Sunday, March 01, 2009

Homeade Waffles

Daddy treated us to homeade waffles this morning. I kept saying we were out of waffle mix, but Scott was determined to use that waffle maker that has been sitting idle for years! So he looked up a waffle batter recipe and mixed it all together and WHAM! We had waffles and bacon for breakfast. It was WAY too much effort for me, but that is my husband for you, he will always go the extra mile! And Tyler really loved them!

Later it was time to go play in the rain puddles. We had quite the thunderstorm this morning around 5am and Tyler loves to play in the puddles. Tonight we may even have SNOW!! Don't worry though, the temperature is only supposed to get to 35 so nothing will stick. But it sure has been a windy day...I think it has put Tyler in a trance for his nap today, I don't think he's even moved!

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LoveLladro said...

Ok... that last "Bye"... too cute. I think my heart actually melted a little!