Sunday, June 12, 2011


June is full of birthday's and anniversaries. I have to keep on my toes! We have 3 birthdays, our anniversary and father's day.

Aunt Cris and Uncle Jeff came to visit us so we've spent the last 3 nights hanging out with them. Cookout Saturday night and The Shell House and frozen treats at our house tonight. Tyler said after everyone left, "I don't want my friends to leave." We keep telling him they are family and cousins, but friends works too I guess.

I hosted my first bunco party here Friday night, there will be new rules next year for people NOT participating in the theme. Amy subbed for me and was the only other one in a bathing suit/cover up! I got a bunch of Beach themed prizes and everyone seemed to have a good time. I'm not the most graceful host so it wasn't perfect. Maybe one day when I don't have kids I'll do better. Amy saved me by coming early and helping me with dinner!

I am in the process of weaning Myla and down to 2-3 feedings only between 8pm and 7am and no feedings during the day, she drinks organic whole milk (something I feel is best for my little girl). She is also getting here 2nd molar on top and is quite screamy! She screams all the time! And this usually makes Tyler scream too, yes, I may go crazy before this is all over!

Tyler finished a week long run of semi-private swimming lessons Friday. He did so good going under water, which he doesn't really like, and kicking. He even stayed under for starfish, starfish, starfish! He looks so cute in his goggles. I hope by the end of the summer he thinks it's more fun to go under water and kick and swim. Myla really loves the water...and it really good at going underwater for a dip. She also likes sitting on the side and leaning into me, going under, and crawling out of the side. She likes playing on the steps with toys too.

Jenny took her 1 year pictures in the last few weeks and they turned out really great. We took them at The Botanical Garden in Savannah. Even though she wasn't really in the mood Jenny captured some really precious shots of her and once again it's tough for me to decide which ones to order.

It's official, Scott is no longer a Real Estate Agent...........he is a licensed Broker! I am so proud of him, he passed both the class test and state exam without cracking a book! He's just been so busy, but he has so much experience and knowledge that it just comes natural to him. I love seeing him so passionate about his work!

We are getting our house painted and sealed, yes we are painting the brick and so far it looks really great. Scott picked out the colors and we got approval from family so far on how it looks. Can't wait to post pictures...still need to do a post about taking out 5 HUGE pine trees out of our yard!

There is so much happening here and taking care of 2 little ones, it is quite exhausting but exciting all in all. I love our family and am blessed beyond all measure! Praise the Lord!

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