Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Ball is in my Court Now

After a disappointing phone call on Tuesday with the company stating that they were not going to be able to make a decision until next week, my waiting days came to a close yesterday around 5:00pm. "We have good and interesting news" was how it was quoted. The offer was made, but instead of working under the hiring manager I had been interviewing with, I would be working for a different hiring manager selling a different product (a product that is very popular and easier to learn and sell). I have a breakfast meeting on Monday with my potential manager to "get to know each other" and then I will have 24 hours to accept the offer. The training would start November 26- December 22 in New York.

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Rob and Danielle said...

Woohoo! That's good news! (right?) I'm still doing the interviewing thing here...let me know when it's a good time to call you. We miss you guys!