Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tyler on the Rocking Horse

This Rocking Horse came from our awesome neighbors who have a 9 year old son. It's really great to see how much fun he is having with it. He has climbed up all by himself our amazement! He is really growing into a little boy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adventures in Mothering

Tyler and I had a great day today. Started off by heading to the local library for a little story time. Tyler didn't know what to think of it...and was pretty much hanging on to me the first 10 minutes. But it was really fun. Today's topic was ducks...which was perfect because it's his favorite song in the car: one little duck with a feather on his hat...he led the others with a QUACK QUACK QUACK! Anyways, after the story we did Head and Shoulder Knees and Toes. And then Where is Thumpkin? She read another story about ducks (both were counting stories). Then she got out the CD player and some music instruments and played the dance song FREEZE. The kids dance and get really loud with their tambourines, but then listen for the singer to say FREEZE. Tyler really liked that and I'm trying to teach him to shake more when he dances. There was a goodbye song and then it was time to get a sticker. Tyler didn't like the sticker though...he was the only one who cried. The other moms thought it was adorable. I thought it was jammed pack for 30 minutes of free entertainment. Anyways, we will definitely be back and we can't wait for the brand new library to open up (1 mile from our house!!!).

Then after nap time we headed out for some errands and stopped at McDonald's to enjoy his FREE small cone Valentine from a friend. He wasn't too interested in the cone...but enjoyed drinking the big boy water out of a straw. They have a play land, so I thought we'd check it out. We (14 month old and mom) scaled the play land up the circle twisted stairs and through many tunnels, steps, and obstacles and FINALLY went down the slide (which shocked us all the way down). I have to tell you I was getting a little claustrophobic while I was crawling through the tubes and tunnels. (I will have to take my camera and let you all get the full effect of what actually went down today). And Tyler would not I had to push him along a little just to get out of there. I would say it was quite adventurous for me...and I will never do it again. I guess that's why it says ages 3-12. Maybe you can do it on your own in a few years, cuz this mom is not doing that again! He enjoyed it and thankfully he enjoyed chasing the birds more than doing the whole thing again.

And then yesterday was yet a whole other adventure of feeding the ducks, seagulls, and pigeons at Lake Mayer. Oh my...I really thought my/our life was in danger! I had 5-10 seagulls hovering right over my head (like 1-2 feet away, I could have reached up and grabbed them) and at the same time Tyler had these huge ducks with their beaks right in his face. I kept having to lift Tyler up and move him...and with the other 4 hands throw the bread crumbs every which way. It should have been a scene it a was pretty funny, but scary too. I was beginning to think someone was going to have to rescue us...I only had 3 stale pieces of bread! Tyler LOVED it and chased those birds every which way...laughing and screaming the whole time...he did not want it to end.

So much fun...and many memories.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

We had a wonderful evening ALONE! Yep, Tyler had his first overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's house (without mommy and daddy!). Grandpa picked Tyler up after he got off work around 4pm and then it was OUR time to enjoy doing things we wanted to do. This may not seem that exciting to anyone but we played tennis for over an hour (Scott's favorite!) and then ate some sushi (bought earlier in the day from our favorite place at lunch price menu!) all I did was put it in the toaster oven for 5 minutes and it was perfect! They were crispy salmon they are served warm. Anyways, Scott got me my favorite Lindt milk chocolate truffles (he heard me gawking over a commercial!) and FREE set of pearl earrings! Oh, and a marriage proposal sweet! Anyways, I made him 2 BIG Cookies and a homemade card. We then got showered and dressed and headed to Wal-mart to get a Red Box movie (we tried to rent Fireproof from Blockbuster but after 4 years of renting $1 video's you can't all of the sudden rent a movie for $5.02!!!! Can you believe what they are charging now! I'm sure I embarrassed Scott as we walked out of there without a movie). Anyways, we rented a great love story called Though none Go with me. It was a made for TV movie, but perfect for Valentines Day. And also Mama Mia (for $2.14), which we watched this morning after a full course breakfast cooked by my sweet husband! And then it was already time to go pick up our sweet child.

Even though it was a mere 8 hours of Tyler's awake time we didn't have him, it was so worth the ability to do what we wanted (after 8pm) and sleep in ('til and then enjoy a morning breakfast together and a movie. You just can't do those things with a hyper 14 month old that wants your constant attention and needs to be fed, changed, and played with. Thank you to my awesome, fun, patient in-laws who agreed to take him for the night so we could enjoy Valentine's Day (1 night early) alone together.

When we picked him up he was happy as can be...he just sort of walked over to me and hugged me put was perfectly content. They said he did great and let them hold him and play and didn't get too whiny. I'm really happy it all worked out! And they said they didn't starve him, when we arrived he had a big string cheese in his mouth. I didn't have any doubts!

Thanks Lord for such awesome blessings and Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Bullet Point Happenings

* My good friends Sarah and Kenny had their baby boy on Wed. I got to see them at the hospital and now they are home and all are doing well. He is so sweet and can't wait to see more of him. (that's me holding the sweet thang!)

* Tyler is still only saying BALL...and now will wave bye...but only after the fact. He prepares WAY in advance for going down stairs. Like 10 feet in advance sometimes, it's pretty hilarious. He will even go down backwards over the tiniest little step. He loves the outdoors and just like any boy doesn't need any form of entertainment but nature itself. He already has eaten dirt twice! He found little red berries (don't worry I was watching him closely) and says ball. He loves the helicopters that fly over our house. He HATES loud piercing noises, including the door bell and runs and screams to mommy or daddy. His appetite is all over the place and can't really figure out what he likes or doesn't like because it's new everyday. So far what works best is banana's, grapes, canned green beans, cheesy eggs, graham crackers, anything sweet (of course), and good ol' oatmeal. He hasn't had a bottle in over a week now! He's drinking out of every kind of sippy cup and drinks best out of a straw. I still am horrible about brushing his teeth. He has cut his top molars (that was tough!). He still has extreme separation anxiety. He loves his rocking horse from our neighbors (video to follow) and can climb up all by himself. He is such a climber and thrill seeker. He has his 2nd cold in 2 weeks. URH! And he's developed quite the attachment to his lovey's and paci. It's really only right after he wakes up and wants to cuddle on the couch before playtime. When I get him out of the crib, he's already thrown both the lovey and paci I just bring him straight to the living room. Not a minute goes by before he's back in his room grabbing them both from the ground and walking back in the living room to cuddle. It's pretty sweet! He will only do his #2 duty with a fresh diaper. So much for trying to save that pee diaper, just change it so he will get it over with before it's time to go!
* This is our Annapolis home that is on the market.
* Scott is doing great and is my rock during the uncertainties of the market and everything else. God is really putting the right people in my path to get through these trials and praying for us.
* Not really much going that's why there hasn't been many posts. We are just kind of in a lull. We'll be back though!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dad's visit/Annapolis House

My dad came down last week to hang out with us. We had a great time, we had lunch down on River street on the coldest day in Savannah this year (I think) 30 something degrees. and then on Thursday Jenny came over and babysat while my dad and I went and played golf (I scored 107). Johne and dad spent the week installing new windows at their house and also played golf on Friday. Tyler came down with some type of cold/fever over the weekend. My dad came and watched me play tennis on Sunday. He left on Monday morning at 4:30am to get to Atlanta to play golf with a buddy. The life of a "independently wealthy" (minus the wealthy part) man! I'm so happy he's enjoying the retired life. Scott also brought him home an old scale from an office he calls on so he was excited to take that back home to Iowa. He drove through a few ice/snow storms to get back, so he said on Wed morning that he was getting ice chips off the scale (it was in the back of the truck). I hope it still works right! We had a great time with him here!

Scott is in Annapolis, MD right now working his tail off to get the house ready for the market. Our renters moved out last month and we have no choice but to brave the sunken market to get rid of it. We need lots of prayers that it sells quickly and for at least what we owe on it. I am so proud of Scott and all he can do in such a short period of time. I worry and pray for him that he stays strong and God keeps him encouraged and looking to Him for guidance.