Monday, February 09, 2009

Bullet Point Happenings

* My good friends Sarah and Kenny had their baby boy on Wed. I got to see them at the hospital and now they are home and all are doing well. He is so sweet and can't wait to see more of him. (that's me holding the sweet thang!)

* Tyler is still only saying BALL...and now will wave bye...but only after the fact. He prepares WAY in advance for going down stairs. Like 10 feet in advance sometimes, it's pretty hilarious. He will even go down backwards over the tiniest little step. He loves the outdoors and just like any boy doesn't need any form of entertainment but nature itself. He already has eaten dirt twice! He found little red berries (don't worry I was watching him closely) and says ball. He loves the helicopters that fly over our house. He HATES loud piercing noises, including the door bell and runs and screams to mommy or daddy. His appetite is all over the place and can't really figure out what he likes or doesn't like because it's new everyday. So far what works best is banana's, grapes, canned green beans, cheesy eggs, graham crackers, anything sweet (of course), and good ol' oatmeal. He hasn't had a bottle in over a week now! He's drinking out of every kind of sippy cup and drinks best out of a straw. I still am horrible about brushing his teeth. He has cut his top molars (that was tough!). He still has extreme separation anxiety. He loves his rocking horse from our neighbors (video to follow) and can climb up all by himself. He is such a climber and thrill seeker. He has his 2nd cold in 2 weeks. URH! And he's developed quite the attachment to his lovey's and paci. It's really only right after he wakes up and wants to cuddle on the couch before playtime. When I get him out of the crib, he's already thrown both the lovey and paci I just bring him straight to the living room. Not a minute goes by before he's back in his room grabbing them both from the ground and walking back in the living room to cuddle. It's pretty sweet! He will only do his #2 duty with a fresh diaper. So much for trying to save that pee diaper, just change it so he will get it over with before it's time to go!
* This is our Annapolis home that is on the market.
* Scott is doing great and is my rock during the uncertainties of the market and everything else. God is really putting the right people in my path to get through these trials and praying for us.
* Not really much going that's why there hasn't been many posts. We are just kind of in a lull. We'll be back though!

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LoveLladro said...

We've going through the eating issues... one day he loves it, the next he doesn't. it makes dinner time oh so interesting ;~) Adam made a ham and potato soup that I figured Chase would hate... he loves it... downs it by the mouthful... go figure!