Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

(we are the team on the left!)
Scott and I took a trip to Augusta, GA this weekend for my mixed doubles state tournament. We decided to take the trip without Tyler (thanks to the help of his parents!). We had a really great time hanging out with my doubles partner and his girlfriend. We met lots of people from different teams and had a really great time just being together! We went out to eat Saturday at PF Chang' was so good! I love the lettuce wraps! My partner and I won four out of five matches...we lost today...guess we were getting tired! We even got to play on stadium court until it started raining! It really made me motivated to get in better shape and play more tennis. Did I mention we had a GREAT time???

We definitely missed Tyler though and can't wait to see him tonight! I heard him saying mommy and mama on the phone and it made my heart smile knowing that he still knows who we are and that he misses and remembers us.

A few hours later: Our homecoming was so heartwarming. When Tyler saw us he jumped out of his seat and hugged us and hugged us and hugged us some more. It was really sweet and it almost brought tears to our eyes. He was SO HAPPY to see us and be with us again. Everything about this weekend was perfect!

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