Thursday, June 18, 2009

Four Years...of Memories

Today is our Anniversary! Four wonderful years, here are some of my favorite memories!
Year 1: (Picture of the house before we closed!)Our First Home together in Annapolis, MD. It was the best deal in Annapolis! Mom and Dad S visit and help us get started on home improvements by teaching us how to tile. The beginning and end of my tile career! Working hard on home improvements while hanging out with friends. Young married small group. Eating big dinners in front of the TV and having them devoured in less than five minutes! Renting movies from the Red Box. Going to Paris for New Years. Watching American Idol. My brother living with us for the summer. Riding our bikes to Hillsmere park. Putting the jet ski boat in the water to go to the city docks to have crab dip. Happy Hour with Guess the weight of the lobster and free appetizers from 5-7pm. M-F. (can't remember the name of the place??) Getting let go from Maytag together. White water rapids in West Virginia.

Year 2: My surprise 26th GOLDEN birthday with Mom A. and friends! Lobster season in the Keys with my brother. Transitioning from Annapolis-Savannah. Living with your parents. Lots of golf. Unemployed for 4-5 months. Buying an auction house in Ohio??? Spent lots of time in Ohio with Grandma B. Labor Day fun day on the water at Rob and Amy's Dock. Finding new small group, haunted house and spanky's outing. Securing new jobs in Savannah. 4 weeks of training in NY. Christmas in Iowa and then trip to the keys. Superbowl party with fun prizes. Got pregnant with Tyler. Mystery Dinner.

Year 3:

July babymoon to the Keys. The purple car. Remodeling carport into master bedroom/bath/office 3 months before Tyler was born. Knocking down the outside wall. Jackhammer going for 12 straight hours for the bathroom pipes! Tyler is born! Lots of guests (Mom/Dad A. and JJ)! New roommates, my brother and his fiance (now wife). Discovered overflowed septic tank that we didn't know we had? Lot of visitors and guests (Dad A, Chris, Greatma, Debbie, Mom A, Jill). Sold condo in Richmond. Went down to one income so I could stay home with Tyler. Dinner at 606 East babysitters at home.

Year 4: 10 year high school reunion in Iowa (Tyler crawls). Water skiing/wake boarding all summer long. Halloween with an 11 month old. Tyler's 1st birthday party. Christmas in Iowa and SNOW was on the ground for Christmas! Bringing in 2009 with Friends.Spring Break in Myrtle Beach with Mom and Dad S. Golf at The Wizard. Tyler's first Easter Egg Hunt. Johnny and Jenny's wedding in Iowa. Tonight we are baby-free with shopping, dinner out, sleeping in tomorrow thanks to Mom and Dad S letting Tyler spend the night.

I have had a blast these past four years and can't wait our fifth year even better. I pray that we always look to God for guidance in our marriage and parenting. I loved you then , I love you now and I love you always.




Happy Anniversary Scott and Carrie!

LoveLladro said...

Happy Anniversary you 2!!! What a great recap! Maybe I will try that on year 5 for us!

Abby & Pete said...

happy anniversary! I am so happy God brought you two together.

Greg and Elisa said...

What a great idea for a post! I might do that on Wednesday, which is our 3-year anniversary.

Happy Belated Anniversary! Love you guys!