscuits, shortcake (for strawberries), oven fried porkchops, real mashed potatoes, and pasta primivera! I love my new job of stay at home wife/mother/sister. I am so thankful for this opportunity! Praise Jesus!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tyler's First Baseball Game...and more

Grandma takes Tyler to his first baseball game! "Look at all these people...this is baseball!" Tyler is sporting his Iowa Cubs gear which was Grandma's gift to Tyler before he was even born!
Last night was a monumental night for Tyler...not only did he go to his first baseball game, he stayed awake for the whole game PLUS fireworks at the end. This really made my mom's trip memorable and exciting. She was really happy! We had a cookout at our house before the game and invited Tyler's three cousins and our neighbor Alex, the boys played football, some of them ate and others forgot. At the game my mom treated to some drinks and I had a few skittles to share...but all in all we made it through 9 innings (besides getting there a little late and barely finding seats!) and the boys were boys, they dodged the foul balls, except one lady in the stands did not...she got knocked out with a bloody nose...but she was OK and got a standing ovation from the crowd. They found a baseball only to have to return it to it's owner, played tag, and of course annoyed a few fans jumping over and over and over them. It was exactly what was expected with four boys and a baby! Here are pictures of our eventful night out on the town.
A family affair!

The boys hanging out on the fence (James, Matthew, and Alex).

The fireworks show was pretty first we were worried about Tyler, but he really enjoyed them and never really got scared...hopefully he won't have nightmares!

Also this week we ventured out to River street for lunch that my mom treated us to. Nothing too exciting except that Tyler was a really good baby. We had a really good time with Grandma A. this week, but now she has to go...until next time. We love you and will miss you!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Grandma A is BACK!

My mom (Tyler's Grandma) made it back to Savannah Monday night. She started her drive from Iowa on Saturday but made a pit stop in Savannah, TN where she toured the battle fields of Shilo. She said she had a blast and learned so much! She is quite the Civil War nut. Anyways, when she arrived (I was at a meeting) she ran in asking where her baby was...running right past John-E! Scott said, Well, John-E is right there and Carrie is at a meeting!" She said no....Where's Tyler? You see where we stand in her life anymore! He was in his crib taking an evening was OK though for her to get him up. She had a blast and he was of course spoiled with two big stuffed animals and lots of hugs and kisses. I keep saying...isn't he big...can you believe it? Here are some pictures and I'm sure more to come later. Feeding Tyler some Cereal with his new I LOVE GRANDMA bib!

Tummy time is getting much better....but he sure does drool a lot!

March 3, 2008
April 8, 2008. They say he's gained 5 inches on his looks like a lot more than that and look at those huge legs...they barely fit in the bumbo seat!

Tonight for dinner we had my Dad's famous Pizza....newly named...Mr. John A's pizza (pause) LOADED! With sausage, pepperoni, and mushrooms and lots of cheese!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Solids and Nap Boot Camp

So we've started feeding Tyler cereal. The first go at it last Thursday went OK...we kept it pretty liquidy but then he got all congested. So, last night we decided instead of using breast milk we would use water and maybe he wouldn't get so much mucus caught in his throat. He really liked it and we made it thicker and warmer. We have it on video...he whined every time Scott took the spoon away. It was so cute. It's really messy and who know how much he actually eats but he's getting the hang of it. We're starting with 1 meal a day and working towards 3 meals before we introduce any new flavs! It kind of makes me sad already...our little boy is growing up. This was him today...he wasn't as interested in it this time as you can tell!Nap Boot Camp. OK I had to do it, mainly for his own benefit and a little sanity on our part. I know he needs to learn to fall asleep on his own and I also know that we're the one who created this monster...but hey he had a rough start to life. So far it's going OK, I still go in to settle him after a certain amount of time, but I keep it short and don't talk to him (much). I'm moving to the 10minute time frame tomorrow. We're on our third day. Every once in awhile I think, "wow he's getting it." Then something like, "mom, I'm hungry cry comes up" so I feed him and back down for more napping...then he spits up as he is crying, so I comfort him and can tell he's still very sleepy, especially from all of his crying! So here I am now and he's finally back to sleep. Hey, we're on a 25 minute continuous nap right now though. We're getting there, I can tell already that he is much happier in the off-nap time. Oh here he goes again...he can't get past that transition sleep without waking up crying AHHHHHHHHH! 7 minutes of crying...gotta go! oh maybe he's settling...nope, yes, nope...yes...please...nope

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Charleston for the Weekend!

After a successful closing on our Richmond condo, Scott, Tyler, and I jumped in the car and headed to Charleston for a much needed weekend getaway. We didn't do much besides lounge around Scott's friends condo. It was nice because there was nothing to distract us such as no desire to do any house hold projects and/or clean. We just hung out and relaxed. We did get out and about on Saturday for lunch at The Rooftop in downtown Charleston and then walked around the battery for about 10-15 minutes. We spotted a pay phone and had to take a picture with Tyler in it...who knows how much longer they will be around and Tyler will not believe us when we tell him about "the old days." Life is good, we feel refreshed, Tyler was really good and slept most of the way to Charleston and home. Something about those car rides, but with Tyler they are either hit or miss. Tyler update: His 4 month check up went great. Another round of shots, his heart murmur detected on his 1 month checkup is gone and it was confirmed yesterday by the heart doctor as well, we are trying some Prevacid for reflux in hopes it will help his fussiness (not working), I've been laying him to nap on his side and he is sleeping much longer for his naps (a few wake-ups in between but much better!), we even tried some solids last week (really liquid cereal) and it didn't go very well...he is still pushing it out with his tongue (we are going to try again this week), plus he got his first cold, which scared us as he was gagging up mucus from his throat, he rolled over from his tummy to his back all on his own for the first time last Thursday (March 27th 2008), he hasn't done it since but he's getting stronger each day.

This is Tyler in his new outfit from Aunt Amy. He LOVES it!