Monday, June 27, 2011

My Anniversary and Birthday presents...

June 18th was our 6th Anniversary! Wow, life is good. I am blessed to have such an amazing husband and daddy to our kids. Our family feels complete with Tyler and Myla and I have never felt more joy and peace in life! As the weaning process continues, one of my wishes this year was to have a night (or two) out somewhere, by myself, to do whatever I want, when I want...mainly read, nap, get some sun, sleep consecutive hours (amount to be determined). I haven't received that gift yet, but it will happen. Not at a hotel, or a spa, just somewhere other than home with kids and housework.

And then, yesterday I turned 31. Happy Birthday to me :).

Anyways, other happenings around our house constitute some more wishes come true. We are sealing up our house and painting the outside. Caulking and replacing rotten eves has never felt so good! We also had 5 pine trees cut down, one being the biggest Savannah Pine that they've ever seen or cut down!

The trunk was the size of a kitchen table. It was really amazing watching them so high up in the air. They surely don't get paid enough! We are also making plans to close in our rickety old carport next to our shed. If that happens, Scott's office will move out there and we will have covered shelter for bikes, strollers, toys, etc. And I'm sure all of our neighbors will be excited not to see our junk! We ALSO had a guy give us a quote to add onto the back of our house, adding an upstairs bonus room, guest bedroom and living area. Trying not to get my hopes up, but a bonus room would really be a dream come true...a place for all the toys!

The biggest and best birthday present is what I'm currently experiencing. Only one day into a THREE week family vacation trek across the Midwest to see family and friends! Here is the plan: Kick off in Atlanta hanging out at Stone Mountain with Ron. Going on a train ride and seeing the laser light show. Then heading to TN to stay with Uncle John and Aunt Rose on June 27th to play a round of golf, headed to OH, possibly seeing friends Elisa and Greg on June 28th and then getting in late staying with Aunt Cris and Uncle Jeff for 2-3 nights, headed to MI on July 1st and staying with Uncle Leonard and Aunt Deb at the Antique Barn, headed to IA on July 2nd stopping to visit cousin Steffanie and headed on to my parents house. We will be in IA for a week leaving on July 11th for St Louis, staying with Brian and Marie Jobe, headed to ATL with a possible overnight stop in Nashville (at least an activity...any ideas?). We'll be staying in ATL 1-2 nights with Jan and Clete and then headed back home to Savannah. WOW this is going to be an adventure with a one year old and 3 1/2 year old!

Plans are all flexible and the BLOG plan is to update every few days with the happenings! Tyler is really starting to be excited about things and remembering things. We just left Atlanta and are headed to the mountains of Tennessee!


Jenny said...

Glad I could give you the idea to blog on the way! :) Have fun!!

Carrie and Scott said...

yes, and it's nice having internet in the car to do it while we are driving :).