Monday, November 13, 2006

New jobs=new wardrobes!

After Scott received his job offer...he came home with a new TV! Guess what I came home with? CLOTHES and SHOES!

For all practical purposes of course. We are switching from Appliance Sales where many days were either in grub clothes setting up for training expo's, khaki's and polo's, or business casual, with emphasis on casual! Now, we are in Medical Sales and that means business attire. Yes, folks suits and ties. So you guessed it. Suits and ties are on our wish list this year for Christmas. But of course I couldn't wait for Christmas. And I have to say, I lucked out with some great sales.

First stop: The Limited. They have these suits I've been eyeing. They are washable, wearable, and wrinkle-free! Plus I can wear the pants alone if I want (Drew Fit) for a business casual. My training is business casual. Anyways, I bought two suits today because they were 40% off! I think there are 2 more suit outfits in that style that I would like, a black suit and possibly the soft blue/black suit if we can find the right blouse and shoes to go with it!

Second stop...The Gap...I love their turtle necks. I hope these things never go out of style because I think everyone looks great in these, plus they are warm and comfortable. This years style has extra long sleeves and a forgiving stretchy material that you can wear long or tucked under.

Final stop...Rack Room Shoes of course! Rack Room Shoes seems to have Buy 1 get 1 50% off more often than not, but you never know when it will end! I've been wanting some everyday Sketcher type brown/black shoes. Well, they don't come in brown and black on the same I had to get a pair of each. (side note: This really nice lady in line showed the cashier her military ID and I got an extra 15% off! How awesome was that? She was funny, she said, "I'm really glad we decided to go shopping today...etc" What a hoot! ) I also got some cool snow boots...just in case (hey, we are going to IOWA!).
And finally a few weeks ago I gave away some really uncomfortable tall black boots to Goodwill, but it's always nice to have a pair in your closet, so I bought a new pair...well, I had to get the discount! You just never know when you'll need some hooker boots! J/k.

So, here are my insights for the day:
1.) Be careful who you make friends with at a shoe store that is low on shoes your size (8.5) They may be the same size!
2.) Do make friends with people in line...they just might be with the military!
3.) Ask the girls that work in the store what their favorite jeans are in the store. It works!
4.) Wear comfortable shoes, but do yourself up as if going out to a nice dinner. Clothes just look better, but beware, you may buy more!
5.) Shop alone and if you ever get a chance, go in the middle of a weekday. It's very therapeutic.

Enough from me....

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