Thursday, March 12, 2009

15 month Well Child Visit

Tyler is maintaining his 91 percentile in both height and weight. He weighed in at 28.9 lbs and 33". Everything else looked great. He's saying a few new words: nana (banana) and Uh-Oh (very least for now), when you say cat or dog he clucks his tongue as if he is calling them. He knows what a truck sounds like (vrumm), and he signs please, more, all done, and milk. He still calls out every ball he sees, says dadda for both momma and dadda. Every time he see a white SUV he says dadda and points. He says and waves bye for both hi and bye. He eats with a spoon until he gets impatient and then uses his hands again. He still has 8 more teeth to come in. He LOVES the outdoors and kicks and screams when you bring him in even though the sand gnats have taken over our yard. He has a little badminton racket that he loves to hit balls with and throws them up to hit them. If you give him a balloon he'll play "tennis" with it for hours. He also has a tee ball that we got for Christmas and he'll put the ball on himself and bat it off, then chase it and put it back on and hit it again. He always claps for himself after he hits it!

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