Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mermorial Weekend FUN!

The Weekend started with a trip to Rob and Amy's pool with Tyler's cousins. We had so much fun...Tyler showed off all his new tricks, Matthew and James went down the slide, and Andrew was swimming with Grandma. We could only stay for an hour...Tyler has to have those 2 naps, he was conked out in 5 miuntes once we were in the car and stayed asleep for a long time! YIPEE.
Saturday night the best man in our wedding, Ron came down from Atlanta (which is starting to be a tradition since he's been coming down on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend for 2 years now since we've lived here). Sunday morning Scott and Ron had a tee time at Wilmington Island golf course and later Scott's Dad, Brother, Ron and I played a round of golf at Hunter. I had a blast getting out of the house. All weekend long Scott and I had great teamwork giving each other chances to "be a kid and play" switching off taking care of Tyler...and lots of other people helped too! So, swimming on Saturday, Golf on Sunday, and grilling out, water skiing and tree rope jumping on Monday. It was fun-filled packed fun! I hope the pictures do some justice to the amount of fun we had!
I haven't skipped a beat...from taking a year off while I was pregnant! It felt so good to be on the water and being a kid again! Here is the master of skiing, my talented husband touching the water while only on one ski.

John-E AKA Gumby! He was up for a long time...until the boat tried to turn.
Jenny waving HI....she got up for a little bit, but we didn't capture it on picture...only on video. maybe I'll try to upload some of them this week. We have some pretty funny video's!

Ron showing his skills!
Ron, Jenny, JohnE and I swam to the middle of the River where there is a sand bar. We are seriously in the middle of the river!

Welcome to the Jungle. Our neighbor Dennis shows JohnE the technique to the Tree Swing.And there JohnE goes! AHHHH!

Ron getting ready to take the plunge.

Jenny does some trick moves with her back to the camera. And there's me, the first time I didn't plug my nose and water went straight to my brain!



Looks like sooo much fun! I haven't been on the water since my before Paige was born!

LoveLladro said...

love the picture of Tyler showing off his tricks!

The Fromilles said...

How fun!

We're still planning on coming down South! We will get there late the 17th probably and leave the 22nd. I know we had previously talked about you coming up Sat, but really, any day other than Fri (we have a wedding to go to) would be fine with us if any of you are able to come up:)