Thursday, July 19, 2007

Off to the Keys!

Tomorrow Scott and I will take off for our "babymoon" to the Keys for a week of fishing, beach, lobster diving and boat rides. I am really looking forward to getting away! Here are a few memories from last years trip where my brother came with us!

Me and John-E at the Southern Most Point in the Continental U.S.A.

Scott and John-E fishing.

Me and John-E snorkeling, watching the others dive for lobsters.

Scott cleaning off the diving gear after a full morning of lobster diving.
Scott preparing the lobster for the lobster feast!

We'll update you again next week on how this years trip goes!
Take care!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Breakfast at Wimbledon

Yep, it all started 3 years ago (not the Tournament's tradition of breakfast at Wimbledon, but Scott's tradition of breakfast during Wimbledon) when Scott and I were just dating and he came with me to Iowa to spend the 4th of July with my family. The Sunday that the men's final was on fell on the 4th of July (2004). Scott decided to make this big extravagant breakfast at my parents house and invite my grandma over as well. (he knew how to win my family over!) Well, it worked! Since then every year we've had our annual breakfast during Wimbledon. 2005's location was at my Aunt Chris's in Des Moines and 2006 was in Annapolis with my brother. This year as you can see it was just us, but what a morning it was! We even blew a fuse a few times as Scott was trying to microwave, toast and cook on the stove, at the same time I was trying to clean the dishes in the dishwasher. We figured it out and soon enough breakfast was cooked and the 3 hr 45min. match was beginning.
It was a great match too! We were both pulling for Federer, but Nadal never ceased to amaze us with his quickness and persistence in each and every point. We were happy for Federer in the next year we want him to win the French as well!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Molly and Sam's visit!

Our friends from Annapolis that moved to Charleston at the same time we moved to Savannah spent the weekend with us last weekend. First stop was Savannah's Famous Vinnie's Pizza by the slice at City Market. The plan for the weekend was to hang out on the boat, waterski, wakeboard and enjoy lovely Savannah on the water. AND that's exactly what we did! Saturday morning we got up and I made french toast for our guests. We then went out on a quick morning boat ride so the boys could try to fish. Unsuccessful yet again, however on the way back to the house I was inches away from catching our first trout, as one just about jumped in the boat! What a story it would have been if I was able to grab that fish with my bare hands and officially caught the first fish in our new house! Next, we were off to Scott's brother dock to spend the day on his brother's boat. It took awhile for the boat to be lowered from the lift, but with Sam's strong fingers he was able to get 'er done! Only to find out the boat had a dead battery! My handy husband was quick on his feet, while under a little bit of pressure as we had 5 friends anticipating a day on the water, by removing his Jeep's battery and borrowing our friends jumper cables to get the battery charged up, and we never had a problem with the boat all day! Molly and Sam were pro's on the water and Sam won the award for hardest fall on the wake board.

There they are out on the boat for round 2! I stayed back on the dock to give my belly some rest and soak in the sun and a magazine.
They were finally able to get our friend Rob up on ski's (for about 5-10 seconds before he leaned on back and fell. He was really a trooper, we thought for sure he would get the hang of it...maybe next time!

We had a great time with Sam and Molly and it was actually the first time all four of us were able to hang out together. We hope they can come back again before they leave for their next destination.