Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler! (25th!!)

I can't believe I missed Tyler's birthday post! Well, we've celebrated in Iowa and Savannah now. We went to Grandma and Grandpa's here in Savannah for a taco/Mexican dinner, presents and cake/ice cream! Tyler got so many more great things including a new giraffe pillow and blanket embroidered with his name on it from Grandma S.! A 3 hole putting golf course from Uncle Rob, Aunt Amy, and cousins. A Lego dump truck from Matthew. A new Little Einstein Tub toy from Grandpa S. A Hot Wheel's Big Wheel from us, and a bubble blower lawn mower from Uncle Johne and Aunt Jenny!!! He go to wrestle with his 3 cousins and no one got hurt! His cousins love him so much and were least for now!Yesterday on his actual took Tyler to the Outlets!!! Oh, and we forgot snacks and a stroller...oops! Grandma treated him to a rental stroller that was a CAR and he had a blast!!!

I am so proud of my 2 year old! He has developed into such a sweet fun loving boy that never ceases to amaze me and make me smile. He gets cuter and cuter every day! He has gone almost 48 hours without the sight of a paci. Last night was a little tougher to get him to sleep. My strategy is to get him really tired...let him stay up a little later so he'll just sleep. Last night we might have pushed that button. I've decided, even though Scott thinks it's unreasonable, to just go cold turkey and out of sight out of mind. I'm really hoping today's nap goes well though...cause I need a nap...we may just have to snuggle!

He's saying more and more words everyday.

sssss=snack or sucker
um=cat (don't know where that came from but it may be him saying meow backwards??)
calls all animals by the sound they make (ruff, moo, neigh...etc.)
Loves Little Einsteins...
Loves books
book=book (we got that one right)

He LOVES to Fish and go on the boat with his daddy. Play golf around the yard. He is still loves to torment the cat on a daily basis. He loves to watch Curious George in the morning. He eats banana's, grapes, applesauce, green beans, shrimp, fish, chicken, hot dogs, CHEESE, milk, apple juice, yogurt, chips, fries, chips, suckers, mac n cheese, bread, crackers, short bread cookies, cake, raisins, pizza, anything with cheese on it...hmm...that's about it. I feel like he eats the same thing everyday, but at least i give him a daily vitamin.

Happy Birthday my little boy.
I will love you forever,
I will like you always,
as long as I'm living,
my baby you'll be. (from a book but I sing it to him pretty much every night!)


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Greg & Elisa said...

What a great post Carrie!!! You should be proud of that little guy! I still love him to death and love seeing all these pictures! He's getting so big!! Love you guys!