Monday, November 20, 2006

Gratitude vs. Grumbling

Yesterday at Church the sermon was titled "Gratitude vs. Grumbling." I had a grumbling sort of day on Friday and luckily Scott was there to put me in my place. I got it all out of my system only to be re-reminded of my immaturity on Sunday. The Bible says to be thankful for all circumstances. Because even in the unpleasant circumstances there are things happening around us that we must be thankful for. I am most thankful for our friends we have met through the Church. Here are a few pictures of our small group from Bay Area Community Church in Annapolis, MD. We played Cranium: Girls vs. Guys. Yep, you guessed it, Girls won! This fall we had Laser Tag night and spent time celebrating with Adam.

Here is our new Small Group with Savannah Christian Church. I am so thankful for all of our friends!

Here are the FIVE PATHS TO A HEART OF GRATITUDE: (Cam Huxford, SCC 11-19-06)
1. Learn to Be Grateful for Imperfect Gifts.
2. Learn to Be Grateful in Times of Anxiety and Frustration.
3. Learn to Express Gratitude Openly and Often.
4. Devote Yourself to Worshipping God.
5. When you Realize That God has Given you Gift after Gift after Gift...What do you Say?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



Scott got through a one week administrative training last week in Greenville, SC. He was gone from Sunday night to Friday night. I didn't get to talk to him much so I think the days were jammed packed and his nights were spent getting to know others that work at his company. It's pretty nice to get to go to these meetings because most of the time you are out in the field by yourself.

I officially got my flight itinerary for my training in New York today. I should receive my training packet in the mail tomorrow. I can't believe my unemployment is coming to an end. Today I spent the day doing the usual: laundry, cleaning, email, ofoto projects, bills, lunch time stroll around neighborhood. I even said out loud, "I hope I see a porpoise today." And sure enough I saw one. Sorry no picture. But you can imagine seeing one pop it's back fin out of the water as it strolls through the little inlet. I am still amazed how they swim around these waters here in Savannah. It is pretty amazing. I'll try to take more pictures!

More later,

Monday, November 13, 2006

New jobs=new wardrobes!

After Scott received his job offer...he came home with a new TV! Guess what I came home with? CLOTHES and SHOES!

For all practical purposes of course. We are switching from Appliance Sales where many days were either in grub clothes setting up for training expo's, khaki's and polo's, or business casual, with emphasis on casual! Now, we are in Medical Sales and that means business attire. Yes, folks suits and ties. So you guessed it. Suits and ties are on our wish list this year for Christmas. But of course I couldn't wait for Christmas. And I have to say, I lucked out with some great sales.

First stop: The Limited. They have these suits I've been eyeing. They are washable, wearable, and wrinkle-free! Plus I can wear the pants alone if I want (Drew Fit) for a business casual. My training is business casual. Anyways, I bought two suits today because they were 40% off! I think there are 2 more suit outfits in that style that I would like, a black suit and possibly the soft blue/black suit if we can find the right blouse and shoes to go with it!

Second stop...The Gap...I love their turtle necks. I hope these things never go out of style because I think everyone looks great in these, plus they are warm and comfortable. This years style has extra long sleeves and a forgiving stretchy material that you can wear long or tucked under.

Final stop...Rack Room Shoes of course! Rack Room Shoes seems to have Buy 1 get 1 50% off more often than not, but you never know when it will end! I've been wanting some everyday Sketcher type brown/black shoes. Well, they don't come in brown and black on the same I had to get a pair of each. (side note: This really nice lady in line showed the cashier her military ID and I got an extra 15% off! How awesome was that? She was funny, she said, "I'm really glad we decided to go shopping today...etc" What a hoot! ) I also got some cool snow boots...just in case (hey, we are going to IOWA!).
And finally a few weeks ago I gave away some really uncomfortable tall black boots to Goodwill, but it's always nice to have a pair in your closet, so I bought a new pair...well, I had to get the discount! You just never know when you'll need some hooker boots! J/k.

So, here are my insights for the day:
1.) Be careful who you make friends with at a shoe store that is low on shoes your size (8.5) They may be the same size!
2.) Do make friends with people in line...they just might be with the military!
3.) Ask the girls that work in the store what their favorite jeans are in the store. It works!
4.) Wear comfortable shoes, but do yourself up as if going out to a nice dinner. Clothes just look better, but beware, you may buy more!
5.) Shop alone and if you ever get a chance, go in the middle of a weekday. It's very therapeutic.

Enough from me....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Remodeled version...

Okay, here is the remodeled version! But it was kind of funny...huh?
I feel proud to say I'm having Thanksgiving at a farm in Iowa! That's what everyone thinks of when they think of Iowa anyway. Especially out East!

The Process....and Thanksgiving Plans

I have a job! Well, almost. I accepted the job offer yesterday. There was no actual offer to that wasn't any fun. Wednesday they will start the HR process. They'll need my birthdate to begin the driving record check, background check and drug screen! If all goes well, I will then be issued my plane ticket to training which will leave on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (Nov 26th). I will be staying at a Hyatt on Long Island (about 1.5 hrs by train to NYC) where the company owns a whole floor. I will have a roomate for 4 weeks and a few of us will be sharing a mini-van. The training sounds very intense and I guess they do not encourage visitors...sorry everyone! When I return I get to drive a company car! At first it will be a mini van...then it will be swapped out with a new white Ford 500 in the spring. That's exciting!

Scott and I are going to Des Moines, IA (my home home) for Thanksgiving. This will be Scott's first time experiencing a holiday with my family (besides July 4th). I am very excited. I haven't been home for Thanksgiving since I was in college. We will be at my Aunt Carla's Simple Serenity Farm in Jefferson, IA.

Is it what you imagined?

Oh, by the way, I found out this week that I have been officially removed from the "kids" drawing for gifts at Christmas. I guess once you get married you become an adult...who knew?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Ball is in my Court Now

After a disappointing phone call on Tuesday with the company stating that they were not going to be able to make a decision until next week, my waiting days came to a close yesterday around 5:00pm. "We have good and interesting news" was how it was quoted. The offer was made, but instead of working under the hiring manager I had been interviewing with, I would be working for a different hiring manager selling a different product (a product that is very popular and easier to learn and sell). I have a breakfast meeting on Monday with my potential manager to "get to know each other" and then I will have 24 hours to accept the offer. The training would start November 26- December 22 in New York.