Monday, August 08, 2011

The Way Home!

On the way home from Iowa, we stopped just outside of St.Louis to visit with Marie and Brian Jobe who are family friends. Brian was the pastor at the East Campus before following God's call to a church in St. Peters, MO. It was great to see them and here how God is working in their lives. They live in a beautiful home and have a nice pool in the backyard! We got to enjoy some pool time in the morning to wear the kids out before we set off for our next unknown adventure. They were so hospitable, it was like we've been friends for years. Marie and I talked a lot during my pregnancy with Myla as I was taking hormone shots and trying to figure out if it was God's plan for us. She is so sweet and has such a caring and prayerful heart. It was nice to see Brian's passion for their new church. They are planning a huge event on Sept 11th, I'm praying that it goes smoothly for him and that it's a huge success for God's Kingdom!

We left their house on the road to an unknown destination as we only wanted to drive 5-6 hours and possibly stay at a campsite. We found one on the road...via hot spot did we ever live without it? It was a nice KOA campsite and they had cabins, floating restaurant, dock, fishing, swimming, putt putt, bike cars, bouncy pad...all fun stuff for kids. We had a blast, this is after a Wal-mart stop to get sheets, food, and drinks. I can see this place being a fun stop in years to come as the kids get older and we have our annual/bi-annual/tri-annual? 3 week road trip across the midwest! While we were there Tyler caught a monster trout off the dock of the restaurant with quite the audience. Everyone was really impressed and called him an angler. When Scott came in and asked "Any questions?" the guy said, "well, if we do, we'll ask him!" It was really funny. At one point someone said they ate Tyler's fish but Tyler said, no he let him go!

After a little putt putt, swimming, and bouncy pad, we headed toward Atlanta to stay with Clete and Jan. Jan made us chicken and broccoli pasta for dinner and we made up Myla and Tyler's bed upstairs. Chloe loved having some friends to play with and Myla LOVED all of Chloe's toys! Thursday we headed into downtown Atlanta all of us piled in the mini van. We let Tyler play in the Centennial fountain for awhile and then waited to watch the music fountain show. It was exactly what I wanted to see. After that we ate lunch at the CNN building and then walked over to The Children's Museum where the kids all had a blast! That night we met Ron for Mexican...a tradition now!

And this brings our trip to a close as we packed the whole van back up and headed home to Savannah! It didn't seem like 3 weeks to us! And when we pulled back into our house we had a brand new carport almost finished! It took me about a week to get everything unpacked and put away and took Tyler about a week of learning to play independently again!

I sure hope we can do this again, and I also hope that we spend a whole summer in Iowa one year! When we visit it always feels like such a whirlwind because I want to spend so much time with so many people. It would be nice to just have some lazy days, more date nights with my parents babysitting, getting away without the kids to sleep in, plus now Johnny and Jenny moved back.

pictures later...does anyone know how to install the slideshow pictures?

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