Thursday, September 03, 2009

Summer fun looking forward to fall!

Wow, even though I don't work and my child is not in school, I could definitely tell it was summer and am ready to fall into a routine. I'm hoping MOPS does that for me (it starts next week!). We've had such a fun summer and lots of activities. Tyler is so much fun and loves the outdoors, swimming and the boat. Everyday he amazes me, a few weeks ago I was sitting at my vanity getting ready and he took my deodorant and lifted up his shirt and pretended to put it on (just like mommy does). I laughed and almost cried at the same time...those are the moments that make me so thankful that I get to stay home with him!

Updates on Tyler (now 21 months old!!)
-says NO! (still kind of cute...but getting more defiant at the same time)
-says boat, duck, truck, calls a cat....oem (i practice me...ow) but he can't get it right
-says juice and goes to the refrigerator to get juice or milk out himself!
-throws cat food at the cat (gets a spanking!)
-loves tormenting the cat and giggles (yesterday he got bit indentations of cat fangs (didn't break the skin though)
-I bought him a tennis racket and he hits balls all over the yard
-pretty good napper (~3 hrs from 12:30-3:30ish) uses his passie still for sleeping
-his first letter is O. he points out every O he sees on signs.
-we watch GPB everyday and learn letters with Wyatt...On Super Why!
-walk his stroller all over the yard.
-loves puddles and throwing rocks in them
-favorite food...CHEESE PWEESE!
-does great in the nursery at church...jumps into the persons arms when we drop him off...but gets impatient if we take too long picking him up...because he can see other kids are being picked up.
-wears size 8 shoes now and wears 2T clothes
-smells with his nose when he "signs" flower
-blows his nose when we tell him blow...that is huge!
-i just bought him size 5 diapers! at his 18month visit he was off the charts for both weight and height. most people can't believe he's not 2 yet!
-getting better everyday about letting me brush his teeth!
Anyways, we also been going on bike rides and even a family bike ride one Saturday morning. We've had many dock parties with volleyball, water skiing, fishing, Scott even got his sunfish sail boat in the water once (then it rained). We really enjoyed being at home and playing outside this summer! The only traveling we did was our tennis weekend getaway. Tyler and I ventured to Statesboro to Splash 'n the Boro and chilled out in the lazy river.

MOPS starts next Tuesday and I'm so excited for what God is going to in our group! We have such a strong leadership team and so many awesome women! I'm also glad Tyler's nap schedule conforms this year to the time frame. I'm playing women's doubles on Thursday mornings thanks to my babysitting co-op. Every Thursday I have from 8:30 -12 without Tyler...except the 4th Thursday where I watch all the kids! It's really fun and great for me, especially with tennis!
This fall we have a lot going on:
-MOPS and MOPS convention in Sept in Nashville, TN
-Aunt Carla and Uncle Chuck visiting in October
-possibly cousin Jimmy and Ginny visiting in October
-Tyler and I going to Iowa in November (before he turns 2...and using my sky miles!!)
- Grandma and Granddad A. and Bert(dog) coming for Thanksgiving!
-Scott's best buddy Tim getting married in December!
Lot of life to look forward to! I love it!

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