Friday, May 23, 2008

Look what we did today!

Tyler really loved this little park we went to today! Some of my friends from MOPS also went and one of them took these pictures for me! He's not sitting up perfectly quite yet, so that's why my leg is there holding him (didn't want him to crack his head on the cement). He was so comfortable with the water. It must be all of those Star Baby swim lessons we've been doing. He is really doing great in his lessons and can hold his breath and close his mouth to go under the water. It is quite a sight! We are having so much!
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!



My kids all love the water too. We grew up with a pool and at the lake - so it's in their blood. I saw on the news not long ago a new water-baby program where they are teaching kids as young as 4 months survival techniques -so if they fall in the water they automatically flip belly up and float - it was fascinating to watch and such a good thing for babies to know!! You're such a good Mom :0)

The Fromilles said...

Look at that toned leg... must be all the running and tennis:)

I am so glad you are doing baby swin lessons... I think it is such a good thing for them to get use to the water early.

LoveLladro said...

Love the water pictures... so cute! I am going to start swim classes in July with a friend of mine and her son... I can't wait!

Elisa said...

Cuuuuute! And that swimming in the middle of the river looks so fun - I can't wait to try it!