Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dad's visit/Annapolis House

My dad came down last week to hang out with us. We had a great time, we had lunch down on River street on the coldest day in Savannah this year (I think) 30 something degrees. and then on Thursday Jenny came over and babysat while my dad and I went and played golf (I scored 107). Johne and dad spent the week installing new windows at their house and also played golf on Friday. Tyler came down with some type of cold/fever over the weekend. My dad came and watched me play tennis on Sunday. He left on Monday morning at 4:30am to get to Atlanta to play golf with a buddy. The life of a "independently wealthy" (minus the wealthy part) man! I'm so happy he's enjoying the retired life. Scott also brought him home an old scale from an office he calls on so he was excited to take that back home to Iowa. He drove through a few ice/snow storms to get back, so he said on Wed morning that he was getting ice chips off the scale (it was in the back of the truck). I hope it still works right! We had a great time with him here!

Scott is in Annapolis, MD right now working his tail off to get the house ready for the market. Our renters moved out last month and we have no choice but to brave the sunken market to get rid of it. We need lots of prayers that it sells quickly and for at least what we owe on it. I am so proud of Scott and all he can do in such a short period of time. I worry and pray for him that he stays strong and God keeps him encouraged and looking to Him for guidance.

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