Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

We had a wonderful evening ALONE! Yep, Tyler had his first overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's house (without mommy and daddy!). Grandpa picked Tyler up after he got off work around 4pm and then it was OUR time to enjoy doing things we wanted to do. This may not seem that exciting to anyone but we played tennis for over an hour (Scott's favorite!) and then ate some sushi (bought earlier in the day from our favorite place at lunch price menu!) all I did was put it in the toaster oven for 5 minutes and it was perfect! They were crispy salmon they are served warm. Anyways, Scott got me my favorite Lindt milk chocolate truffles (he heard me gawking over a commercial!) and FREE set of pearl earrings! Oh, and a marriage proposal sweet! Anyways, I made him 2 BIG Cookies and a homemade card. We then got showered and dressed and headed to Wal-mart to get a Red Box movie (we tried to rent Fireproof from Blockbuster but after 4 years of renting $1 video's you can't all of the sudden rent a movie for $5.02!!!! Can you believe what they are charging now! I'm sure I embarrassed Scott as we walked out of there without a movie). Anyways, we rented a great love story called Though none Go with me. It was a made for TV movie, but perfect for Valentines Day. And also Mama Mia (for $2.14), which we watched this morning after a full course breakfast cooked by my sweet husband! And then it was already time to go pick up our sweet child.

Even though it was a mere 8 hours of Tyler's awake time we didn't have him, it was so worth the ability to do what we wanted (after 8pm) and sleep in ('til and then enjoy a morning breakfast together and a movie. You just can't do those things with a hyper 14 month old that wants your constant attention and needs to be fed, changed, and played with. Thank you to my awesome, fun, patient in-laws who agreed to take him for the night so we could enjoy Valentine's Day (1 night early) alone together.

When we picked him up he was happy as can be...he just sort of walked over to me and hugged me put was perfectly content. They said he did great and let them hold him and play and didn't get too whiny. I'm really happy it all worked out! And they said they didn't starve him, when we arrived he had a big string cheese in his mouth. I didn't have any doubts!

Thanks Lord for such awesome blessings and Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

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