Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road Trip days 1-3

After we finally got out of Savannah, after church we had to head back to house and button up a few things, no real rush though anyways, so not a big deal. We were off and we landed at Stone Mountain right on time to meet Ron there at 6pm! We purchased some train tickets and headed to the train station to ride the train around the whole mountain. Both Tyler and Myla were so good and enjoyed the ride and maybe just NOT being in carseats for once. There were a few moments that I was concerned about Myla sticking her face and hands out the train railings, but she looked so cute with her little hairs blowing in the wind and being so happy. The storm clouds were rolling in and we were so smart to jump on the train first thing, because I think it was the last train ride for the night because as we sat down to eat the sky fell out and it poured! We were under an awning of course and devoured a whole pepperoni pizza, fruit cup, and I got a chocolate pudding parfait (for my birthday, yes, they sang for me too :)). Soon the rain let up and we were wondering if the laser light show would be canceled, everyone that worked in the park so NO, they won't cancel the light show. So we headed over to find our spot on the grassy lawn. Music was playing, Tyler got a glow in the dark sword, Myla walked her stroller for like 2 miles in a circle! Finally, after a dozen advertisements the light show started with fireworks of course and Tyler got scared, but not as scared as usual. He sat in daddy's lap and Myla in mommy's. The show was revamped recently and was in 3D, it was so cool, they used the carving several times and shadows, rock and dust falling off the side of the mountain as they carved it out, the whole horse coming out and running with the confederate soldiers on. They played a bunch of GA themed songs and songs by artist who were from GA. Of course they played The Devil went to GA, and also the star spangled banner. It was really neat and the perfect Birthday celebration for me on my birthday. Myla fell asleep during the show, Tyler on the contrary stayed up til 1am once we got to Ron's house.

The next morning (after no sleep) we headed to TN. Once we got there, Tyler was ready to play outside and he golfed and showed off his swing to Uncle John and Aunt Rose. Aunt Rose gave me a tour of the house, which was so perfect for them. We ate an early lunch for them...they are 15 miles west of the central eastern time cut off, so it was only 10:30am their time when we got there, but 11:30 to us :). Scott and Uncle John headed out to golf, Tyler was upset until the miracle worker Rose stepped up, changed his mind and entertained him outside, even seeing daddy go by on hole number 4, and wore him out to a sleepy slumber. Myla and I were passed out in the bedroom for like 3 hours! When I woke up I thought for sure something bad had happened to Rose and Tyler because I never heard them! The boys got rained out with a big thunderstorm and only played 13 holes, but seemed to have a good time. Aunt Rose spoiled us with a huge Pot Roast dinner and it was delicious!

We walked down to the golf course and Uncle John brought out the money toy, a fishing pole for Tyler! Myla crawled around and Tyler fished and then we came in to wash up and put the kids down for bed...and then we followed soon after.
Tuesday was my turn to play golf and it was raining...but we went anyways, i was determined! It rained pretty steady for the first 6 holes and then let up. It was not good golf on my part, at one time the club slipped out of my hands luckily on the downswing! John played good and we had a good time. While we were golfing Scott and Aunt Rose took the kids to an indoor swimming pool to tire the kids out for our next big drive. (It worked for Myla, she's been sleeping almost 3 hours now...I think maybe 4 with the time change??) Anyways, we had leftover pot roast for lunch (yummy) and then packed up and now we are headed to Cincinnati to stay with some old Savannah Small Group friends, Elisa and Greg! So excited!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Anniversary and Birthday presents...

June 18th was our 6th Anniversary! Wow, life is good. I am blessed to have such an amazing husband and daddy to our kids. Our family feels complete with Tyler and Myla and I have never felt more joy and peace in life! As the weaning process continues, one of my wishes this year was to have a night (or two) out somewhere, by myself, to do whatever I want, when I want...mainly read, nap, get some sun, sleep consecutive hours (amount to be determined). I haven't received that gift yet, but it will happen. Not at a hotel, or a spa, just somewhere other than home with kids and housework.

And then, yesterday I turned 31. Happy Birthday to me :).

Anyways, other happenings around our house constitute some more wishes come true. We are sealing up our house and painting the outside. Caulking and replacing rotten eves has never felt so good! We also had 5 pine trees cut down, one being the biggest Savannah Pine that they've ever seen or cut down!

The trunk was the size of a kitchen table. It was really amazing watching them so high up in the air. They surely don't get paid enough! We are also making plans to close in our rickety old carport next to our shed. If that happens, Scott's office will move out there and we will have covered shelter for bikes, strollers, toys, etc. And I'm sure all of our neighbors will be excited not to see our junk! We ALSO had a guy give us a quote to add onto the back of our house, adding an upstairs bonus room, guest bedroom and living area. Trying not to get my hopes up, but a bonus room would really be a dream come true...a place for all the toys!

The biggest and best birthday present is what I'm currently experiencing. Only one day into a THREE week family vacation trek across the Midwest to see family and friends! Here is the plan: Kick off in Atlanta hanging out at Stone Mountain with Ron. Going on a train ride and seeing the laser light show. Then heading to TN to stay with Uncle John and Aunt Rose on June 27th to play a round of golf, headed to OH, possibly seeing friends Elisa and Greg on June 28th and then getting in late staying with Aunt Cris and Uncle Jeff for 2-3 nights, headed to MI on July 1st and staying with Uncle Leonard and Aunt Deb at the Antique Barn, headed to IA on July 2nd stopping to visit cousin Steffanie and headed on to my parents house. We will be in IA for a week leaving on July 11th for St Louis, staying with Brian and Marie Jobe, headed to ATL with a possible overnight stop in Nashville (at least an activity...any ideas?). We'll be staying in ATL 1-2 nights with Jan and Clete and then headed back home to Savannah. WOW this is going to be an adventure with a one year old and 3 1/2 year old!

Plans are all flexible and the BLOG plan is to update every few days with the happenings! Tyler is really starting to be excited about things and remembering things. We just left Atlanta and are headed to the mountains of Tennessee!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bathtime Comparisons...


June is full of birthday's and anniversaries. I have to keep on my toes! We have 3 birthdays, our anniversary and father's day.

Aunt Cris and Uncle Jeff came to visit us so we've spent the last 3 nights hanging out with them. Cookout Saturday night and The Shell House and frozen treats at our house tonight. Tyler said after everyone left, "I don't want my friends to leave." We keep telling him they are family and cousins, but friends works too I guess.

I hosted my first bunco party here Friday night, there will be new rules next year for people NOT participating in the theme. Amy subbed for me and was the only other one in a bathing suit/cover up! I got a bunch of Beach themed prizes and everyone seemed to have a good time. I'm not the most graceful host so it wasn't perfect. Maybe one day when I don't have kids I'll do better. Amy saved me by coming early and helping me with dinner!

I am in the process of weaning Myla and down to 2-3 feedings only between 8pm and 7am and no feedings during the day, she drinks organic whole milk (something I feel is best for my little girl). She is also getting here 2nd molar on top and is quite screamy! She screams all the time! And this usually makes Tyler scream too, yes, I may go crazy before this is all over!

Tyler finished a week long run of semi-private swimming lessons Friday. He did so good going under water, which he doesn't really like, and kicking. He even stayed under for starfish, starfish, starfish! He looks so cute in his goggles. I hope by the end of the summer he thinks it's more fun to go under water and kick and swim. Myla really loves the water...and it really good at going underwater for a dip. She also likes sitting on the side and leaning into me, going under, and crawling out of the side. She likes playing on the steps with toys too.

Jenny took her 1 year pictures in the last few weeks and they turned out really great. We took them at The Botanical Garden in Savannah. Even though she wasn't really in the mood Jenny captured some really precious shots of her and once again it's tough for me to decide which ones to order.

It's official, Scott is no longer a Real Estate Agent...........he is a licensed Broker! I am so proud of him, he passed both the class test and state exam without cracking a book! He's just been so busy, but he has so much experience and knowledge that it just comes natural to him. I love seeing him so passionate about his work!

We are getting our house painted and sealed, yes we are painting the brick and so far it looks really great. Scott picked out the colors and we got approval from family so far on how it looks. Can't wait to post pictures...still need to do a post about taking out 5 HUGE pine trees out of our yard!

There is so much happening here and taking care of 2 little ones, it is quite exhausting but exciting all in all. I love our family and am blessed beyond all measure! Praise the Lord!