Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still here!

Wow...where does the time go? We have been having a blast here in Savannah and have enjoyed visitors from Iowa the last few weeks. My cousin Jimmy and his girlfriend Ginny came down and we entertained them with a taste of Savannah, some fishing, Tybee Beach, a Ghost Tour and of course River Street. A week later we did it all again with my Aunt Carla and Uncle Chuck (soon I will post a link to Carla's article about the trip) nothing like pawning off some writing to someone else. We even took a trip to Oatland Island (natural zoo) in Savannah for the first time. Tyler really liked it! It was a lot of walking though. Now Tyler knows what a wolf says....(hoooowwwwl at the moon). It's really cute to see him do it!

Last night we went to Patchville Halloween Event at Savannah Christian Church. There was WAY too much candy...but I really wish I would have stocked up on suckers though...seems to be Tyler's new favorite thing! We borrowed a fireman costume from his friend Coen (it was too big for him this year) and it is perfect on Tyler. At first putting it on was a little traumatic...but after I put a hose in his hand he was LOVING it!
Tyler is talking more and more each day. He finally says milk and more (he used to only sign those two) He still only signs all finished and thank you. We are working on it. He is really a sweet natured loving boy. Scott has been working really hard lately, always close to his phone anyway (addictive crackberry!) Scott and Tyler spend a lot of time together outside batting around balls, in the yard on the tractor lawn mower/sweeper and on trips to Lowe's of course. Tyler and I have many scheduled playdates, do errands together, push the elevator "butt" as he calls it. Pushing the button is a great thrill to a 2 year old! We hit the mall softplay at least once a week and we are still a regular at Kroger!
I can't believe he is going to be 2 in less than a month. He is at such a fun stage and I just love being his mom! Tyler and I are headed to Iowa in November and his Great Grandma is throwing him a fireman birthday party! Hence the fireman Halloween costume...why not double up? We are really looking forward to celebrating with friends and family. We are also getting his first haircut when we are in Iowa. Both Greatma and Grandma will be there to watch. Daddy has to stay back and work (plus I got my ticket with sky miles and Tyler is free until he officially turns 2 on Nov. 25th!) so he will see all the events via video camera!

Any questions?