Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Poem


Thank you for being a good
Mommy to me.
You teach me the animals and
what they say,
You show how to bark, moo,
meow, and nay!
When I poop in my drawers you
show me the way,
With a giggle and smile by with
my arm I sway.
You are so good to take me to
the mall,
On walks with ducks and birds
and clucks.
You play with me outside and
throw me the ball
When all Daddy will do is point
to my trucks.
I just love my Mommy with all
my heart.
And Mommy even laughs at me
even when I fart!


1 comment:

LoveLladro said...

That Tyler is quite the poet! What a precocious little boy! Happy Mother's Day Carrie!