Sunday, May 18, 2008

Separated again

Scott and I are separated again (not really!). This time Scott is away. Scott and my brother are in Lima, OH finishing up improvements on an investment property we bought a while back. It's officially on the market...just in case anyone was thinking about moving to Ohio. Anyways, so far it sounds like it is going well....Scott's family is up there helping as well as some people Scott found on craig's list and Johnny is "learning" some tiling techniques from none other than Tyler's daddy (we joke that is how he got the name Tyler/tiler)! Everytime I talk to Scott he sounds really positive on the progress and so thankful for all the help. Get 'er done and come home already! We miss you!

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Aaahhh to be newlyweds again! The first few years when we were "separated" I felt the same way. Now - our time apart actually strengthens us! I, often, drive back to Ohio for a week or so and when I come back we're so refreshed. He'll be home soon!