Monday, June 01, 2009

2 weeks of fun in Iowa

Wow, I can't believe I've been here for 2 weeks. The time just flew by. and thanks to my awesome schedule organizer I really got to spend time with pretty much everybody. I can honestly say I am ready to go back home and I'm not really sad about it (although I'll miss everyone very much and I wish Tyler could be around them more often). I think in the past I used to come to Iowa to visit, but would leave feeling like I didn't do anything or see enough people. This time I booked the schedule in between Tyler's naps and I even got a few naps in myself! It was relaxing, exciting, fun, wonderful, and jammed packed with my friends and family. Tyler was so great and flexible sleeping in a new place here and there for naps and bedtime. We made it out to the farm for an overnight. We played in the yard and sprinkled him with water. He picked rhubarb with Greatma. And he accidentally stepped on the hose and sprayed his face...oops. He took naps in a church, at greatma's and at my friend Jill's. He switched bedrooms at my parents house after 1 week when Scott left. He really enjoyed sleeping in the same room with mommy...however my alarm clock knows me by I woke up to "MAMA MAMA!" It was cute...but 6:00am! Come on! Tyler has a new hobby of stacking old CD cases in different piles around the was quite comical. I just hope my mom can find them all! Tyler was pretty good with the dog, we have to re-train him on not throwing his food on the floor again though. Bert was really good with Tyler ignoring slaps from Tyler's lovey and CD cases. I'm pretty sure Bert is ready for this toddler to leave him alone by now. I was able to do so much considering I had full time babysitters just waiting for me to ask. I was able to go out to eat with friends, play golf 4 times, type on the computer (right now my mom has Tyler doing errands), go to a movie with my grandma, plant flowers at the farm with my aunt Carla, and the list goes on and on. I really feel I got a break these past 2 weeks with so much help entertaining Tyler. We did things together as well like visit Aunt Debbie at her school, visit Greatpa Burt at the cemetery, go to softplay at Southridge Mall with greatma and her friends,

the zoo with Greatma, cousin Perry and Aunt Chris, the farm, playdates with friends, lots of bubbles with everyone everyday, writing with chalk outside, church at Hope Lutheran (he didn't even cry when I dropped him off in the nursery!), to my old elementary school's jungle gym, Norwalk park with Aunt Debbie, basketball and dinner with Aunt Chris and cousin Harrison, swimming at the Y, swimming at cousin Jimmy's work, again the list goes on and on.
As you can see we had a great time and I'm so excited for Tyler to have all of this excitement and adventure in his young age of 18 months.
Of course the main event was Johnny and Jenny's wedding (aka JJ's wedding). I will be adding more pictures to the previous post to keep it all together.

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My word! I'm exhausted just reading all that! So happy you had a great time!