Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Myla is ONE!

My handmade sign! colored at a 45 degree angle with crayons...except the dot on the !.

It seems that we celebrated Myla's birthday for days. We scheduled her party for May 14th so that Uncle Johne and Aunt Jenny could attend because they were headed to Iowa for a wedding the weekend after her birthday. That week, Mother's Day weekend, Tyler started the spread a fierce stomach bug. First Tyler, then Myla, then me, and then Scott. Then I thought I was on the mend, went ahead with planning and cleaning for the party. ALL the way til midnight Friday night finishing the cake. Couldn't sleep, felt uneasy, and then it began all again! Both Scott and I. It was terrible and I knew we had to cancel the party. Tyler was at Scott's parents so it was just Myla, Scott and I to recover on Myla's party day. Since we didn't know when we would reschedule we decided to give Myla her cake and let her mash her smash cake. It was quite a special intimate moment with just mommy, daddy, and baby turned 1!

My cake I made for her, it was supposed to be a flower, but being too cheap to buy a cake mold I tried to do it myself using oversize cupcakes. It was fun and good memories as my mom and I made tyler's Lion cake for his birthday. Getting the 2nd ice cream cake from Publix was sooooo much easier!

Playdate Birthday fun!

Finally, starting to feel better we planned to make up Tuesday, but splitting up the babies and the family. It worked out perfectly and was God's perfect plan anyway! The night before Scott and I decorated the house with streamers and my big cut out sign. She had 4 of her other 1 year friends over, we celebrated with Pizza, playtime, and rice crispy's and gifts. Then after Tyler's swim lesson we picked up the pulled pork and bbq sauce and celebrated with Scott's family. Scott picked up the Publix ice cream cake and another smash cake for Myla. I think she was starting to get sugared out! We had a nice time and even played little games and most participated and had fun with it! Uncle Rob won all three of the games, game hog! Guess Myla's weight, guess her height in inches, and the person to get the most correct guessing Myla's age in 13 videos in random order! Myla got some fantastic gifts including 2 dresses, a pink beach wagon, storybook, stacking cups and rings, a play camera, a cute outfit from Aunt Jenny, a cute sesame street purse with a coin purse and huge lipstick, watertable, my little pony, unicorn pillow pet mailed from Aunt Debbie in Iowa, and a helmet from Great Grandma Suesy. We all had such a fun time and selfishly great memories for me. I really loved celebrating my baby turning 1. It's a good age and I'm thankful for surving with two so far! Birthday Present Madness!

Finally a picture of Myla with her grandma and grandpa!

Smash cake Tuesday night!

Cousin James showing Myla her purse they got her!

Playing with the watertable.

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