Monday, September 17, 2007

Baby Tyler Ultrasound Pictures

We had another ultrasound today, this is Tyler at 30 weeks and 3 days, but measuring in at 32 weeks and already 4lbs. He's really looking great! It makes it all so real again. Only 9 weeks or so left...oh much to do....but can't wait meet him! Then again, he's pretty quiet in my tummy!

...and how is mom doing? Well, besides the hemorrhoids, body crashing after my morning breakfast (can't figure out if it's my blood sugar or blood pressure dropping), waking up absolutely starving in the middle of the night (we think it is so I know what the baby feels like when he wakes up every 2 hours to feed the first few weeks!), going to the bathroom every 10 minutes only to tinkle as Tyler clamps down on my urinary track, no sleeping position is comfortable, swollen ankles at the end of a long day...oh I'm not complaining or anything, I think I've had it pretty easy so far! Plus I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING PREGNANT! It's the best feeling in the world...I'm just a little nervous about delivery, oh I will cry and be scared.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Carport Project Update

I feel like there is not much going on but in reality there is OH SO MUCH going on in our world! Scott has been working really hard on our Carport Project (he has a contractor doing the plumbing, framing, and drywall), and me being the pregnant wife, I am trying to be the support system to keep him going. Although I must say, he keeps adding things to the list! Anyways, things are progressing and I am just taking in one day at a time!

Brief summary, we are turning our carport into a Master Bedroom, Closet, Master Bath, Laundry Closet, Office, and Water Heater Closet...all with newly run heating and air and new electric. And a few new windows and a front extension (one of the add-ons mid project!)

Carport Before-was used as an exercise room, laundry, and make shift office. Not very pretty huh? It's about 435 sq ft. Scott and I put our idea's on paper and came up with a blue print. It's really fun to see it all come together! Although walls sure do take up a lot of room!This front window was cracked and needed to be replaced, it was impossible to find the same size window so Scott said he'd have to re-frame the window and cut up into the siding. Here he is ripping out the old frame with dad watching.OOPS...Scott must have been letting off some HOME DEPOT frustration because before he knew it the whole wall came down! I was a little anxious about the whole thing...ok really freaked out! They decided that the wall was not built very well and had some rotting wood, so not only did they decide to rebuild the wall, they also decided to bump it out 3 feet! What! You have to build a roof?!?!?!?!Well, the next day, it turns out with some help from Uncle Greg until 12:oo am Sunday night, there is some structure to our new entrance, and it also gives it much more curb appeal.And finally, here is the window that started this whole process! Great job honey....and I only cried once!!! Obviously siding and a column needs to be added, and I think Scott has wires ready to install a light on each side of the window. Things are coming along.

This weekend they are hanging dry wall, because all the framing and plumbing is done! (and only 1 night without water!) We now have running water in the carport, I did 3 loads of laundry, Scott flushed the toilet, and ran the shower. Sorry but the framing pictures don't do justice to how cool everything is coming together, you'll have to wait for more finished project pictures! Maybe I'll figure out how to scan in our blue prints!

Only 70 more days until Baby Tyler enters our world...can we get it all done? Let's hope, it will really be great to have company over with 2 bathrooms instead of just 1. The next projects include the kitchen, original bathroom, deck, 2nd story with 2 more bedrooms and bathroom, and a garage with bonus/guest room. It may take 5 years or so, but it's a good list and fun to dream! As you can tell, we don't plan on moving!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Festivities

Yesterday the rain took a break around 2pm so our Small Group BBQ could have some outdoor activities. They guys played some football and the girls stayed inside. Here is a picture of Alan's new grill and the guys looking impressed with how many hotdogs and hamburgers were going to be cooked.

Ron came with us, but the true guest of honor was Jeff, who was back on leave from "The Iraq." Be safe Jeff!

Then today we woke up to a beautiful sky and sunshine, so we went and played 9 holes of golf. Here is Ron, playing from the BLUE tees.

Scott played from the WHITE tees, and his dad played from the GOLD tees. Here they are waiting for the players ahead of us, only 9 holes of the course was playable so there was quite a backup. It was good for me though, so I could walk slow and take breaks!

And finally here I am playing from the RED tees watching my drive. It wasn't my best of the day, but I finished with 1 par and a score of 55. Better than the time I played in Des Moines, but then again this course is not as tough as Echo Valley!

Well, we didn't get a chance to go water skiing this year due to the weather, but we enjoyed the sports on TV and everyone's company.
Happy Labor Day everyone!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Still Raining in Savannah

3rd morning in a row waking up to a steady down pour of rain. Scott says it has rained so much we now have water front property! J/K. Looks like another lazy day and a wet BBQ we are going to at 3pm with our Small Group from Church.
Scott and Ron try to figure out what we are going to watch on TV, with only 13 channels to choose from it is quite a challenge. At least tennis is on CBS again from 11-6pm.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Small Rainy Saturday Project

Scott wired up a ceiling fan for the living room today...what a handy man (We call that a small To Do List item! I'm so lucky) We've just been hanging out waiting for the rain to break on this Labor Day Weekend Saturday afternoon. We were hoping to get out on the water again this year, but the rain just won't stop. Actually, Scott and Ron just headed out to a golf course to try to squeeze 9 holes in before more rain/thunderstorms come. Me, I'm just relaxing watching some US Open Tennis.

28 wks

This is me after work on Friday, officially 28 weeks pregnant! (90 Day Plan remnants in the backyard)