Sunday, March 08, 2009

Atlanta Trip...Aquarium

We took a short trip up to Atlanta this weekend for our friends 40th Birthday. On Saturday we headed to the Atlanta Aquarium with Tyler and had a blast. Tyler really enjoyed looking at all of the fish and especially enjoyed the 3D movie with Deepo the fish. He looked SO cute in his 3D glasses and thought mommy and daddy looked really funny as well. We saw sting rays, whale sharks (HUGE), Baluga whales, and tons of other fish. I also enjoyed the Titanic exhibit with real life artifacts that were in the titanic and the stories behind them. They gave me a boarding pass with my name and brief history and at the end of the museum there was a wall with all those that survived and those that were lost. I survived as a first class passenger, but my husband did not survive. I also got to do a simulation of sterring the titantic and trying to steer it away from the ice berg (going the same speed as they were going and same distance). It was and ok exhibit, but probably not fit for a 15 month old. Scott was a good sport and drug him around and out of the exhibit only to think I had already left them...when I finally came out he had already told the lady at the front that he survived but his wife did not.

Saturday we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant for Clete's 40th birthday (I think our picture is on Facebook from the restaurant). We had a a good time with good friends.

Now we are back and need to catch up on our hour lost this weekend. Yea for summer coming!

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LoveLladro said...

How cool! I have been wanting to go to the Aquarium in Baltimore but they don't allow strollers ;~( I am waiting until I feel comfortable with him walking with me the whole time ;~)