Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

HMMMM...oops missed the father's day post. We had a wonderful father's day here in Savannah with steak and potatoes at our house. I missed my dad in Iowa, but I know he had another great day on the golf course...probably day dreaming about his days to come lounging on the deck in the hot sun on his new green lounge beach chair. Scott's dad wasn't feeling great all day but toughed it out and came for dinner at our house. For father's day he got new brake pads installed on his car. Scott said, "if you were my son driving around on these brakes, you would have been grounded!" Scott took care of his dad by installing them himself in the hot hot sun. We love spoiling our dads. We are so blessed having such wonderful dads in our lives.

Tyler enjoyed yelling "daddy!" all day (like always) he can't seem to get enough of daddy time lately. They enjoyed some time on the dock fishing (Tyler's favorite) not so favorite when it's time to go in though (terrible 2's coming out). I know Scott is so proud to be his daddy and I'm so lucky to have him as a husband and father to our child!

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