Monday, November 16, 2009

Tyler's Birthday Party

Tyler's Great Grandma threw him a firetruck birthday party yesterday. It was so much fun. His friend Karly was there and her little sister Brooke. His cousin Arianna was there along with all his Great Aunt's Carla, Chris, and Debbie and uncles Chuck and Tony, Grandma and Granddad, and Uncle (cousin) Jimmy and Ginny. Greatma's friends Mildred, Gertrude, and Dorothy even came! Gertrude made Tyler his birthday cake! It tasted so good! We had party music going such as Great Balls of Fire, The Electric Slide, and the Twist.I read the kids a firetruck book complete with real life effects (fire truck noises). We blew up 15 balloons for the kids to bat around and boy was that a hit! We danced, sang Wheels on the Bus, sang happy birthday, ate sloppy joe's, chicken nuggets, and yummy homemade cake.Then we opened some wonderful birthday gifts that included books, firetrucks (remote control, push, little people w/legos), a fishing pole, coloring mats, new footy PJ's, a nice collared shirt with jeans, candy land shapes game, and $5!!!!
We really had fun being with family and friends.

We even revealed some exciting news...........Tyler is going to be a big brother in May 2010. His t-shirt says, "My mom went to the OB....(a picture of 12wk ultrasound) and all I got was this stinkin' t-shirt." On the back it says COMING SOON MAY 2010. Rated G.
Tyler even points to the shirt and says baby. Although he has really no clue what all of that really means! May 25th is the due date. We've had 4 ultrasounds and even heard the heartbeat on Doppler at 10wks. We are very excited!



I will be praying for you all the way!!!

Abby and Pete said...

that is just wonderful news! congratulations and I am so happy for you guys! happy birthday tyler!

LoveLladro said...

So excited for you guys! How awesome!

Oh and the video is private... can you give me permission?? I wanna see the big guy!

Di said...

congrats! super exciting! we're loving life with 2!!!