Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tennis, running, and Jill and Karly

So, I am doing it! I have ran 4 straight days in a row...slow and short but steady! Monday=6min. Tuesday-Thur=10 minutes! Tyler seems to be fine with it, every once in while a little whine because he can't see something or the sun is in his face. I've also been playing tennis on Saturdays...well 2 in a row. The first week I had a slow start and my partner and I were down 0-3, but came back to win 6-4 6-1. It was fun getting back into it. My body was pretty sore the next day but I agreed to play again the next week. It was a different story my body was saying...NO NOT AGAIN...I GAVE YOU ONE MATCH BUT NOT THIS TIME! I felt like a 70 year old lady out there...and I can tell you that I was by far the youngest one on the court. I laughed but once a competitor always a competitor. So that is my motivation to start running and getting this body back in shape...muscles, joints, my know all that....only to hopefully in the next year destroy my body again to give Tyler a sibling. Oh the sacrifices us women make! best friend Jill and her parents are in town with her 13 month old girl, Karly. We are having so much fun! Tuesday her parents dropped her and Karly off and I got to show off all our remodel construction and to-do plans on the house. We had a play date all day...the baby's took naps and we talked (always reminiscing about the same ol' stuff) but it's so much fun. It's always nice to have a few friends that you can be your complete self around and there is no judgement! I love being a mom along with my friends and I love sharing all the details (over and over) with them. I also can't wait until my other married friends start having baby's so they will "get it." I was telling Jill that when I visited her in August last year and met Karly for the first time (she was about 6 months old) and I held her and played and watched Jill do all the mom stuff....but I just didn't "get it" until I had my own. Anyways, yesterday I met up with them at their hotel after Tyler's first 2 naps and we took the ferry across the Savannah River to River Street. We walked some of the shops (I bought some knock off sunglasses) and drank some sweet tea. We then walked up to Bay Street and took them by Paula Deen's restaurant and gift shop and I showed them one of Savannah's Squares (Johnson Square) which are gorgeous. And we ate at Cafe at City Market. I had a wonderful chicken cordon blue wrapped in a puff pastry. YUM! It was interesting with two baby's, Tyler did really great though he ate 1/4 cup cereal and drank a bottle, watched the birds and his new thing is sticking out his tongue. It's pretty hilarious. Another great thing about being around Jill's baby is that I get to see what I have in store for me next! Oh and by the way, Karly may have Tyler on height but not on weight! (PS-I found out I was pregnant the day Karly was born!)

Today I'm headed to their hotel pool with Tyler. It will be his first experience swimming. He's got a cute little swim outfit and glasses to match! Tyler's new swim trunks and sunglasses...and his tongue...another new "toy".

Jill has all the good pictures of us downtown...they will make another days post!


The Townleys said...

yay for running! I'm doing the same thing up here- it HURTS getting back into shape!

The Fromilles said...

good for you getting back in shape! may I say that you look amazing... I hope I look that good after I have babies!