Monday, June 29, 2009

June 26th was my birthday!

I had a wonderful birthday day! It started early with breakfast with the best french toast at the Original Pancake House! Both my sister-in-laws were there, my brother, my mother-in-law, our 3 nephews, Scott's brother, and of course the three of us. It was so good! They even served a hot apple pancake for my birthday for all of us to share. It was just like apple pie! I really appreciated all of them getting up so early to celebrate with me, it was perfect. The rest of the day I went to a movie with a few friends and saw My Sister's Keeper and of course cried the whole way through the movie. I just finished reading the book so of course I had to compare. It was really good with only a few changes. I can't reveal anything else...otherwise I'd ruin it for everyone who wants to see it. Later that day I had some of my MOPS leadership team over to watch the sunset and eat dessert (which was a homemade birthday cake and they sang to me!). It was fun being around great friends. Scott was fantastic and let me hang out with my friends and took care of Tyler. He tried really hard to get me my birthday wish which was a new mailbox, but it just didn't work out...yet! My grandma sent me a great package with some summery fake flowers that I can put in a vase and they will stay pretty forever! And I also got lots of shopping money that I can spend on tennis shoes, skirts, tank tops, summer dresses...YIPPEE! I am just so thankful for a great family and friends! I am truly blessed!

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