Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Firestation Field Trip

WHAT A FUN DAY! Tyler was a little timid and didn't really want to participate that much...I had to be "crazy" mom to get these few photos of him and the fireman and firewoman. I tried several times to get him to work the fire hose and I also put him up in the truck to pretend drive (which he does ALL the time in our cars!) and he was too scared. :(. Overall a good experience and can't wait to do it again when he's older!


Greg and Elisa said...

Hey! I got to brag on Tyler today. I had an interview with a nanny agency, and they asked about my baby-watching experience. I got to tell the interview how much I love Tyler! Miss you guys!

Cute pics of the fire station field trip, especially the one of him with the hat on!

AND! I can't believe how big he looks in those striped pajamas washing his hands at "his" sink! You're such a great mama.

LoveLladro said...

What a fun day! I should totally do something like this! Did you just call the local fire station? Was it just your or were other moms/kids there? Too awesome!