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Whirlwind Week in Iowa

Myla pushing Tyler at Iowa :). This is the phrase Tyler used to describe grandma and grandpa's house...Iowa...not they live in Iowa...their house is called Iowa.

Iowa! Oh so good to be home! It was a whirlwind week with activity after activity and visiting family and friends we had a blast! The evening we arrived the kids were so excited to see Grandma and Granddad they didn't want to go to bed! Tyler got presents to open from Grandma, but he reminded her that it wasn't Christmas! LOL! He got a mini dart gun, slip in slide, water colors and paper...etc. Activities for the week...he was pretty excited! Myla was taking steps and showing off, even climbing on top of the kiddie chair! I have a feeling she is going to be my dare devil!

Myla! You don't even know how to walk yet!

Presents...dart guns!

Sunday morning was breakfast at Wimbledon, tradition of Scott cooking breakfast while I watch the mens finals (my mom and grandma were present this year) The first year Scott got roped into this was when we were still dating in 2004, probably trying to impress me and my family! It was a good match and Nadal was upset by Djokovic in 4 sets.

Chris' 50th Birthday party.
Then it was off to the farm to celebrate Aunt Chris' 50th bday. We got to hang out with Perri and Ari, and the two new kittens. Tyler showed off his golfing skills to Uncle Tony and Uncle Chuck. It was a short stay, but with a planned visit to spend the night later in the week! We headed home to get Granddad and then to the I-Cubs game. Myla lasted 1/2 an inning in the stands and then wanted to go practice her walking around the stadium.

I-Cubs game with the grandparents!

Myla at her first baseball game, where she ate her first hot dog!
Tyler had a blast sitting with Grandma, who bought him a boxing I-Cub toy, but kept getting nervous about it getting dark and the fireworks. So Scott semi-volunteered to take the kids back home so I could stay with mom and dad to watch fireworks at the end. At one time the kiss camera was going around and both my dad and I were hoping it wouldn't land on us....scary! Anyways, cool fireworks for 4th of July.

Pancake Breakfast on the 4th!

The next morning Aunt Debbie treated us to a pancake breakfast with Jimmy and Ginny and then the Norwalk parade! It was so much fun seeing Tyler running for candy and sharing candy with the girl next to then end they started getting picky and not picking up the yucky! then we were off to the pool for the Echo Pool Party! They had such great activities for Tyler...the blow up rat race was his favorite. He also dove for money in the baby pool...didn't really go under, but it was fun. Myla enjoyed a lot of watermelon...and then Great Grandma helped when Myla went home for naptime. I probably had a little too much fun, I can't believe it had been 6 years since we were back for the 4th!

Fishing with Granddad!
Tuesday my dad and Scott took Tyler fishing and he caught the first fish, love the pictures of Tyler and Granddad fishing together! bonding!

Tyler and Granddad catch count!
Great Grandma then took us to the zoo, Myla only lasted a few exhibits before she broke down and had a screaming temper tantrum because she didn't want to be in the stroller, so I took her home.

Zoo with Grandma Suesy!
Tyler enjoyed the zoo very much, except the special dinosaur exhibit! too real life for him! That night Scott took the kids to Kohl's and I had a girls night with Jill.

Wednesday morning Scott and dad went golfing and the kids and I had a playdate at Jill's with Stacy too.

Playdate at Jill's with Stacy and all the kiddos! Karly, Brooke, John, Charlie, Myla, and Tyler!
The kids played in the kiddie pool and slip n slide...well, not Tyler! And then we were off to spend the night at the farm! We went to Carla and Chuck's friends pool, and then they took us to Tojo's for my birthday present,

Tojo's in Jamaica!
Carla and I split THE famous tenderloin sandwich, and Myla ate her 3rd hot dog in 3 days! That girl loves meat! On the way home, mysteriously Tyler fell asleep...for the night! Myla was a different story but we got to chill on the porch and watch the thousands of lighting bugs in the fields and talk simple talk on simple serenity peaceful. The next morning I simply ran 4 miles on the bike trail...not really...but it was peaceful!

Swinging at the farm!
Carla made fantastic egg mcmuffins and then we got a blanket and hung out under a shade tree and watched Tyler play with the kittens, golf, and drank homemade lemonade. And then it was time to move on to our next adventure! I went golfing with my dad and shot my first under 100 score of 95! It was so much fun...especially because I was with my dad! After golf we had burgers with mom and dad and then Scott, the kids and I went to see Tricia and her two boys for an hour or so.

Gavin teaching Tyler how to drive.
It was neat seeing her oldest son Gavin teach Tyler how to drive the JEEP! It was really good seeing her!

Friday (is it Friday already?) my mom and I spent the morning shopping garage sales, while we took the van to get the front alignment checked. It's always entertaining to look at other peoples junk...we bought a 30-50lb size life jacket $3, SLOW kids at play sign $3, an egg slicer, and soft cooler on wheels, crocs for Myla, and 3 swimsuits for me, 1 for was fun! Cousin Jimmy came and took Tyler fishing for the whole morning! Tyler must of thought he'd died and gone to heaven...lots of fishing this trip....and LOTS of fish, such a difference compared to fishing off our dock! Later that day, the grandparents had the kids all day while Scott and I played golf with Jimmy and then went out to eat at Cosi Cocina's! aHHHH no kids for like 18 hours! I ate WAY too much and was pretty miserable, but it was oh so good!

Saturday my mom and I played golf with her friends, I shot ok...a 99! woohoo! then we went to LaPizza House...Scott went out with Jimmy to a Iowa Barnstormers Arena football game,

Swimming at Echo, seeing Aunt Debbie at work :)
my mom and I took the kids to the pool and saw Aunt for just an hour but it was peaceful and wore the kids out! That night I read my book (pretty much the first time since the trip started!).

Sunday morning we went to church with Aunt Debbie and Jimmy and Ginny cooked us waffles and eggs for breakfast. They got Myla some new jammies for her birthday...that are so so cute and were much needed! I spent the afternoon with Jill again and helped her take pictures of her house to sell, she's going through a divorce and it's tough being away from her when she is going through such a hard time.

Headed down to Grandma Suesy's house!
Sunday night my grandma made us dinner at her place and of course it involved Iowa Sweet Corn! Scott couldn't get enough! Grandma showed her great grand children off to all of her neighbors...they were all so sweet and loving. Myla pushed Tyler on the little push toy and they all thought that was pretty funny! My Aunt Karen also made dinner, so we pretty much got to see all my family and spend some quality time with everyone while we were back!

Monday began the daunting task of packing and fitting everything back into the, we tore up my parents house...things were everywhere, but looking back I'm glad i didn't waste precious moments because I was always organizing our stuff. It just made packing that much more overwhelming! And of course I was sad to be leaving, it seemed we just got there. I look forward to a time where we can spend and month or two there without the hustle and bustle. Maybe summers in Iowa? With Scott's job, that is a possibility, he had more transactions in his office than like 8 and he wasn't even in Savannah!

Anyways, we left around 1 and headed onto our next stop in St. Louis!

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