Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tyler the Flirt

WOW! I feel like I should never complain again about Tyler fussing. He was absolutely amazing on ALL 4 flights we took from Savannah to Des Moines this weekend. He laughed and cooed at all the passengers sticking out his tongue and being quite the little charmer. He sat in the seat next to me (thankfully open on 3 of the flights) for a bit and played with his "quiet toys." I nursed him thanks to my new HOOTER HIDER, yes, that is what it is called. It took some getting used to for him being covered up, but it worked wonders for me and I'm sure the people around me! He slept on all the flights and I got to sit and stare at my gorgeous baby boy while he slept peacefully in my arms. Maybe the constant rumble of the plane helped a bit. His ears did far as I know...I tried to keep the pacifier in when he wasn't nursing so he would continue to swallow...which was good because it helped me to remember to swallow to pop my ears! We had a wonderful trip. Tyler met a few people for the first time: Great Aunt Carla and Uncle Chuck (still waiting on pictures), Great Uncle Tony, my friends Tricia and her boy Gavin, Stacy and Stacy's little boy John, my cousin Jimmy and his girlfriend Ginny, and a bunch of my grandma's friends from her church. We were pretty busy, but also stuck to his napping schedule which helped him be such a good boy and not fussy at all during the day. We went to La Pizza House on Saturday night and the zoo on Monday with Great Grandma and saw the giraffe's. I even was able to go out to a NICE dinner with Jill and Stacy while Tyler slept and Granddad kept watch. On the Train at the Zoo. And with the giraffe's.
I am so glad that we went on this last minute trip...and you'd think I'd be exhausted but I feel more refreshed now than I did before Tyler was born. My mom took the night shift with Tyler for 2 nights in a row giving me 7.5 hours of straight sleep on Saturday night and 9.5 hours on Sunday night. I feel like a million bucks! And now that we are home, Tyler is officially in his crib at night and we're hoping that he won't need that night time feeding anymore. So far so good! YIPEE! Way to go Tyler!
Tyler with Granddad one early morning...and Tyler trying to feed himself with Grandma.



What a fun trip! Tyler looks so tiny in that big airplane seat!! Glad you had a good time.

LoveLladro said...

I know exactly how you feel... I was terrified that Chase would scream the whole flight but he turned out to be a dream! Love when things go smoothly! That picture of Tyler with Grandpa is SO cute. The little head tilt... so adorable!

chocolate hug said...

Reading your entry on traveling gave me some courage. We are thinking of taking a trip to Colombia sometime in the next year, and I am totally terrified at the though of traveling with our little guy!