Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Card 2009

Christmas 2009­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Tis the week before Christmas and lines are slow;
The fed raised the rates at the Gov. P.O.
As the stamp prices soar the walls go bare
As more and more families send Christmas e-mail-air.

For us this year passed many momentous occasions
Each more outrageous and with more fascination.
…Month #1 we had Granddad in town;
No snow to show so Granddad had to go.
Took Tyler on a trip to the big city from small town
The A-T-L aquarium was one to astound.

Soon after, a Spring break trip to Myrtle Beach!
with Grandma and Grandpa S. we leached!

In June our 4 year ticker came.
A sound reminder of our love and Scott’s game.

For our home this year, a brand new bathroom.
No more avocado green, mold, and gloom.

Tyler, of course, we cannot keep up.
From nursing to the bottle to the sippy cup.
From just steps to a straight out sprint;
This kid can hit a ball, throw, bunt and kick!
His words have escalated from one or two;
He now converses, shakes hands and hugs you.

No year complete without a wedding or two;
Jenny sealed the deal and made Aunt Jenny for real!
With Tyler the ring bearer all was well
Until someone let Scott toast them swell.

Down south we love to get visitors to see;
And this year Cousin Jimmy came to see me!
Even Aunt Carla and Uncle Chuck made it by
So we cleaned up the house and she whipped out a pie!

Soon after, off to Iowa I went
With Tyler, his 5th free ride on a Jet!
Great Grandma threw Tyler a GREAT BIRTHDAY PARTY!
With Fire trucks and friends he turned two alrighty.

No turkeys were spared for Thanksgiving this year.
From Iowa, Grandma and Granddad A. came here.

….and this just in COMING SOON! COMING SOON!
Tyler in May will be a big brother…KABOOM!

This year we are spending Christmas in Savannah
With our new tree, gifts, and Tyler might seek Santa
The forecast is 64 degrees and a chance of rain…oh boy
Not like the white Christmas many of you will enjoy.

We hope your year has been as blessed as ours has been.
Remember the true reason for the season.
God sent His son for YOU!
Cherish this gift and share it with a few!

Merry Christmas!

Scott, Carrie, and Tyler
(and Chance, the cat)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler! (25th!!)

I can't believe I missed Tyler's birthday post! Well, we've celebrated in Iowa and Savannah now. We went to Grandma and Grandpa's here in Savannah for a taco/Mexican dinner, presents and cake/ice cream! Tyler got so many more great things including a new giraffe pillow and blanket embroidered with his name on it from Grandma S.! A 3 hole putting golf course from Uncle Rob, Aunt Amy, and cousins. A Lego dump truck from Matthew. A new Little Einstein Tub toy from Grandpa S. A Hot Wheel's Big Wheel from us, and a bubble blower lawn mower from Uncle Johne and Aunt Jenny!!! He go to wrestle with his 3 cousins and no one got hurt! His cousins love him so much and were least for now!Yesterday on his actual took Tyler to the Outlets!!! Oh, and we forgot snacks and a stroller...oops! Grandma treated him to a rental stroller that was a CAR and he had a blast!!!

I am so proud of my 2 year old! He has developed into such a sweet fun loving boy that never ceases to amaze me and make me smile. He gets cuter and cuter every day! He has gone almost 48 hours without the sight of a paci. Last night was a little tougher to get him to sleep. My strategy is to get him really tired...let him stay up a little later so he'll just sleep. Last night we might have pushed that button. I've decided, even though Scott thinks it's unreasonable, to just go cold turkey and out of sight out of mind. I'm really hoping today's nap goes well though...cause I need a nap...we may just have to snuggle!

He's saying more and more words everyday.

sssss=snack or sucker
um=cat (don't know where that came from but it may be him saying meow backwards??)
calls all animals by the sound they make (ruff, moo, neigh...etc.)
Loves Little Einsteins...
Loves books
book=book (we got that one right)

He LOVES to Fish and go on the boat with his daddy. Play golf around the yard. He is still loves to torment the cat on a daily basis. He loves to watch Curious George in the morning. He eats banana's, grapes, applesauce, green beans, shrimp, fish, chicken, hot dogs, CHEESE, milk, apple juice, yogurt, chips, fries, chips, suckers, mac n cheese, bread, crackers, short bread cookies, cake, raisins, pizza, anything with cheese on it...hmm...that's about it. I feel like he eats the same thing everyday, but at least i give him a daily vitamin.

Happy Birthday my little boy.
I will love you forever,
I will like you always,
as long as I'm living,
my baby you'll be. (from a book but I sing it to him pretty much every night!)


Monday, November 16, 2009

Tyler's Birthday Party

Tyler's Great Grandma threw him a firetruck birthday party yesterday. It was so much fun. His friend Karly was there and her little sister Brooke. His cousin Arianna was there along with all his Great Aunt's Carla, Chris, and Debbie and uncles Chuck and Tony, Grandma and Granddad, and Uncle (cousin) Jimmy and Ginny. Greatma's friends Mildred, Gertrude, and Dorothy even came! Gertrude made Tyler his birthday cake! It tasted so good! We had party music going such as Great Balls of Fire, The Electric Slide, and the Twist.I read the kids a firetruck book complete with real life effects (fire truck noises). We blew up 15 balloons for the kids to bat around and boy was that a hit! We danced, sang Wheels on the Bus, sang happy birthday, ate sloppy joe's, chicken nuggets, and yummy homemade cake.Then we opened some wonderful birthday gifts that included books, firetrucks (remote control, push, little people w/legos), a fishing pole, coloring mats, new footy PJ's, a nice collared shirt with jeans, candy land shapes game, and $5!!!!
We really had fun being with family and friends.

We even revealed some exciting news...........Tyler is going to be a big brother in May 2010. His t-shirt says, "My mom went to the OB....(a picture of 12wk ultrasound) and all I got was this stinkin' t-shirt." On the back it says COMING SOON MAY 2010. Rated G.
Tyler even points to the shirt and says baby. Although he has really no clue what all of that really means! May 25th is the due date. We've had 4 ultrasounds and even heard the heartbeat on Doppler at 10wks. We are very excited!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still here!

Wow...where does the time go? We have been having a blast here in Savannah and have enjoyed visitors from Iowa the last few weeks. My cousin Jimmy and his girlfriend Ginny came down and we entertained them with a taste of Savannah, some fishing, Tybee Beach, a Ghost Tour and of course River Street. A week later we did it all again with my Aunt Carla and Uncle Chuck (soon I will post a link to Carla's article about the trip) nothing like pawning off some writing to someone else. We even took a trip to Oatland Island (natural zoo) in Savannah for the first time. Tyler really liked it! It was a lot of walking though. Now Tyler knows what a wolf says....(hoooowwwwl at the moon). It's really cute to see him do it!

Last night we went to Patchville Halloween Event at Savannah Christian Church. There was WAY too much candy...but I really wish I would have stocked up on suckers though...seems to be Tyler's new favorite thing! We borrowed a fireman costume from his friend Coen (it was too big for him this year) and it is perfect on Tyler. At first putting it on was a little traumatic...but after I put a hose in his hand he was LOVING it!
Tyler is talking more and more each day. He finally says milk and more (he used to only sign those two) He still only signs all finished and thank you. We are working on it. He is really a sweet natured loving boy. Scott has been working really hard lately, always close to his phone anyway (addictive crackberry!) Scott and Tyler spend a lot of time together outside batting around balls, in the yard on the tractor lawn mower/sweeper and on trips to Lowe's of course. Tyler and I have many scheduled playdates, do errands together, push the elevator "butt" as he calls it. Pushing the button is a great thrill to a 2 year old! We hit the mall softplay at least once a week and we are still a regular at Kroger!
I can't believe he is going to be 2 in less than a month. He is at such a fun stage and I just love being his mom! Tyler and I are headed to Iowa in November and his Great Grandma is throwing him a fireman birthday party! Hence the fireman Halloween costume...why not double up? We are really looking forward to celebrating with friends and family. We are also getting his first haircut when we are in Iowa. Both Greatma and Grandma will be there to watch. Daddy has to stay back and work (plus I got my ticket with sky miles and Tyler is free until he officially turns 2 on Nov. 25th!) so he will see all the events via video camera!

Any questions?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Shower in Atlanta

We took a quick weekend trip to Atlanta this weekend for a baby shower. Our friends adopted a baby girl a month ago. Her name is Chloe Morgan. It is a really amazing story how God answered prayers and brought this baby to them after years of infertility. They were chosen by word of mouth and it was a private adoption. She was born August 18th and came home from the hospital straight to Clete and Jan's home. She is truly precious and a gift from God. It was great to see them as parents! Here is Tyler and I with the Chloe! and Jan and I at her baby shower above.

This week is a busy week as I prepare to take a MOPS trip to Nashville, TN. We leave Thursday 1pm and don't get back until late Sunday night. The boys will be home all weekend by themselves. Although I will miss them dearly, I am excited for this trip and getting away from home a few days to be a girl (not a mom, not a wife) just a girl!
On another note: I want to ask you all for prayer for marriages in general. It seems Satan is on the attack in Savannah and trying to destroy marriages. I pray that each married couple fights for their marriage and does not let the evil one get a foothold. I love this verse and live by it:
Ephesians 4:26-27 "In your anger do not sin": Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. and do not give the devil a foothold.
We must pray for healing, repentance, and restoration in these marriages.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Summer fun looking forward to fall!

Wow, even though I don't work and my child is not in school, I could definitely tell it was summer and am ready to fall into a routine. I'm hoping MOPS does that for me (it starts next week!). We've had such a fun summer and lots of activities. Tyler is so much fun and loves the outdoors, swimming and the boat. Everyday he amazes me, a few weeks ago I was sitting at my vanity getting ready and he took my deodorant and lifted up his shirt and pretended to put it on (just like mommy does). I laughed and almost cried at the same time...those are the moments that make me so thankful that I get to stay home with him!

Updates on Tyler (now 21 months old!!)
-says NO! (still kind of cute...but getting more defiant at the same time)
-says boat, duck, truck, calls a cat....oem (i practice me...ow) but he can't get it right
-says juice and goes to the refrigerator to get juice or milk out himself!
-throws cat food at the cat (gets a spanking!)
-loves tormenting the cat and giggles (yesterday he got bit indentations of cat fangs (didn't break the skin though)
-I bought him a tennis racket and he hits balls all over the yard
-pretty good napper (~3 hrs from 12:30-3:30ish) uses his passie still for sleeping
-his first letter is O. he points out every O he sees on signs.
-we watch GPB everyday and learn letters with Wyatt...On Super Why!
-walk his stroller all over the yard.
-loves puddles and throwing rocks in them
-favorite food...CHEESE PWEESE!
-does great in the nursery at church...jumps into the persons arms when we drop him off...but gets impatient if we take too long picking him up...because he can see other kids are being picked up.
-wears size 8 shoes now and wears 2T clothes
-smells with his nose when he "signs" flower
-blows his nose when we tell him blow...that is huge!
-i just bought him size 5 diapers! at his 18month visit he was off the charts for both weight and height. most people can't believe he's not 2 yet!
-getting better everyday about letting me brush his teeth!
Anyways, we also been going on bike rides and even a family bike ride one Saturday morning. We've had many dock parties with volleyball, water skiing, fishing, Scott even got his sunfish sail boat in the water once (then it rained). We really enjoyed being at home and playing outside this summer! The only traveling we did was our tennis weekend getaway. Tyler and I ventured to Statesboro to Splash 'n the Boro and chilled out in the lazy river.

MOPS starts next Tuesday and I'm so excited for what God is going to in our group! We have such a strong leadership team and so many awesome women! I'm also glad Tyler's nap schedule conforms this year to the time frame. I'm playing women's doubles on Thursday mornings thanks to my babysitting co-op. Every Thursday I have from 8:30 -12 without Tyler...except the 4th Thursday where I watch all the kids! It's really fun and great for me, especially with tennis!
This fall we have a lot going on:
-MOPS and MOPS convention in Sept in Nashville, TN
-Aunt Carla and Uncle Chuck visiting in October
-possibly cousin Jimmy and Ginny visiting in October
-Tyler and I going to Iowa in November (before he turns 2...and using my sky miles!!)
- Grandma and Granddad A. and Bert(dog) coming for Thanksgiving!
-Scott's best buddy Tim getting married in December!
Lot of life to look forward to! I love it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

(we are the team on the left!)
Scott and I took a trip to Augusta, GA this weekend for my mixed doubles state tournament. We decided to take the trip without Tyler (thanks to the help of his parents!). We had a really great time hanging out with my doubles partner and his girlfriend. We met lots of people from different teams and had a really great time just being together! We went out to eat Saturday at PF Chang' was so good! I love the lettuce wraps! My partner and I won four out of five matches...we lost today...guess we were getting tired! We even got to play on stadium court until it started raining! It really made me motivated to get in better shape and play more tennis. Did I mention we had a GREAT time???

We definitely missed Tyler though and can't wait to see him tonight! I heard him saying mommy and mama on the phone and it made my heart smile knowing that he still knows who we are and that he misses and remembers us.

A few hours later: Our homecoming was so heartwarming. When Tyler saw us he jumped out of his seat and hugged us and hugged us and hugged us some more. It was really sweet and it almost brought tears to our eyes. He was SO HAPPY to see us and be with us again. Everything about this weekend was perfect!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Firestation Field Trip

WHAT A FUN DAY! Tyler was a little timid and didn't really want to participate that much...I had to be "crazy" mom to get these few photos of him and the fireman and firewoman. I tried several times to get him to work the fire hose and I also put him up in the truck to pretend drive (which he does ALL the time in our cars!) and he was too scared. :(. Overall a good experience and can't wait to do it again when he's older!

Tyler's Bathroom


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Awesome Pictures

Scott looks a little crabby, don't you think?
Tyler thinks bubbles taste good!

These pictures were taken by Kyle Johnson. They are quite amazing!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Flag and other randoms pictures

We finally got our Flag up in front of our house, just in time for July 4th!

Tyler and I spend almost everyday at our neighbors pool. I can't believe I can actually let go of him in the water. We got this vest and some floaties from Rob and Amy, ones their boys used to wear. They work perfect and if I say to Tyler, "Do you want to go swimming?" He says, "Wee!" (he must speak french!) and then runs to get the vest on.He's also great at putting on the life vest when going onto the dock to do whatever kind of fishing he thinks he's doing. What a relief that he actually likes to wear it and he knows he has to put it on before we go on the dock.

Aunt Jenny took this picture of him while babysitting him one night. She also made a father's day card for Scott with this picture on it...very cute. He even wakes up now with bed head, he's getting so much hair! Almost time for a hair cut!

We find many turtles around our yard and walking across the street. I think we should put one of those signs up that says, TURTLE CROSSING. Here is one that Tyler found recently. I guess they are laying eggs because a few weeks ago I accidentally dug up some eggs in our flower bed.
I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July holiday. You know where we'll be....on the water...I might try some wake boarding tomorrow and see how many times I can make a fool of myself!

Monday, June 29, 2009

June 26th was my birthday!

I had a wonderful birthday day! It started early with breakfast with the best french toast at the Original Pancake House! Both my sister-in-laws were there, my brother, my mother-in-law, our 3 nephews, Scott's brother, and of course the three of us. It was so good! They even served a hot apple pancake for my birthday for all of us to share. It was just like apple pie! I really appreciated all of them getting up so early to celebrate with me, it was perfect. The rest of the day I went to a movie with a few friends and saw My Sister's Keeper and of course cried the whole way through the movie. I just finished reading the book so of course I had to compare. It was really good with only a few changes. I can't reveal anything else...otherwise I'd ruin it for everyone who wants to see it. Later that day I had some of my MOPS leadership team over to watch the sunset and eat dessert (which was a homemade birthday cake and they sang to me!). It was fun being around great friends. Scott was fantastic and let me hang out with my friends and took care of Tyler. He tried really hard to get me my birthday wish which was a new mailbox, but it just didn't work out...yet! My grandma sent me a great package with some summery fake flowers that I can put in a vase and they will stay pretty forever! And I also got lots of shopping money that I can spend on tennis shoes, skirts, tank tops, summer dresses...YIPPEE! I am just so thankful for a great family and friends! I am truly blessed!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

HMMMM...oops missed the father's day post. We had a wonderful father's day here in Savannah with steak and potatoes at our house. I missed my dad in Iowa, but I know he had another great day on the golf course...probably day dreaming about his days to come lounging on the deck in the hot sun on his new green lounge beach chair. Scott's dad wasn't feeling great all day but toughed it out and came for dinner at our house. For father's day he got new brake pads installed on his car. Scott said, "if you were my son driving around on these brakes, you would have been grounded!" Scott took care of his dad by installing them himself in the hot hot sun. We love spoiling our dads. We are so blessed having such wonderful dads in our lives.

Tyler enjoyed yelling "daddy!" all day (like always) he can't seem to get enough of daddy time lately. They enjoyed some time on the dock fishing (Tyler's favorite) not so favorite when it's time to go in though (terrible 2's coming out). I know Scott is so proud to be his daddy and I'm so lucky to have him as a husband and father to our child!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Four Years...of Memories

Today is our Anniversary! Four wonderful years, here are some of my favorite memories!
Year 1: (Picture of the house before we closed!)Our First Home together in Annapolis, MD. It was the best deal in Annapolis! Mom and Dad S visit and help us get started on home improvements by teaching us how to tile. The beginning and end of my tile career! Working hard on home improvements while hanging out with friends. Young married small group. Eating big dinners in front of the TV and having them devoured in less than five minutes! Renting movies from the Red Box. Going to Paris for New Years. Watching American Idol. My brother living with us for the summer. Riding our bikes to Hillsmere park. Putting the jet ski boat in the water to go to the city docks to have crab dip. Happy Hour with Guess the weight of the lobster and free appetizers from 5-7pm. M-F. (can't remember the name of the place??) Getting let go from Maytag together. White water rapids in West Virginia.

Year 2: My surprise 26th GOLDEN birthday with Mom A. and friends! Lobster season in the Keys with my brother. Transitioning from Annapolis-Savannah. Living with your parents. Lots of golf. Unemployed for 4-5 months. Buying an auction house in Ohio??? Spent lots of time in Ohio with Grandma B. Labor Day fun day on the water at Rob and Amy's Dock. Finding new small group, haunted house and spanky's outing. Securing new jobs in Savannah. 4 weeks of training in NY. Christmas in Iowa and then trip to the keys. Superbowl party with fun prizes. Got pregnant with Tyler. Mystery Dinner.

Year 3:

July babymoon to the Keys. The purple car. Remodeling carport into master bedroom/bath/office 3 months before Tyler was born. Knocking down the outside wall. Jackhammer going for 12 straight hours for the bathroom pipes! Tyler is born! Lots of guests (Mom/Dad A. and JJ)! New roommates, my brother and his fiance (now wife). Discovered overflowed septic tank that we didn't know we had? Lot of visitors and guests (Dad A, Chris, Greatma, Debbie, Mom A, Jill). Sold condo in Richmond. Went down to one income so I could stay home with Tyler. Dinner at 606 East babysitters at home.

Year 4: 10 year high school reunion in Iowa (Tyler crawls). Water skiing/wake boarding all summer long. Halloween with an 11 month old. Tyler's 1st birthday party. Christmas in Iowa and SNOW was on the ground for Christmas! Bringing in 2009 with Friends.Spring Break in Myrtle Beach with Mom and Dad S. Golf at The Wizard. Tyler's first Easter Egg Hunt. Johnny and Jenny's wedding in Iowa. Tonight we are baby-free with shopping, dinner out, sleeping in tomorrow thanks to Mom and Dad S letting Tyler spend the night.

I have had a blast these past four years and can't wait our fifth year even better. I pray that we always look to God for guidance in our marriage and parenting. I loved you then , I love you now and I love you always.