Friday, May 27, 2011

Myla's 1 year appointment

Myla SCREAMED the whole time Dr. Stone was in the room. Flashback to when Tyler used to SCREAM as soon as he would walk in the room. He is the most gentle soft spoken man and he terrifies my kids. Anyways, the day finally came when he called Tyler, Ty and Myla My. My and Ty. He is the only person that has ever really called Tyler, Ty and I just knew he would do it to Myla and today was that day! I think it's pretty funny considering I tried hard not to have names that could be nicknames, but I did realize that eventually people would call Tyler, Ty but not 'til high school. Anyways, needed to point that out for records sake :).

After she screamed the whole time the Dr. was in the room, she then got her finger pricked for lead and 3 shots, then a sucker...and was fine. She really has some stranger anxiety right now, especially with men...even with uncle johne and uncle rob. She is 24.7 pounds and 32.75 inches. She has leveled off on her weight still in 91st percentile and still way off the charts in height. Dr. Stone said top 10 of ALL baby girls he has seen in her height. Her leg has been bothering her for 3 days, but the Dr. couldn't really look at it because she was in a total fit. He ordered a full leg x-ray only if we get nervous over the weekend and want to go and get it scanned. But I think it's on the mend because today she is grabbing my hands and wanting me to walk her around. He didn't seem too concerned about it though.

Both kids are sleeping and it's raining...blessings for the day. Off to read a bit.

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