Sunday, March 22, 2009

Love's Boat

Scott and I were blessed with an invitation to dinner on Friday night to Love's Seafood in Richmond Hill, and we arrived there by boat. It was about a 40 minute boat ride there with only 1 wrong turn. We had to take a canal built by Civil War soldiers to get to the Ogeechee River from the water we live on. It was really amazing! Our neighbors wanted to test out their new boat...and their memories on getting there. We had a blast. The restaurant was great I ordered the salmon and they served a fillet big enough for 3 people! We had to kind of eat and run at the restaurant because we were getting low on sunlight and there was no moon out Friday to give us a moonlit ride home. It was getting pretty darn close to pitch black when we arrived home at 8:15pm. Our awesome friends Elisa and Greg held down the fort with Tyler and even put him to bed for us! We had such a great time. Once our neighbor figures out his camera I'm sure he'll send us the picture we took before we left and I will post it. We had to get bundled up because the wind on the boat made it a little chilly...but it was not too bad!

We took Tyler on another boat ride tonight and he seems to LOVE to do whatever daddy is doing these days so he really enjoyed it! The last time we took him when my dad was in town in January he whined and cried the whole time, this time he talked and pointed and made boat sounds. It was really fun. I really can't wait for summer now!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tyler's Forehand

We've had a tough week with Tyler being sick with something. I suspect spoiled milk? but who really knows. Anyways, he's doing much better. He had threw up on Tuesday and then had the runs for 2 days. He's still a little dehydrated but we are forcing liquids down him as much as we can. You wouldn't even be able to tell he was sick. I took a video of him (in his diaper) playing with his tennis racket and balloon. Watch this forehand...follow through and everything. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

15 month Well Child Visit

Tyler is maintaining his 91 percentile in both height and weight. He weighed in at 28.9 lbs and 33". Everything else looked great. He's saying a few new words: nana (banana) and Uh-Oh (very least for now), when you say cat or dog he clucks his tongue as if he is calling them. He knows what a truck sounds like (vrumm), and he signs please, more, all done, and milk. He still calls out every ball he sees, says dadda for both momma and dadda. Every time he see a white SUV he says dadda and points. He says and waves bye for both hi and bye. He eats with a spoon until he gets impatient and then uses his hands again. He still has 8 more teeth to come in. He LOVES the outdoors and kicks and screams when you bring him in even though the sand gnats have taken over our yard. He has a little badminton racket that he loves to hit balls with and throws them up to hit them. If you give him a balloon he'll play "tennis" with it for hours. He also has a tee ball that we got for Christmas and he'll put the ball on himself and bat it off, then chase it and put it back on and hit it again. He always claps for himself after he hits it!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Atlanta Trip...Aquarium

We took a short trip up to Atlanta this weekend for our friends 40th Birthday. On Saturday we headed to the Atlanta Aquarium with Tyler and had a blast. Tyler really enjoyed looking at all of the fish and especially enjoyed the 3D movie with Deepo the fish. He looked SO cute in his 3D glasses and thought mommy and daddy looked really funny as well. We saw sting rays, whale sharks (HUGE), Baluga whales, and tons of other fish. I also enjoyed the Titanic exhibit with real life artifacts that were in the titanic and the stories behind them. They gave me a boarding pass with my name and brief history and at the end of the museum there was a wall with all those that survived and those that were lost. I survived as a first class passenger, but my husband did not survive. I also got to do a simulation of sterring the titantic and trying to steer it away from the ice berg (going the same speed as they were going and same distance). It was and ok exhibit, but probably not fit for a 15 month old. Scott was a good sport and drug him around and out of the exhibit only to think I had already left them...when I finally came out he had already told the lady at the front that he survived but his wife did not.

Saturday we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant for Clete's 40th birthday (I think our picture is on Facebook from the restaurant). We had a a good time with good friends.

Now we are back and need to catch up on our hour lost this weekend. Yea for summer coming!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Homeade Waffles

Daddy treated us to homeade waffles this morning. I kept saying we were out of waffle mix, but Scott was determined to use that waffle maker that has been sitting idle for years! So he looked up a waffle batter recipe and mixed it all together and WHAM! We had waffles and bacon for breakfast. It was WAY too much effort for me, but that is my husband for you, he will always go the extra mile! And Tyler really loved them!

Later it was time to go play in the rain puddles. We had quite the thunderstorm this morning around 5am and Tyler loves to play in the puddles. Tonight we may even have SNOW!! Don't worry though, the temperature is only supposed to get to 35 so nothing will stick. But it sure has been a windy day...I think it has put Tyler in a trance for his nap today, I don't think he's even moved!