Monday, January 31, 2011

Cousins Christmas

Christmas...yes, I know it's almost Feb (now Mar.). I wish I knew how to just get on here down load a pic or two and write a quick blog and get doesn't always takes an hour or so. So, here I go with another monster blog about our Christmas 2010 and Iowa trip:

It seemed as if our Christmas was never going to end...we started on Dec. 22nd with Early Christmas Eve at Scott's parents house. I am so thankful that Scott's family is so understanding and willing to accommodate us going to Iowa every other year for Christmas. I really liked the way it played out because we also got to have a real Christmas at our house on the 23rd just our family (Scott's parents joined us for breakfast too). We had a nice turkey dinner on the 22nd and opened a crazy amount of gifts from everyone and gave our gifts as well. It was really fun watching tyler open not only for him but for Myla too! Since Johne and Jenny weren't coming home to Iowa again this year for Christmas we had them join us too. It was really special for me to share a Christmas Eve with them too! Presents included tools and clothes for Scott, dishes and clothes and socks for me, all weather corntoss for myla and Tyler and lots of toys and babies for myla, cars and fishing games for Tyler. we had a blast.

Christmas morning (Sav) Tyler got a Thomas shaky bridge train set and myla got a ball popper toy. His face when he saw that Santa came was priceless, of course he went right to myla's toy first...go figure! We had breakfast with grandma and grandpa and then opened a few more gifts. Scott got lots of clothes and a special pillow (handmade from me:)). I got a new laptop (typing on right now) and a kitchen technology center...a TV in the kitchen to watch the news while Tyler watches his cartoons, this I think was from Tyler :). Tyler also painted me some pictures for Christmas. After all that fun was over we packed up and headed to Atlanta to spend the night at a hotel and catch a plane to Iowa for the rest of Christmas.

Everything worked out perfectly and we landed in Iowa around 11am for Christmas Eve celebration at my moms house with all the cousins! Our first mistake was putting Tyler down for a nap...he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and there were lots of people in the house and had quite an anxiety meltdown. but finally things calmed down after about an hour and pictures were taken. Tyler's cousin Lindsay sang me Santa's coming to town! She is only 4 months older than Tyler! I was impressed! Lindsay has a new baby sister Casey that was born on Tyler's birthday. Arianna was there and we were determined to get a picture of all the cousins in there Christmas attire...and they looked so cute! We did a cousins gift exchange (oldest to youngest...for the record) starting with Lindsay. And the rest of the night the kids played hide and seek (hiding in the same spot every time under the table). and throw up...yep...they threw up their stuffed animals all the way to the ceiling fan over and over again. After all the excitement I thought for sure we wouldn't play our annual Trivial Pursuit game....but the Adults rallied and we played! the kids even did some rolling. the guys won in quite a fast game...but it was the highlight of my Christmas Eve to play!

Christmas morning was even more fun with Tyler continuing to open gift after gift after gift. He also opened Myla's too!

the rest of the week was planned for more cousins events. Ice Skating with the grandma's, pool fun at Adventureland indoor hotel pool, New Years Eve at Aunt Chris's. Chris and Carla took all three kids to Jordan Creek soft play...yay for Maria and I! We celebrated New Years a little early somewhere between 8-8:15pm! Complete with pictures, horns, and hats! Since Scott was already back in Savannah and I still had quite a few babysitters I snuck away twice to see a movie: True Grit with my mom while Uncle Jimmy and Ginny babysat Tyler and Grandma babysat Myla AND Little Fockers with my grandma while my parents babysat. It was a great time in Iowa and Tyler really loved hanging out with Ernie and all the family.

Lindsay and Tyler-Pool Slide at Adventureland Hotel.

Relief from Ice Skating adventure with the grandma's.

Christmas morning robe!

Tyler's new buddy, Ernie.

Myla's bathtime at grandma and granddad's.

Ice Skating Adventure...Aunt Carla, Lindsay's grandma and tyler and grandma.

The famous hiding spot.

Grandma time in the morning.

Granddad time...napping.

Reading with Granddad.

Playing with new trainsets....lots of track!

SNOW in Iowa, playing with Gavin at his house in his snow suit we borrowed.

We made our trip to Aunt Debbie's school and had recess and ate lunch with her class. They all were so nice and loved the kids!

Myla in her winter gear watching Tyler play at recess.

Christmas morning with Uncle Jimmy and Ginny.

One shot of the camera didn't have the best shot.

Playing together Christmas morning.
Christmas morning in Savannah with Scott's parents.

Savannah Christmas Eve with JJ there!

Christmas Eve in Savannah and my homeade stocking from Scott's mom!