Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road Trip days 1-3

After we finally got out of Savannah, after church we had to head back to house and button up a few things, no real rush though anyways, so not a big deal. We were off and we landed at Stone Mountain right on time to meet Ron there at 6pm! We purchased some train tickets and headed to the train station to ride the train around the whole mountain. Both Tyler and Myla were so good and enjoyed the ride and maybe just NOT being in carseats for once. There were a few moments that I was concerned about Myla sticking her face and hands out the train railings, but she looked so cute with her little hairs blowing in the wind and being so happy. The storm clouds were rolling in and we were so smart to jump on the train first thing, because I think it was the last train ride for the night because as we sat down to eat the sky fell out and it poured! We were under an awning of course and devoured a whole pepperoni pizza, fruit cup, and I got a chocolate pudding parfait (for my birthday, yes, they sang for me too :)). Soon the rain let up and we were wondering if the laser light show would be canceled, everyone that worked in the park so NO, they won't cancel the light show. So we headed over to find our spot on the grassy lawn. Music was playing, Tyler got a glow in the dark sword, Myla walked her stroller for like 2 miles in a circle! Finally, after a dozen advertisements the light show started with fireworks of course and Tyler got scared, but not as scared as usual. He sat in daddy's lap and Myla in mommy's. The show was revamped recently and was in 3D, it was so cool, they used the carving several times and shadows, rock and dust falling off the side of the mountain as they carved it out, the whole horse coming out and running with the confederate soldiers on. They played a bunch of GA themed songs and songs by artist who were from GA. Of course they played The Devil went to GA, and also the star spangled banner. It was really neat and the perfect Birthday celebration for me on my birthday. Myla fell asleep during the show, Tyler on the contrary stayed up til 1am once we got to Ron's house.

The next morning (after no sleep) we headed to TN. Once we got there, Tyler was ready to play outside and he golfed and showed off his swing to Uncle John and Aunt Rose. Aunt Rose gave me a tour of the house, which was so perfect for them. We ate an early lunch for them...they are 15 miles west of the central eastern time cut off, so it was only 10:30am their time when we got there, but 11:30 to us :). Scott and Uncle John headed out to golf, Tyler was upset until the miracle worker Rose stepped up, changed his mind and entertained him outside, even seeing daddy go by on hole number 4, and wore him out to a sleepy slumber. Myla and I were passed out in the bedroom for like 3 hours! When I woke up I thought for sure something bad had happened to Rose and Tyler because I never heard them! The boys got rained out with a big thunderstorm and only played 13 holes, but seemed to have a good time. Aunt Rose spoiled us with a huge Pot Roast dinner and it was delicious!

We walked down to the golf course and Uncle John brought out the money toy, a fishing pole for Tyler! Myla crawled around and Tyler fished and then we came in to wash up and put the kids down for bed...and then we followed soon after.
Tuesday was my turn to play golf and it was raining...but we went anyways, i was determined! It rained pretty steady for the first 6 holes and then let up. It was not good golf on my part, at one time the club slipped out of my hands luckily on the downswing! John played good and we had a good time. While we were golfing Scott and Aunt Rose took the kids to an indoor swimming pool to tire the kids out for our next big drive. (It worked for Myla, she's been sleeping almost 3 hours now...I think maybe 4 with the time change??) Anyways, we had leftover pot roast for lunch (yummy) and then packed up and now we are headed to Cincinnati to stay with some old Savannah Small Group friends, Elisa and Greg! So excited!

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Jenny said...

Thanks for keeping it updated so far!! I miss you guys already!!!