Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mermorial Weekend FUN!

The Weekend started with a trip to Rob and Amy's pool with Tyler's cousins. We had so much fun...Tyler showed off all his new tricks, Matthew and James went down the slide, and Andrew was swimming with Grandma. We could only stay for an hour...Tyler has to have those 2 naps, he was conked out in 5 miuntes once we were in the car and stayed asleep for a long time! YIPEE.
Saturday night the best man in our wedding, Ron came down from Atlanta (which is starting to be a tradition since he's been coming down on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend for 2 years now since we've lived here). Sunday morning Scott and Ron had a tee time at Wilmington Island golf course and later Scott's Dad, Brother, Ron and I played a round of golf at Hunter. I had a blast getting out of the house. All weekend long Scott and I had great teamwork giving each other chances to "be a kid and play" switching off taking care of Tyler...and lots of other people helped too! So, swimming on Saturday, Golf on Sunday, and grilling out, water skiing and tree rope jumping on Monday. It was fun-filled packed fun! I hope the pictures do some justice to the amount of fun we had!
I haven't skipped a beat...from taking a year off while I was pregnant! It felt so good to be on the water and being a kid again! Here is the master of skiing, my talented husband touching the water while only on one ski.

John-E AKA Gumby! He was up for a long time...until the boat tried to turn.
Jenny waving HI....she got up for a little bit, but we didn't capture it on picture...only on video. maybe I'll try to upload some of them this week. We have some pretty funny video's!

Ron showing his skills!
Ron, Jenny, JohnE and I swam to the middle of the River where there is a sand bar. We are seriously in the middle of the river!

Welcome to the Jungle. Our neighbor Dennis shows JohnE the technique to the Tree Swing.And there JohnE goes! AHHHH!

Ron getting ready to take the plunge.

Jenny does some trick moves with her back to the camera. And there's me, the first time I didn't plug my nose and water went straight to my brain!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Look what we did today!

Tyler really loved this little park we went to today! Some of my friends from MOPS also went and one of them took these pictures for me! He's not sitting up perfectly quite yet, so that's why my leg is there holding him (didn't want him to crack his head on the cement). He was so comfortable with the water. It must be all of those Star Baby swim lessons we've been doing. He is really doing great in his lessons and can hold his breath and close his mouth to go under the water. It is quite a sight! We are having so much!
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Separated again

Scott and I are separated again (not really!). This time Scott is away. Scott and my brother are in Lima, OH finishing up improvements on an investment property we bought a while back. It's officially on the market...just in case anyone was thinking about moving to Ohio. Anyways, so far it sounds like it is going well....Scott's family is up there helping as well as some people Scott found on craig's list and Johnny is "learning" some tiling techniques from none other than Tyler's daddy (we joke that is how he got the name Tyler/tiler)! Everytime I talk to Scott he sounds really positive on the progress and so thankful for all the help. Get 'er done and come home already! We miss you!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


This is what I got from Tyler at church today. These are the only footprints I have of him so far. The hospitals in GA stopped doing them when they are born and I never got around to doing them. So here they are at 5 1/2 months old!

PS-Scott got me McDonalds for breakfast at my request! YUMMY!

Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tyler the Flirt

WOW! I feel like I should never complain again about Tyler fussing. He was absolutely amazing on ALL 4 flights we took from Savannah to Des Moines this weekend. He laughed and cooed at all the passengers sticking out his tongue and being quite the little charmer. He sat in the seat next to me (thankfully open on 3 of the flights) for a bit and played with his "quiet toys." I nursed him thanks to my new HOOTER HIDER, yes, that is what it is called. It took some getting used to for him being covered up, but it worked wonders for me and I'm sure the people around me! He slept on all the flights and I got to sit and stare at my gorgeous baby boy while he slept peacefully in my arms. Maybe the constant rumble of the plane helped a bit. His ears did great...as far as I know...I tried to keep the pacifier in when he wasn't nursing so he would continue to swallow...which was good because it helped me to remember to swallow to pop my ears! We had a wonderful trip. Tyler met a few people for the first time: Great Aunt Carla and Uncle Chuck (still waiting on pictures), Great Uncle Tony, my friends Tricia and her boy Gavin, Stacy and Stacy's little boy John, my cousin Jimmy and his girlfriend Ginny, and a bunch of my grandma's friends from her church. We were pretty busy, but also stuck to his napping schedule which helped him be such a good boy and not fussy at all during the day. We went to La Pizza House on Saturday night and the zoo on Monday with Great Grandma and saw the giraffe's. I even was able to go out to a NICE dinner with Jill and Stacy while Tyler slept and Granddad kept watch. On the Train at the Zoo. And with the giraffe's.
I am so glad that we went on this last minute trip...and you'd think I'd be exhausted but I feel more refreshed now than I did before Tyler was born. My mom took the night shift with Tyler for 2 nights in a row giving me 7.5 hours of straight sleep on Saturday night and 9.5 hours on Sunday night. I feel like a million bucks! And now that we are home, Tyler is officially in his crib at night and we're hoping that he won't need that night time feeding anymore. So far so good! YIPEE! Way to go Tyler!
Tyler with Granddad one early morning...and Tyler trying to feed himself with Grandma.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Great Grandma's Surprise

Tyler and I arrived in Des Moines at 3:30p.m. (instead of 10:30 after a 5 hour layover in Memphis) but we headed straight over to Great Grandma Suesy's for a Birthday surprise! The picture above shows it all! She was so surprised and happy, she asked, "Well, how did you get here?" As she was letting it all sink in she realized that we are staying here until Tuesday evening, which is her birthday!

Tyler has really enjoyed Iowa so far, we are keeping him busy though introducing him to all me family and friends. He has been a really good and happy boy (until around bedtime when he's exhausted from the day!). We are having a great time!

This is Tyler and Great Grandma at her house! She was so excited to see him playing and laying down in her living room. It was so sweet!

Sunday we went to church for my Aunt Chris's commissioning into the Stephen Ministry and had lunch at her house. We took a few pictures: Here is 4 generations:

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tennis, running, and Jill and Karly

So, I am doing it! I have ran 4 straight days in a row...slow and short but steady! Monday=6min. Tuesday-Thur=10 minutes! Tyler seems to be fine with it, every once in while a little whine because he can't see something or the sun is in his face. I've also been playing tennis on Saturdays...well 2 in a row. The first week I had a slow start and my partner and I were down 0-3, but came back to win 6-4 6-1. It was fun getting back into it. My body was pretty sore the next day but I agreed to play again the next week. It was a different story my body was saying...NO NOT AGAIN...I GAVE YOU ONE MATCH BUT NOT THIS TIME! I felt like a 70 year old lady out there...and I can tell you that I was by far the youngest one on the court. I laughed but once a competitor always a competitor. So that is my motivation to start running and getting this body back in shape...muscles, joints, my core...you know all that....only to hopefully in the next year destroy my body again to give Tyler a sibling. Oh the sacrifices us women make!

Also...my best friend Jill and her parents are in town with her 13 month old girl, Karly. We are having so much fun! Tuesday her parents dropped her and Karly off and I got to show off all our remodel construction and to-do plans on the house. We had a play date all day...the baby's took naps and we talked (always reminiscing about the same ol' stuff) but it's so much fun. It's always nice to have a few friends that you can be your complete self around and there is no judgement! I love being a mom along with my friends and I love sharing all the details (over and over) with them. I also can't wait until my other married friends start having baby's so they will "get it." I was telling Jill that when I visited her in August last year and met Karly for the first time (she was about 6 months old) and I held her and played and watched Jill do all the mom stuff....but I just didn't "get it" until I had my own. Anyways, yesterday I met up with them at their hotel after Tyler's first 2 naps and we took the ferry across the Savannah River to River Street. We walked some of the shops (I bought some knock off sunglasses) and drank some sweet tea. We then walked up to Bay Street and took them by Paula Deen's restaurant and gift shop and I showed them one of Savannah's Squares (Johnson Square) which are gorgeous. And we ate at Cafe at City Market. I had a wonderful chicken cordon blue wrapped in a puff pastry. YUM! It was interesting with two baby's, Tyler did really great though he ate 1/4 cup cereal and drank a bottle, watched the birds and his new thing is sticking out his tongue. It's pretty hilarious. Another great thing about being around Jill's baby is that I get to see what I have in store for me next! Oh and by the way, Karly may have Tyler on height but not on weight! (PS-I found out I was pregnant the day Karly was born!)

Today I'm headed to their hotel pool with Tyler. It will be his first experience swimming. He's got a cute little swim outfit and glasses to match! Tyler's new swim trunks and sunglasses...and his tongue...another new "toy".

Jill has all the good pictures of us downtown...they will make another days post!