Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Johnny and Jenny...


Here are just a few of the moments captured.

Waiting for JJ to come out.

What good looking men I have!Scratch off tickets in a magnet chip clip as Wedding Favors...brilliant.

Dollar Dance!

Tyler and me dancing!

This picture doesn't do the scenery justice.

It was a gorgeous reception at Echo Valley Country Club.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Matthew's Birthday Party

We celebrated cousin Matthew's 8th birthday this week. We went out to Outback Steakhouse for dinner on his birthday day and then he had a swimming pool party yesterday. I can't believe my oldest nephew is 8 already. They all are getting so big and that means that Tyler must be getting big too! Tyler had a blast and LOVES the water. I really am grateful that we get to be here as they are growing up. It's fun watching them grow and mature and it prepares me for my future endeavours with Tyler. And gives me tons of ideas! I really love being close to Scott's family. Although I miss my family in Iowa terribly! We will be seeing them VERY soon. My brother is getting married next week. I am so excited for them to start the rest of their life together...officially!

Tyler is now saying (tr) UCK! He hasn't quite got the T sound out yet...but he's practicing! He is talking up a storm...we have no clue what he's saying but he sure has a lot to talk about. He must be teething or getting ready to because he has been drooling like crazy. He goes through at least 3 shirts a day because they get soaked. I guess he just hasn't learned to swallow his own spit yet! Otherwise he's sleeping so good at night, I never thought I'd get this much sleep after having a baby. I hope I don't jinx myself!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Poem


Thank you for being a good
Mommy to me.
You teach me the animals and
what they say,
You show how to bark, moo,
meow, and nay!
When I poop in my drawers you
show me the way,
With a giggle and smile by with
my arm I sway.
You are so good to take me to
the mall,
On walks with ducks and birds
and clucks.
You play with me outside and
throw me the ball
When all Daddy will do is point
to my trucks.
I just love my Mommy with all
my heart.
And Mommy even laughs at me
even when I fart!


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Grandpa's Birthday Surprise and Beach Weekend

SURPRISE! We pulled it off...a surprise birthday party for Scott's dad. Well, neither of us can take too much credit for it. Amy, my sister in law did the majority of the planning and she did a fantastic job. Scott's mom had the toughest duty...keeping it a surprise! Denny's sister and her husband came in town for the weekend and were staying with them as well...so they had a Thursday night and all day Friday to keep the surprise. I was able to call him during the day to sing him happy birthday, but avoided any other conversation. I guess I helped a little by somehow making him think I was coming out to the beach with Tyler after he got up from his nap. Anyways, we all had him guessing! We served a Low Country Boil, coleslaw and a HUGE cake, which was devoured! We danced the electric slide, stomp dance, macarena, the twist...etc. We had a blast. Tyler had a blast as well dancing all the way up to the end.
Afterwards, we headed to Tybee Island and stayed at Scott's brother's beach house for the weekend.
If you can believe it, he kept those glasses on the whole time we were at the beach. He's still afraid of the ocean water coming in at him but he loves throwing shells and rocks in the water and he loved playing in the pools of water grandma made for him.
It was so nice and relaxing. During Tyler's naps I went up to the roof and fired myself like an egg. I wanted to get some color...but the sun was a bit stronger than I thought. We also played some Domino's...a family staple. I lost by 5 points to Aunt Rose. It was fun!
Some Grandpa and Grandson time on the porch.
It was truly a wonderful weekend, thanks to everyone who made it happen for Scott's dad!
Scott, Carrie, and Tyler