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Road Trip Continued...4 more stops :)

Fish at Elisa and Greg' was like 2 inches...trick photography.

We rolled into Cinci around 7:45pm and met Greg and Elisa at a Mexican Restaurant for dinner. It was so good to see them and here how they are doing. Dinner was crazy, as it always is with the kids but we got through. Once we got back to their house Elisa gave Tyler a new Cars watch and Myla a mini Pillow pet dolphin. Tyler LOVED playing with Elisa, airplane and tickling. Elisa is so good with kids! It melts my heart to see her love on mine :). They both had to work the next morning, so we hung around and fished in their complexes catch and release pond and then we packed up and headed out to Aunt Cris and Uncle Jeff's!

Next Stop: Spencerville.

First stop rolling into town was Kuwpee! Tyler was so excited to get to Aunt Cris's that he wouldn't let us eat inside. We got to see their new house! It is really beautiful and very well built, the grass and the yard was perfect for some practice golf! Tyler really enjoyed playing with real golf balls and clubs, hitting them towards the field.
Matt let Scott and Tyler take a ride on the four wheeler, I'm a little surprised at Scott. Tyler wanted to swing on Jeremy's new swing set, so we headed over to Grandma's and hung out under the shade tree. Jeremy showed us all he has done with the house, everything looked really nice. After everyone got off work we all met at Packer's for dinner. Both Tyler and Myla had anxiety attacks with all the new people. It took awhile, but by the end they were having a great time with the cousins. It was great seeing Aunt Wilma and Uncle Duane (Duane was the hero with Tyler and brought out skeeball game on his phone!). Misty and Adam did their best with Myla. Raven tried so hard to be nice to Tyler, but all Tyler did was kick her :(. Josh and Angel and their sweet boys were there and they were teaching Tyler new tricks and all the kids were running around having a blast. It was a perfect warm up to Thursday nights grill out (bbq). Myla fell asleep on the way home and she slept in Halle's crib, Tyler stayed up and showed Tanner and Hunter how to hit a golf ball. I'm sure we kept Jeff and Cris up way too late, but we had so much fun hanging out. Thursday we went to WApackeneta to go swimming with Angel and the boys. We showed up at 11, but weren't allowed in until 12, it was adults only from 10-12. So we headed to McD's for lunch first :). The pool was really nice and really cold! The water was freezing! Not like Savannah's bath water! There was a whole zero entry side for Myla, but we spent most of the time in the deeper pool in the floaties.

Pool Funtime.
Myla was a constant motor boat and I pulled Tyler along in a train. Every so often they would blow the whistles and make all the kids aged 6-18 get out for 15 minutes of adult and baby time. It was really nice not having a bunch of crazy hyped up kids all around. We stayed until about 2,

Passed out with sucker in mouth.
Myla fell asleep on the way home with a sucker in her mouth! I decided it would be a good time for a I ran what Uncle Jeff later called the 3K run, with only 1 participant. Uncle Jeff took Tyler fishing and they did catch one and one got away at the last second. They had a blast.

Farm Family Picture. (Not photoshopped at all :)).

Everyone came over to the farm and we were treated to a fabulous cookout and Jeremy and his girlfriend wandered over from Grandma's house with their daughters. The kids had a blast with a water balloon fight Water Balloon Assembly Line
(i filled up the first 100 or so, with quite the assembly line of helpers). And lots of golf, tennis, bubbles, a colorful fire.

Kids table...cookout Thursday night.
We stayed up late again, Tyler too! In the morning we packed up and headed in town to Waffle house with Josh, Angel, kids, Matt, and Halle. It was a good send off, kids acting the usual. And then we were off to Michigan.

Made it to Michigan. Wagon.

It was fun telling Tyler where we were going each short trip, no, not Iowa yet, this time it's Michigan to the Barn. Then we looked at all the barns on the way. So much fun. We also saw a few Amish families and they had little girls in their homemade long cute. Mainly we saw the men in there horse drawn carriages.

When we got to Uncle Leonard's the first thing Tyler wanted to do was fish. So that's what we did, pretty much before we ever went inside! Tyler had them golfing, playing basketball, fishing..etc. I'm pretty sure we got there around 3:15 and it stayed 3:15 the whole time we were there...that was weird! It's the only clock I saw in the house. Anyways, they are always such a delight and the house is filled with laughter all the time. Such a great example on how to keep a fun marriage! We ordered pizza, bread sticks and chocolate sticks for dinner...yummy! Right before dinner Tyler fell asleep on Debbie's lap watching a movie. We woke him up with the word, pizza :). They took us on a Gator adventure around the acreage before I was able to get Myla to bed at 7:30pm! We hung out in the living room talking, skyping, printing (Scott hooked up their new wireless printer, did the same thing for Uncle John). I got a huge night sleep, the kids slept until 8:30 this morning! It's Aunt Debbie's Birthday, either 40th or 50th or something close! We had a fantastic breakfast thanks to Uncle Leonard whipping up some farm fresh scrambled eggs, some ewwy gooey hot Cinnamon rolls, and crispy bacon. Yum! I love breakfast! Tyler kept begging for more golf and fishing, then it was getting hot, so we took a dip in their freezing pool.

Family shot at Uncle Leonard's and Aunt Debbie's.

Swimming with Aunt Debbie.

Myla couldn't get used to it, but Tyler had a blast playing with Aunt Debbie. I just was amazed with the energy she had with Tyler, wore me out just watching her! After we saw the bill for our stay, we took off in the car as fast as we could...we heard Scott's parents would be there soon, hopefully they will cover the balance :).

And now we are headed to Iowa City. The kids have napped and we have a little over an hour to go before we stop to stretch our legs and have a bite to eat. And see where Steff and Chris and their two boys live, I've never been to their home in Iowa City. Everything is going smoother than I ever could have imagined! We are having a blast and the pictures and this blog will hopefully bring back many memories for years to come!

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